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  1. A touch over 44oz. With Henning extensions, Patriot Defense grips, a CZ plastic guide rod, and a decent amount of material removed from the magwell, it barely made weight with the DPP.
  2. I would (and personally do) just use scaled cardboard targets attached with blue painters tape. Ben Stoeger Pro Shop has an abundance of options for dryfire targets.
  3. They do. That was my first thought when I read the shooter was DQ’d. Didn’t realize there’s actually a rule regarding that now.
  4. That's a separate issue though. Often times I will come into a position low and agressive, gun up and shooting. Then I find myself slowly rising up into an upright standing position as I'm shooting from that spot.
  5. I don’t think it’s a Grams. I don’t know how much it weighs, I’ve never held it while off the gun.
  6. Here’s the front of the magwell. It’s got an unusual angle to the front. Most I’ve seen slope down rapidly, while this one is sort of bulkier in the front.
  7. An older SVI. Not heavy.
  8. Can anyone ID this magwell? There are no markings on it.
  9. A lot of people tend to refer to a thumb rest using the name of the GoGun product and it gets “autocorrected” by the forum.
  10. Might also just make sure the hopper isn’t low. I start getting inconsistent throws when the hopper is below about 1/3.
  11. I don’t know the rules for IDPA but this is where I cut a lot of weight from my Stock 2 for USPSA Carry Optics. You can also use a plastic CZ75 guide rod instead of the PD one if you run out of places to cut weight.
  12. Kixx

    Backup Gun

    I’ve never needed to switch to a backup gun during a match but I have definitely forfeited going to a major match because my gun broke the day before I was supposed to leave. Now I consider a backup gun a must.
  13. -11*F when I got off work this morning at 7am. Wind chill of -33* That was after the wind died down to about 15mph from 30+mph overnight.
  14. Does that stay on with just paint for adhesive? It seems like that would wear off in a heartbeat.
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