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  1. BiggMike

    Racker ?

    How did you bend them?
  2. I use 1.130 for mine. I have bumped my PF to about 140 just to give me some room for the chrono.
  3. +1. The Taylor Freelance magwell is very nice. I switched to it and it is great.
  4. I am using 124gr MG JHP @1.130 with 4.2gr N320. Normally MG's are slower so I bumped the powder just to make sure I have a little room to spare.
  5. I went back to the MRO. I noticed the UGH-1 was a little to busy in the reticle, so I switched to a single red dot and I picked up a few tenths here and there.
  6. My GMR-15 was a spec order and it took about 4 weeks.
  7. I pushed to 4.3 of N320. I'm using MG 124gr JHP @ 1.130. The MG tend to be a touch slower so I chose 4.3gr to make sure that I have room at the Chrono. It is still soft shooting and very accurate in GMR-15. I was at 3.8 but that only made 123pf for me. I found that out at Nationals. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. True. It may be a little dirty but it simply works.
  9. Everyone is switching teams this year. Infinity switched their whole lineup.
  10. Open is definitely faster but with PCC the shots are easier if that makes any sense.
  11. For some strange reason my micrometer drifted. I moved from FL to MD and I didn't take the humidity into account. So I did my usual 10 drops to calculate but when the drops got into the 20-30's I started to notice the deviations set in. I took everything apart and I also noticed that my powder funnel was not clean at all, so I cleaned it up. I then reset the spreadsheet for my micrometer and now everything is good to go. I was loading at 3.8grs but since I switched back to 124gr MG, I bumped up the charge weight to make sure I got the MG's covered in both of my GMR-15's. I know they tend to be slower than most JHP.
  12. Correction. I cleaned and checked my 1050; reconfigured my loading data and then rechecked my N320 loading. I am switching back to N320 because now my drops and loads are dead on. My deviation is +/- .1 on the drops. So now my current PCC load is 4.2gr N320 @ 1.130; this gives me about 135-140 PF in my GMR-15.
  13. I have a quick question, I usually shoot 124gr MG JHP and I recently switched to Blue Bullets , 125gr round nose, to give them a try. After a practice session I noticed I had a lot of lead in the comp. The crimp on the round is very light, I'm using 4.2gr of N320 @1.130 and the PF is about 135-140. My question is; is the comp leading normal and I just have to get use to it? I do not want a comp full of lead every time I shoot my GMR-15 and I am thinking of going back to my 124gr MG's to solve this problem. Am I being to OCD???
  14. Most powders are dirty at lower velocities. I also use HS-6, which I have for Open, and it is also very dirty. I can tell you that N320 is not that dirty compared to other powders. HS-6 is a very slow burning powder and it is very accurate plus you get the added benefit of the gas working the comp. All of this depends on the PCC you decide to go with.
  15. +1. Using prizm lenses made a world of difference for me.
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