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  1. Just purchased the DAA brass marker and was looking for some ideas on how people are mounting it to the Dillon 650. I’ve seen it placed behind the press with a shortened spring tube but was hoping for some other ideas. Thanks,
  2. I used the rmr plate on my non-legion x5but had problems with the SRO. The shroud on the SRO was pushed so far forward that it caused feeding issues for me. The brass would bounce back towards the ejection port and cause issues. Ended up ditching the SRO for the Romeo 3 max. Still sits far forward but no shroud protruding forward.
  3. Yeah that 3-4 months timeframe scares off some guys. Most people want it right now and don’t understand the process. thanks
  4. That’s what I was afraid of. I was trying to sell it to a few guys local but none of them wanted to wait very long. Guess I will just order something that will sell and put it up when it comes in.
  5. So I won a certificate for a free Glock and was wondering how long is it taking to get them back? Figure with the state of the gun industry it’s probably a long wait. Anyone have any experience with these certificates?
  6. I’ve removed the tip of the beaver tail And did the SC grit to the grip but it still feels like a 2x4. The video from Alma is outstanding and sparked some ideas. thanks.
  7. I have done that too and I agree that it is more comfortable. I’m wanting to shave the sides and front and back if possible.
  8. Anyone have any tips or pointers to slim down the txg grip module? I have the Wilson combat on my carry gun and love the shape. Was hoping to do something similar with the heavy txg grip for competition.
  9. I have the gen 5 34 and the 45. I like the recoil push of the 34 better. Also with the 34 I can get the long tungsten guide rod and put as much weight in the Glock as possible.
  10. I ordered a Honcho back in May knowing full well that it would be about a 9 month or so wait. I plan to shoot Open for the first time next year so that was my plan and the length of wait isn’t a factor for me. In the end only you can answer your question on if you are willing to wait for it. To me the wait is worth it for a quality gun at a great price.
  11. Never thought that a shooting sport would educate me in the finer aspects of camera lenses and how edge distortion occurs during different moon phases.
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