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  1. Black Bullets International had some in stock a few weeks back....took about 5 days....free shipping. They were only shipping UPS....so weight was limited to 48 lbs. Still got 2200 147 grain bullets at a reasonable price.
  2. That sounds like a really good starting point....adjust that by 1/10th of a grain at a time to find your sweet spot. Make sure you "plunk" test OAL. You should be good to go very shortly....Good Luck.
  3. Thanks for sharing, I am confused on the PF data. I did end up finding Aliant's data sheet for 147g and was starting just as you recommended with 3.1. I started with the following minus 10% which is your 3.1. 9mm Luger 147 FP Federal 1.08 4 Fed 100 Sport Pistol 3.5 890 I have not chrono graphed these yet just doing the math at this point to estimate PF which gives me an approximate of 118. FPS @800 X147 = 11774
  4. 3.0 grains of Sports Pistol is my standard load for all 147 grain coated bullets. OAL may vary depending on bullet shape. This load produces a powder factor of about 129. For competition loads where a coronagraph will be involved I load at 3.1 grains just to be sure I don't go sub-minor
  5. A Buddy.....a Master shooter who is also my gunsmith and the person who got me started in this game swears on the rare occasion when I've won a stage or a match that we are no longer friends and he's not talking to me anymore. Doesn't happen very often and both shooting Super Senior our memories are short anyway.
  6. I agree with "Sarge" on this one.
  7. + 1 The rule is pretty clear...break it and you go home !
  8. I agree with "motosapiens"and "Sarge". An experienced RO will watch and see more than just the shooter.
  9. I've shot 38 short colts in my 929 with no problem....size and load with 9mm dies and use moon clips that fit 38 special cases. Have not tried going back...should be no problem using the correct dies.
  10. I have not tried every pistol powder out there...but what I have...Titegroup was dirty and hot compared to all other powders. N320 and Sports Pistol have been the cleaner and most consistent in metering....velocity and accuracy of all the powders I've tried. Titegroup got so hot in my revolver after a 32 round stage you could brand cattle.
  11. Batmo


    15,000 plus rounds through my XDM 5.25......2 failure to fire rounds because of high primers....my fault. They both went bang the second time through. Most reliable pistol out side of the revolvers that I've ever owned.
  12. About halfway through 8 lbs of Sports Pistol with no accuracy or any other problems. Two different coated bullet manufactures and three different bullet designs...145 and 147 grain. Just destroyed a 1 inch orange dot with 10 shots at 15 yards this past week....now if I could just do that without a rest.
  13. Should be no problem....unless you have a very aggressive crimp on a coated bullet. Which the OP says his are "lightly crimped." You should be good to go.
  14. I've had good results with Blue and Bayou bullets....147/145 grain.
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