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  1. Absolutely with friends - a big part of the enjoyment of the sport that's kept me coming back is the camaraderie.
  2. I would also say a big part of the fun of this sport for me is customizing and tweaking and making the gun 'nice.' I've probably spent just as much time if not more working on guns as shooting them.
  3. I also usually buy discounted gift cards online to get another 10% off or so. Strangely the cabela's gift cards usually have more than the bass pro ones, even though you can use them at either.
  4. = I have the 590 and I actually want a carrier there - it would make a nice ramp for twins or quad loading.
  5. Try removing the spacers, maybe there's not enough bolt travel to clear out the brass.
  6. I was talking about with a plate. Looks like C-More makes one for the RTS-2 on the M&P CORE, but it's unclear to me if it'd fit the longer length of the Alpha 3: https://cmore.com/Item/MT-500
  7. Really like this guy's videos, and looks like he's wrapped it up with a Romeo3 Max vs SRO video:
  8. Just to throw out one more suggestion, the Browning 1911-22. 85% the size of a full 1911.
  9. While not typically used for competition, something like the M&P9ez might be easier for someone to rack and manipulate.
  10. The flat-faced trigger with the FSS has the longer reach: Curved FSS should be the same reach as the factory trigger.
  11. Green laser since the red's aren't daylight-visible, and even green only works within 5-10 yards.
  12. I zero at 100 since that's the peak of the curve and I know every other distance will be below it. My Burris XTR II has zero stops that make it difficult to adjust up, so this way I know all trajectories will be below it.
  13. This. Why risk the danger and damaging the steel when you might have hundreds of shooters?
  14. I've found some buffer tubes are short on the inside, not giving the full length of travel they should. Might be another thing worth checking or swapping.
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