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  1. I used some grease to hold them in place during assembly. Worked pretty well after losing one the first time.
  2. Cheely Custom Gun works did mine.
  3. ejevans45

    929 ?

    I just bought a 929 last week and shot it in a local match yesterday. I only fired a couple of clips to see where it was hitting before the match. Gun ran great! Accuracy was outstanding and good thing since we had a stage with a 35 yard popper. The trigger is heavy but it's going to BC Armory Wednesday for an action job and fiber optic front sight. Factory 147 Winchester dropped free from the cylinder without issue. All in all I love the gun and am glad I bought it.
  4. http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-display-match-results-detail.php?indx=14383
  5. That is a nice looking limited gun. I too was looking for something that fit in the existing pin holes so I don't have to mod the frame. I figure a CR speed holster can be altered to fit the gun.
  6. Has anyone tried to put a thumb rest on the M&P? My daughter shoots the 40 pro in Limited because it fits her hands better. I guru the thumb rest will help with a consistent grip for her.
  7. Thanks for all the advise. I went to the LG today to see what's new and found a used Springfield stainless loaded in .40 Cal and couldn't resist. I know they stopped making them in .40 a while ago so I figured it was meant for me to take home. Now to the Web to order all of the accessories!
  8. Thanks JCC that's what I was hoping to hear. Still looking at the differences between the Sig and Para but leaning to the Sig.
  9. yeah, that's a big concern of mine. i figure with the right parts it should go under. the 40 barrel isn't as beefy as the 9mm.
  10. The holster issue was a consideration with the other Sig 1911 models. Ammo compatability is an issue I'm worried about . Don't really want to load 2 different lengths for my daughter's M&p and The 1911. Might not have a choice.
  11. I'm considering a purchase for single stack and really like the Sig trading match elite 40. I have seen reviews on here going for and against the platform. My question is that the website lists the gun at 41.6 but after you add a magwell and other accessories will it make weight? Also any reason not to get the Sig?
  12. I am hoping that the shaved grip would do the trick with a short trigger.
  13. Thanks for the info. I was looking at a trubor and kind of leaning that way. I've never been into open so it's a whole new world for me. BTW that Lynda can shoot! I was also worried about the harsh recoil with a lighter M&P over the STI. I'm going to have to find one for her to try out.
  14. So my 12 year old daughter is finishing her first year in USPSA. She has been shooting Limited minor all year with a S&W M&P pro 9. We tried several different guns to see what worked for her and due to her small hands we chose the M&P. That being said, next year she has said that she wants to switch to Open. So here is the dilemma (other than funding the gun): She is pretty small and isn't expected to grow much so the grip size is expected to remain close to the same. Should i make a 9 major gun out of a M&P or have her try and work with the larger framed STI? The STI she can manipulate but with difficulty and the one we tried was a 40 limited gun. i'm afraid the less than perfect grip on the open gun will cause her too much trouble. So keep her with the Smith or go STI?
  15. I sent an email to LPA last week but haven't heard a word from them yet. Put the factory fixed sight back on and everything is good now. Hate spending money for an adjustable sight that is only as good as a cheap screw.
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