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  1. Thanks everyone! Postage to Canada might be $$$ but worth the time. Hadn't thought of calling c-more direct.
  2. Does anyone know what size the little grub set screw is for the elevation lock down on a C-more is?
  3. With the increasing popularity of RTS type sights, I have been pondering is a 90 degree c-more still the best way to get the dot as close to the bore axis as possible or are there other equal or better sight/mount systems available now?
  4. Anyone had any success with a 147g 9mm major round? Shot some Atlanta factory stuff, pretty neat. Want to replicate.
  5. Update: Moved the 650 back inside (long negotiation with wife) and I am smoking through processed 9mm (cleaned, roller sized, de-primed) like a 1050 (almost). I was using processed bras (along with my standard range pick up, my brass, mostly same head stamp from the majors) before in the garage and had the same sticking problem on both a 650 and 550. Didn't change anything, other than to moving the 650 press inside. So, my conclusion is temperature and humidity (I know someone said I contradicted myself, where I live mean humidity is like 40%.). As I originally posted have loaded tons inside, moved to a garage, started to have major problems, them moved back inside and problems stopped. Early days still, but with at lest 50k ahead of me for the season will report back as to how things are running.
  6. Where I live we probably are as dry as you can get - rust has never been a problem around here. Interesting that it was when it was rather hot and muggy that the problem was the worst.
  7. The One Shot seems to help a bit, however I am very interested in what seems to be the ultimate solution - fixing the funnel. I have read some have taken theirs to a machinist and had the taper reduced and the polished, essentially the crux seems to be - reduce the angle and polish the crap out of it, the question is how to do this DYI and maintain concentricity, or does it really matter?
  8. What was you method for polishing? How did you maintain concentricity?
  9. Seeking the collective wisdom her. Reloaded 10's of thousands of rounds on both a 550 and 650 (9mm and .38 super) in a nice reloading room inside - never a problem. Moved things to my garage (new house, no room for a reloading room), and I now have a very nasty case of cases sticking on the powder funnel. Nothing changed other than the garage isn't heated, so I am wondering if hot/cold + what humidity we have here (Calgary is pretty dry) has something to do with it? Though I know lots of folks reload in their garages. Ideas?
  10. IPSC production optics IS a new provisional division
  11. Never had much use for them other than the cheep ones for truck .22 rifles and such. Now looking for something for production optic. With the game pretty much starting at $500 and you can go up to 1k, what is your fave and why?
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