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  1. I have to say I am at the point where I am ordering replacement parts for my slide rides. I have one that is easily 15 years old and still going. C-more has been SUPER nice btw, like really nice. Great question as to why c-more can't make a "compact" serendipity style scope, and one that doesn't eat batteries and uses less expensive ones. My trijicon RMR was on in my safer for a month, still going strong and bright (guess what they say is true). As always, thanks for your feedback.
  2. So in discussing my new top end with my gunsmith he said "and what about this thing hanging off the side", I thought he meant my flat thumb rest, but he was referring to my side mount c-more. I started out like most people with the traditional vertical mount and HATED it because of the holdover/under issues and then went with a Quinn 90 and was happy as a clam. But now I do like the idea of a less obstructed view on the left side and overall cleaner set up of a RTS2 type sight. For those who have made the transition has it been worth it?
  3. About what i would expect in USD.
  4. Well I am in Canada so likely not helpful, we have a place called Black Sheep Brass, probably the best overall and honestly the brass is "as new". Now don't go saying $60 USD that's a bargain! Coz he might see it and raise his prices....
  5. What I like best about 9mm is that I can get processes brass (roller sized, polished, primer pockets done) for $40-$60/1000 that just whistles through a 650, its amazing how smooth it is when you can skip the sizing station. With processed brass, a fully reamed chamber and a tuned extractor my 9 ran 100% with everything from factory to major.
  6. For new RO's especially there is something to be said for putting on a show, and keeping them back. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! since I am in Canada and pretty much only shoot IPSC, 124's at 160pf are what I am after, so this confirms things a bit.
  8. For those shooting 9mm major, thoughts on hybrid barrels or poppel holes/v type porting? I know its been kicked around here a bit, I need to give my 'smith an answer ASAP. Main question being how much of a PIA is it to try and stuff enough 3n38 in case to make it work. Currently thinking a KKM hybrid with two holes.....or no holes at all. Thanks, DL
  9. Good point. AND when you can get fully processed 9mm brass that whistles through a 650 like butter, I so love that!
  10. So what is it about 9mm major vs. .38 super that seems to make them more susceptible to cracking? This season I have personally seen or heard of, including mine, four 9mm open slides crack and one .38 super. A very small sample I know, just seeking some wider triangulation. IF in fact 9mm's have a lifespan of 30-50k vs. a super which can run 100+ then loosing $20-30 of brass a match vs. replacing a slide doesn't seem so bad. Increasingly questioning my switch to 9mm open.
  11. Thanks jcc7x7. Ordered some Tripp mags today, super nice gal helped me on the phone and they ship to Canada! You all down south have no idea how bad the ITAR screws us up here. EGW wouldn't even ship me a comp alignment tool, its a drill bit essentially, but nope, too scared of the ATF/ITAR.
  12. I found some older posts, looking for some fresh intel. My 2011 open rig is broken so dusted off my trusty old (very old, though built by the legendary Mike Johnson) single stack. Way back not a lot of choices for single stack super mags, so was running shooting star, which are not fun to seat at all, in fact after shooting a fat frame for the last 15 years, and almost no practice with a single stack, reloads became petrifying, literally. I had a CRO say to me after a stage "why are you not moving and reloading" - because I am so focused on hitting this little hole and ramming it in hard enough that it doesn't bounce out that I can't focus on anything else!!! Embarrassing but true. So, what is the current state of the art for 10 round, .38 super single stack mags?
  13. Thanks everyone! Postage to Canada might be $$$ but worth the time. Hadn't thought of calling c-more direct.
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