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  1. Neither of these scenarios break the rules so..... no.
  2. Got it. Comparing a PCC to a 5.56 rifle. That’s what I missed.
  3. I just have missed something. Why is this?
  4. From an article by Massad Ayoob for the magazine American Handgunner: The EDC magazine bodies are from the Walther PPQ pistol, with Wilson Combat butt plates. Interestingly, my own PPQ magazines would not lock into the Wilson pistol, even when I swapped floorplates. The cut for the mag release button apparently has to be slightly different. Bill Wilson told me, “I picked the PPQ mag because, number one, it’s proven reliable, and number two, it’s the shortest 15-round 9mm magazine available. Starting out designing a new gun around a proven mag is a lot easier than trying to design a new gun and a new mag at the same time.”
  5. A touch over 44oz. With Henning extensions, Patriot Defense grips, a CZ plastic guide rod, and a decent amount of material removed from the magwell, it barely made weight with the DPP.
  6. I would (and personally do) just use scaled cardboard targets attached with blue painters tape. Ben Stoeger Pro Shop has an abundance of options for dryfire targets.
  7. They do. That was my first thought when I read the shooter was DQ’d. Didn’t realize there’s actually a rule regarding that now.
  8. That's a separate issue though. Often times I will come into a position low and agressive, gun up and shooting. Then I find myself slowly rising up into an upright standing position as I'm shooting from that spot.
  9. I don’t think it’s a Grams. I don’t know how much it weighs, I’ve never held it while off the gun.
  10. Here’s the front of the magwell. It’s got an unusual angle to the front. Most I’ve seen slope down rapidly, while this one is sort of bulkier in the front.
  11. An older SVI. Not heavy.
  12. Can anyone ID this magwell? There are no markings on it.
  13. A lot of people tend to refer to a thumb rest using the name of the GoGun product and it gets “autocorrected” by the forum.
  14. Might also just make sure the hopper isn’t low. I start getting inconsistent throws when the hopper is below about 1/3.
  15. I don’t know the rules for IDPA but this is where I cut a lot of weight from my Stock 2 for USPSA Carry Optics. You can also use a plastic CZ75 guide rod instead of the PD one if you run out of places to cut weight.
  16. Kixx

    Backup Gun

    I’ve never needed to switch to a backup gun during a match but I have definitely forfeited going to a major match because my gun broke the day before I was supposed to leave. Now I consider a backup gun a must.
  17. -11*F when I got off work this morning at 7am. Wind chill of -33* That was after the wind died down to about 15mph from 30+mph overnight.
  18. Does that stay on with just paint for adhesive? It seems like that would wear off in a heartbeat.
  19. Alexmg’s reminds of the giant timer Jerry M used in some of his videos. It’s so big, it’s comical to see him walking around with it on his hip.
  20. I opened a port with the muzzle once thinking it would be faster and it knocked the gun just out of battery and wouldn’t fire. Definitely not faster when you have to whack the back of the slide to get it to work again.
  21. This is untrue where I shoot. If your local clubs only have hoser stages, they need better stage designers. They might have an advantage in follow up shots, they’re also slower to draw and transition, and most are more difficult to reload as fast as a plastic gun. The DA/SA guns also have the DA shot to deal with. Plastic and metal guns both have trade offs. I’m pretty sure Max does ok with a plastic gun in CO.
  22. I’ve always had my ammo make 135 on the nose at every major match I’ve been to. Very low SD, very predictable at the chrono. One sectional I shot last year my ammo read 130. Went home and it shot 135 over mine and my buddy’s chrono. Moral of the story is a little extra cushion never hurts. I might have really been sweating that day if I had been loading for 130.
  23. The frame still has a serial number that belongs to a Glock 23. I realize the 9/40 frames are identical. It’s still a Glock 23 frame if it was built as a Glock 23 from the factory. No, “they” would never know without an absurd amount of work. That’s not really the point. You keep bringing that up like it somehow makes the rule not apply since nobody would know you’re breaking it.
  24. According to USPSA, all past rulings have been rolled into the 2019 rule book. All I see that addresses this is Appendix D7 21.3: "You may replace the slide with an OFM or aftermarket slide of the same length, contour and caliber as the original slide for that model of gun." That model of gun is a Glock 23. Throwing a Glock 19 slide/barrel on it does not magically turn it into a Glock 19. Again, this rule is dumb and needs changed. I understand it stemmed from the conversion barrel issue and shouldn't matter anymore. However, the rules pretty clearly state you cannot change the caliber of your gun. If you can find something in the rule book that says otherwise, please provide it. If someone wants to play the "its not against the rules if nobody finds out" game, that's their deal. I'm not about that. Emailing DNROI may very well get it changed. They've "adjusted" bigger things before..
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