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  1. I'm a lefty but shoot right handed. I have the Coast Guard to thank for that. 24 years of weapons training and I never switched to shooting left handed. I'm also right eye dominant, so oh well.
  2. +1. I have 2 GMR-15s. I thought I wanted to switch to a MPX but I like the reliability of the JP. I am not trying to start an argument but I had a Gen 2 and it drove me crazy how inconsistent it was. I do want to try the Gen 3 for fun though.
  3. What spring and followers are you running? The most I can get is 28.
  4. What set up are you using for your mag release?
  5. JP is the one I like. I have 2 of them.
  6. The JP is the way to go for me. I had a Gen 1 MPX and I loved it for one match until I hated it after one match. The Gen 1's had to be very clean to run properly but it was a soft shooter. I moved to the JP and never looked back. I wanted a heavier PCC, coming from open I was just use to a heavy gun. You will be happy with which ever one you buy. I would point out that the mag prices maybe something you should take into account.
  7. These are the best shooting glasses you can buy; especially if you have a prescription. Brian is a good guy and makes a great product.
  8. I would recommend changing the springs at the beginning of every shooting season just to be safe.
  9. BiggMike

    Racker ?

    How did you bend them?
  10. I use 1.130 for mine. I have bumped my PF to about 140 just to give me some room for the chrono.
  11. +1. The Taylor Freelance magwell is very nice. I switched to it and it is great.
  12. I am using 124gr MG JHP @1.130 with 4.2gr N320. Normally MG's are slower so I bumped the powder just to make sure I have a little room to spare.
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