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  1. Will give the extra charge a try. Thank you for the feedback
  2. Shooting off bench at 15 yd line produced ~2” 5 shot group, at 11 o’clock 5 “ from poa. Have used bullseye ,hp-38 and tg all giving me Respectable accuracy. I wanted to try a different powder , was hoping to find n320 or SP, had to settle for n340
  3. I have been following the forum for some time. Very informative to say the least. I recently bought some vv340 and was hoping to use it for 9mm 125 tc lead bullets . Tried 4.9g that gave 1142fps from Xde. Not very accurate though Looking to develop a load that I practice with using lead (indoor range required) that will impact near point of aim Any input will be greatly appreciated
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