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  1. I have had an Alpha 2 in 6moa for almost a year now, really liked it, but was indoors mostly. Finally (after 2 months in lockdown), got out to an outdoor range. Noticed the 6moa on the Alpha 2 was "ok", but I would prefer brighter/bigger. So as something to keep my spirits up (I lost over 20k in gun value when the Canadian government announced its ban on "assault type" rifles), I ordered an 8moa Alpha 3. OMG!!!! LOVE IT. Worth every penny and perfect for outdoors.
  2. So, for whatever reasons you can only have 10. What are you using/works best. Particularly interested in STI/SVI double stack 140's and 170's. I had forever been using Arredondo, but mostly through attrition, I need to replace.
  3. Hu...in all my years haven't see it. Then again wasn't looking. Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the input so far. Odd that my 'smith used a Brazos slide for my new build, but didn't mention the rackers. Might not have time to get that done for this season. In the meantime I am looking into an M4 torx head set screw as an alternative. You can torque then down a lot more than a regular hex and they don't strip half as easy. Stand by on that.
  5. Switched to a two sided mount on my open rig running the racker on the left side. Only problem now is keeping that dam little 6-32 set screw in place. Gave it a bit too much locktite (yes the blue kind) and that took way more effort to get it out than I would be able to handle at a match if needed. I have heard use a bit of finger nail polish? So what is everyone doing/using to keep their rackers in place? The detents seem interesting but not sure how far I trust them.
  6. A'int my first rodeo. But thanks. Loose bits or ill-fitting parts would yield more random results. If I can replicate I will post because the grouping is quite amazing. A great learning experience in what I am actually doing/seeing.
  7. True this. That said I have enough practice and muscle memory that I can go from a 2011 9mm open to a 1911 .38 super open with relative ease other than reloads. Two very different platforms, but could adapt. So with the new gun I was expecting different, but not that different.....but apparently it is. And indeed I have at least 2k ahead of me to get things dialled in.
  8. Have old (maybe 8 years) Ghost holster and a new Cheely E2 that doesn't quite fit. Love the Ghost, would like to keep using it. Any suggestions/experience on fitting?
  9. Simple, in my house "better to have it and not need it" .....if you can afford it. By backup is a 25 year old single stack super, because I can't afford to have 15k tied up in two fancy 2011's.
  10. Just got a my completely rebuilt 2011, Cheely E2 steel, KKM hybrid, two holes, three chamber two port comp. 9mm/124's 7.3 of Silhouette (what I had on hand). Amazingly accurate! Everything is running great, try some doubles. Seem fast/faster but...it was like I was shooting two separate groups, literally. First shot group was exactly where it should be, nice little 3 inch circle at 7m then second shot group was about 4 inches high and a tad right, nice little 3 inch circle. Now clearly I am pulling the trigger faster than the dot is coming back, but on previous guns even going full o
  11. I have to say I am at the point where I am ordering replacement parts for my slide rides. I have one that is easily 15 years old and still going. C-more has been SUPER nice btw, like really nice. Great question as to why c-more can't make a "compact" serendipity style scope, and one that doesn't eat batteries and uses less expensive ones. My trijicon RMR was on in my safer for a month, still going strong and bright (guess what they say is true). As always, thanks for your feedback.
  12. So in discussing my new top end with my gunsmith he said "and what about this thing hanging off the side", I thought he meant my flat thumb rest, but he was referring to my side mount c-more. I started out like most people with the traditional vertical mount and HATED it because of the holdover/under issues and then went with a Quinn 90 and was happy as a clam. But now I do like the idea of a less obstructed view on the left side and overall cleaner set up of a RTS2 type sight. For those who have made the transition has it been worth it?
  13. About what i would expect in USD.
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