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  1. dkleskiw

    Swinger priority...

    I thought it was worth the risk.
  2. dkleskiw

    Swinger priority...

    Thread hijack: I like those rain deflectors. Where can I buy them?
  3. dkleskiw

    Boombah Hellcats

    A buddy mentioned these as infield cleats he used in softball league so I gave them a try a few years ago. They made my feet very sore when I walked around on range rocks all day. I don't remember them getting any better as the year went on. I ditched them for some Brooks trail running shoes. YMMV. Darren
  4. dkleskiw

    PCCI what’s folks running for sights

    Pistol Caliber Carbine Irons?
  5. dkleskiw

    Good Flashlight under $100?

    Olight and Fenix are solid brands and I'm certain you can filter your search to fit your needs.
  6. dkleskiw

    Ring Left on SMK

  7. dkleskiw

    P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    I had trouble submitting via Chrome but was able to submit via IE.
  8. https://ruger.com/dataProcess/markIVRecall/
  9. I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking for a source of the spring tube that conveys parts from collators into reloading presses. Below is what Hornady has. It comes in various OD and ID to accommodate feed bushings and part diameters, and is coiled up so that it can be cut to length. Any ideas? I've already contacted some spring makers, but I know there are distributors that sell it. A previous employer uses it but I was never smart enough to ask where it came from. Any help is appreciated. Darren
  10. dkleskiw


    I have it as an additional schedule on my home owners. AAA needed serial numbers and verified replacement value. And I'm ok with that incase of theft or whatever. It's expensive (I covered everything plus reloading stuff) but peace of mind is worth it to me.
  11. dkleskiw

    waterproof targets and 'stick when wet' tape

    That was the first link I pasted, but I'm sure that some shade of brown is available. Zebra targets may prove difficult, maybe that's black cut outs attached over top of brown. Or visa versa. I'm sure someone could start a small business doing this for matches...
  12. dkleskiw

    waterproof targets and 'stick when wet' tape

    This exists: http://www.professionalplastics.com/COROPLASTSHEETwhich is basically plastic corrugate. I bet the current targets are die-cut using a (cheap) steel rule die (SRD). The converter would just need to use the coroplast. I don't know if the SRD would need to be redesigned or not, maybe different ejection rubber. i would guess that pasters are processed on a rotatry machine with a kiss-cut die. A more aggressive adhesive might be needed to stick in the rain. But current designs might work well enough with the non absorbent stuff I linked to above.