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  1. I bought a Ruger PCC for shooting steel wasn’t happy with the rubber pad on the buttstock 3D modeled a new one with a little curve installed and it has a better feel. Conforms more to my shoulder and doesn’t hang up on my clothes. 3D printed two mag pouches together one offset from the other. Modeled a round barrel shroud. Need to go to the range and try everything out. But before I do the weather needs to warm up.
  2. Smith & Wesson Victory with Volquartsen carbon fiber barrel, c-more red dot, on order a Tandemkross trigger and my own 3D printed base pads.
  3. Purchased a Smith & Wesson Victory 22 for shooting local clubs steel challenge. Replaced the barrel with a Volquartsen carbon fiber, mounted a c-more red dot, ordered the Tandemkross trigger and since I have a 3D printer printed extended base pads. After I install the trigger will take out to thre range and sight in.
  4. Broke the plastic cam wire bracket tonight while reloading. Since I have a 3d printer 3d modeled it then printed it. Put slots in the side if the wire pulls out don't have to remove bracket to re-insert the wire.
  5. Have had the bottle half full tube held tight. It is great to have a 3d printer. Have an idea 3d model it then print.
  6. 3D printed a 2-liter bottle adapter for spent primers. The adapter screws onto a 2-liter bottle the spent primer tube goes into a tapered lock collar. When the case is de-primed it drops into the bottle.
  7. Made 2 parts for my Hornady press a low primer alarm using and a primer slide positioner. The low primer alarm doesn't contact the powder measure housing and the primer slide positioner makes sure the slide is in the right position so the primer seater punch doesn't damage the primer slide.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback been loading for 10 + yrs press using a Dillion Square Deal B no problems, no issues. Reason I went to a Hornady is because of all the panic driven people buying everything they can get their hands on, or those that are taking advantage of the demand created by the panic driven buyers to buy and resale at price only panic driven buyers would be willing to pay! Didn't want to wait the 8 weeks for a Dillion 650 press, wasn't going to pay a ridiculous price for a Dillion 650 press so I bought a Hornady lnl ap press. It' a nice press got it working the way I want. I load using 38 super bullets dia a little bigger. Like I said thanks for all the feedback I appreciate it.
  9. Bought a Hornady lnl ap press, 9mm dies, and shell plate. Had a problem after loading a round was able to push bullet into brass. After talking to Hornady found out the die set I bought was a roll crimp not taper. They sell a set with taper crimp and a set with roll crimp. My question to Hornady was why do you sell 9mm roll crimp die set? Bought the bullet set and taper crimp die. Next used their .355 apex to bell the case mouth again not enough bell. After reading forums heard about an after market unit bought it. I was happy with the after market component it belled the case mouth at a taper but when you advance to set oal and taper crimp sometimes the bullet would fall out of the brass. So, I decided to buy the Hornady apx .357 guess what can"t set up to drop a charge because it is for a 38 case not a 9mm. Made a bushing to use with the .357 apx now I get the case mouth bell I want and case expansion to hold the bullet in place when the press advances to the next position. Hornady doesn't make a low primer alarm, would be nice, again after market components. Talked to Hornady asked them a question which they couldn't answer do the shooters they sponsor use their press? Wanted to buy blue but because of the wait time I bought red instead. Red needs to step up and get in line with blue and green!
  10. Just installed the Brazos slipstream h-mount had a sidewinder slide tracker was too short with the mount picked up the extended sidewinder and with a torch reshaped it. Takes a little more energy to rack the slide.
  11. I noticed you had a JP CTR02 for sale on March 28, did you sale the rifle? If not I would be interested in it. Please pm or email at hermnrob@aol.com with pictures if it is still available . Thanks Marshal

  12. Ground is ground don't use the cold water line for ground. All grounds run back to the distribution panel ground buss which is bonded to the ground rod outside your house. The neutral is connected to the neutral buss which is bonded to the ground buss in the distribution panel. All appliances are grounded unless double insulated. If a fault occurs in an appliance (not double insulated) an the appliance is grounded the fault goes to ground and trips a breaker in the distribution panel. If you have a appliance that faults and because of the fault there is 120 vac nominal at the faucet's get an electrician you have a problem your ground isn't ground. Don't use the cold water for ground because newer homes use pvc for piping or if metal there might have been a break in the cold water piping and pvc was used to repair the break. PVC piping is not a conductor of electricity. I have a dillion square deal b if I were going to ground the press I would put a ground strap to the charge handle, press frame, powder measure and my wrist. The source of static electricity is probably the person operating the press not the press. Ground straps can be purchased at electronic supplies stores. They are used when working on electronic components so the static electricity build up on the person’s body doesn't discharge to the component and fry it.
  13. I like the Seiko autowind not to expensive same movement as the Rolex not the same price. You need a lot of wrist motion to keep it wound may have to buy an auto rocker.
  14. Very impressive some have the talent to visualize a design and build it.
  15. When you take on the job of RO it is your duty to insure that all the rules are followed and if broken a dq was earned by the shooter and hopefully it will be the last.
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