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  1. I'm always a little nervous every year before the annual exam....not wanting to fail...which I have. But in doing so I also learn more. Thankfully Corporate is generous and on my second test I passed. Although I don't like tests...I believe this one is necessary for our sport to keep us familiar with all the rules...new and old.
  2. My latest 1911 is a Custom built 9 mm and it runs like a sewing machine. I'm lucky that my shooting buddy is a Top Quality Gunsmith. He's built Race Guns and Competition pistols for some Top Shooters over the years and I wanted one before he decides to retire. I had a quality 1911 in 45 acp....he used that frame and built the new upper slide into a 9 mm. As for the components needed for the build I left that to his knowledge and experience. Now I have two 1911's that fit on one frame....oh.... and one of the first 5 shot groups out of the 9 was a ragged hole at 15 yards.
  3. I like the new classifiers...we shot all four of the new ones plus two others last weekend at our local club. Ran a little short of making Master....about 20 % short...but had a good time.
  4. Your XDM should eat Montana Gold bullets like a kid eats a candy bar. Over the past I've played with different bullets and powders and the 5.25 XDM shoots everything....some a little better than others. I settled on Sports Pistol...3.1 grains and 147 grain Bayou RN. This combination has proven to be not only the most accurate but also the least expensive and cleanest.
  5. Plus....Action work and extended firing pin.
  6. 3.1 grains with a Bayou 147 gn RNFP @ 1.140 oal gives me a power factor of 129 from a 9mm XDm 5.25. That same load with a 145 gr RN (Bayou) @1.135 oal still gives me a 128+ PF from a 9mm 1911.
  7. SingingShooter....It would require pulling the optic to photo. My gunsmith drilled and tapped the second screw inline and just in front of the original and used an identical screw to help secure the adapter. It took him all of about 20 minutes to complete...including finding the correct screw. I'm really Lucky to have a GREAT GUNSMITH who is also my shooting Buddy.
  8. Springer only had so much to work with and did a heck of a job with their adapter plate for the XDM 5.25....but the pistols original design was for adjustable sights not optics. I had the same problem as others with the mounting plate loosing after a few hundred rounds using blue loctite. My gunsmith took care of the problem with the addition of another screw through the mounting plate. After nearly 3000 rounds everything is still tight.
  9. Does that affect your hit factor ?
  10. I've gone through about 5 lbs of ASP in the last year here in Southern Oregon where temps vary by as much as 80 degrees from summer to winter with the same load, with no noticeable change through the chronograph. 9mm...147 grain Bayou FNRP bullet...3.1 grains of ASP and Winchester SPP .
  11. I had to shorten the OAL of the bullet I've been running in my Springfield XDM to operate in my Kimber Target ll. (Kimber lower/Caspian 9mm upper). Neither Tripp or Wilson Combat mags would feed until I shorten the OAL. Now the Kimber/Caspian combo eats them like a cookie monster. Bullet profile can also make a big difference in how things will operate.
  12. 3.1 grains of Sports Pistol and a 147 grain FNRP Bayou Bullet seated to 1.135 /1.140 OAL with range brass equals a 129 PF out of my XDM 5.25. Clean...accurate and soft recoil.
  13. Question ? If you were penalized 30 Mikes and 16 FTSA would that not be a negative score for the stage ? 9.5.6 "The minimum score for a course of fire or string will be zero". Should apply....or am I missing something. Thanks....that is kind of what I thought. But sometimes my simple mind needs help.
  14. Question ? If you were penalized 30 Mikes and 16 FTSA would that not be a negative score for the stage ? 9.5.6 "The minimum score for a course of fire or string will be zero". Should apply....or am I missing something.
  15. I've had good results with Power Pistol and coated bullets although I'm shooting a heaver bullet....147 grain. 3.8 grains of Power Pistol produced a power factor of 129 out of my 929 revolver.
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