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  1. Working great so far after a few matches!
  2. I emailed him and he never responded.
  3. The Creality Ender 3 seems like the most popular printer nowadays and it wouldn't be difficult to build an enclosure around it. I'd also give esun's PLA+ a try, I've found it to be just as strong as abs and a while lot easier to print.
  4. Appendix D7 13 says: Optical/electronic sights REQUIRED; must be attached directly to slide between rear of slide and ejection port, and may not be mounted to the frame in any way. I've got a Sig Romeo 3 Max attached to my M&P Core and it slightly overhangs the barrel hood, which is arguably part of the ejection port. Does 'attached' only mean where the screws attach the optic or does it include the optic itself?
  5. I haven't seen any other M&P's with the Sig Romeo 3 Max so I got the C-More RTS2 adapter and gave it a shot - and it works! It does overhang the barrel hood a fair bit, but I've had no ejection issues. An added plus is the optic covers up the loaded chamber indicator hole, so the glass doesn't get fouled up by smoke. I wonder if it'll gradually erode the bottom of the sight, but I doubt it has enough pressure to do that. I'll continue to try this in Carry Optics - looking to determine whether I like this or the Trijicon SRO better. Obviously with the Romeo 3 Max being higher you can't co-w
  6. Pretty sure the venom and burris fastfire 3 are made in the same factory, so it's more about shape of the frame than any other difference. The viper's dot is more red than the orange dot on the venom - I slightly prefer the red, but the viper has an issue where you can see dot flicker when it's not at full brightness. You might want to keep an eye out for the fastfire 4, coming out later this year.
  7. Is it just the barrel? Does it chamber if you swap barrels? Are there any markings on the bottom of the barrel? S&W sometimes uses dots to indicate barrel versions.
  8. What powder and bullet - plated or coated?
  9. I was thinking about this, and it looks like you can get small tungsten plates and cubes used for pinewood derbies that might be more effective. Let us know how it goes and the weight before and after!
  10. They were posted on the M&P facebook group a few months back and the maker (not recoilchamp) was talking about selling them in a few weeks. Haven't heard anything since then.
  11. Outer impact dovetail mount will give you more options should you close to change your optic in the future: https://www.amazon.com/Outerimpact-Adapter-Mount-Wesson-Pistol/dp/B01N4K5XWH Here’s a good deal on a holosun optic: https://www.reddit.com/r/gundeals/comments/gpc1v3/optics_holosun_hs403c_2moa_dot_only_with_solar/
  12. Some have a feature that wake them up on movement. The holosuns in particular have very long battery lives (years) so you would probably just leave it in all the time and replace the barrel yearly.
  13. Recently got the Burris XTR II 1-8x rear focal plane and Vortex PST Gen II to compare. The FOV on the PST is significantly bigger (surprising given the XTR has a 34mm tube over the PST's 30), but the dot on the XTR gets a lot brighter (setting 9/11 about matches the PST). It's also more orange than the PST's red dot. PST is still daylight bright, though. The windage and elevation knobs on the PST are a lot stiffer and mushier, while the XTR has very nice clicks and easy to adjust with the exposed elevation turret and zero stop. You're not going to be adjusting the PST on the fly,
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