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  1. Kixx

    Stippling textures

    Does that stay on with just paint for adhesive? It seems like that would wear off in a heartbeat.
  2. Kixx

    Old timers

    Alexmg’s reminds of the giant timer Jerry M used in some of his videos. It’s so big, it’s comical to see him walking around with it on his hip.
  3. Kixx

    Opening/closing ports during make ready

    I opened a port with the muzzle once thinking it would be faster and it knocked the gun just out of battery and wouldn’t fire. Definitely not faster when you have to whack the back of the slide to get it to work again.
  4. Kixx

    USPSA principles

    This is untrue where I shoot. If your local clubs only have hoser stages, they need better stage designers. They might have an advantage in follow up shots, they’re also slower to draw and transition, and most are more difficult to reload as fast as a plastic gun. The DA/SA guns also have the DA shot to deal with. Plastic and metal guns both have trade offs. I’m pretty sure Max does ok with a plastic gun in CO.
  5. I’ve always had my ammo make 135 on the nose at every major match I’ve been to. Very low SD, very predictable at the chrono. One sectional I shot last year my ammo read 130. Went home and it shot 135 over mine and my buddy’s chrono. Moral of the story is a little extra cushion never hurts. I might have really been sweating that day if I had been loading for 130.
  6. Kixx

    Will a G19 slide work on a G23?

    The frame still has a serial number that belongs to a Glock 23. I realize the 9/40 frames are identical. It’s still a Glock 23 frame if it was built as a Glock 23 from the factory. No, “they” would never know without an absurd amount of work. That’s not really the point. You keep bringing that up like it somehow makes the rule not apply since nobody would know you’re breaking it.
  7. Kixx

    Will a G19 slide work on a G23?

    According to USPSA, all past rulings have been rolled into the 2019 rule book. All I see that addresses this is Appendix D7 21.3: "You may replace the slide with an OFM or aftermarket slide of the same length, contour and caliber as the original slide for that model of gun." That model of gun is a Glock 23. Throwing a Glock 19 slide/barrel on it does not magically turn it into a Glock 19. Again, this rule is dumb and needs changed. I understand it stemmed from the conversion barrel issue and shouldn't matter anymore. However, the rules pretty clearly state you cannot change the caliber of your gun. If you can find something in the rule book that says otherwise, please provide it. If someone wants to play the "its not against the rules if nobody finds out" game, that's their deal. I'm not about that. Emailing DNROI may very well get it changed. They've "adjusted" bigger things before..
  8. Kixx

    Will a G19 slide work on a G23?

    The rule says the caliber must be the same as the original slide for that model. As for that last bit, just because nobody would ever know doesn’t mean it’s not against the rules.
  9. Kixx

    Kydex Mag Pouches

    I’m looking at picking up some kydex mag pouches from Weber Tactical for open. They’re offered in either single and double layer kydex. Is the double layer necessary on a mag pouch? I’ve never used kydex pouches and don’t know how much abuse a single layer pouch will take.
  10. Kixx

    Will a G19 slide work on a G23?

    Yeah this is a dumb rule. I really expected it to be changed with the 2019 update but it’s still there.
  11. Kixx

    Old timers

    Here’s my “old” timer. My grandfather gave it to me when I started USPSA.
  12. Kixx

    New blaster from Matt Cheely

    LeBronze sure looked good though.
  13. Kixx

    How did you do at your first match?

    I was pretty bad. I think the only people I beat at my first match were my buddy(also shooting his first match) and a guy local to me who literally cares so little about results he doesn’t even look at the scores. I shot a 20 something on the classifier.
  14. Whatever one entertains you the most. You can’t take any of them seriously.
  15. Kixx

    Non-reloaders -- what ammo?

    I have also had very good experience with Aguila. I started buying it when I couldn’t find Armscor anymore and still buy it any time I need factory ammo for something. Always reliable and makes PF.