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  1. I clean after every outing. I started this when I shoot my open gun; it is a habit now.
  2. Thanks for the info. These two models are news to me. I'll look them up.
  3. I tried the 510C, green, on my GMR-15 and will there was absolutely noting wrong with it; it just was not the one for me. It was light weight, clear and rock steady but it was just something missing. I went back to my Vortex UH-1 which I shot all last year. The one thing I will miss is the ability to switch between he circle and the dot.
  4. Make sure to watch the metering of N320. A few guys on here, as well as myself, have had problem with N320 not metering properly. I load on a 1050.
  5. Did they switch to Gen 2 or Gen 3 MPX's? The reason I ask is because my Gen 2 was eating up triggers; this is why I went with the GMR-15.
  6. +1. I use it for 9 Major and now I am using it for minor. I tried N320 but I could not get it to meter properly in my 1050. Use it and have fun with it.
  7. I had this same problem with my 1050. Unfortunately for me, I found this out at Nationals when I failed the chrono by 3%. The crazy part is that when I first started using N320, all my drops were dead on but somewhere the drops got sporadic. I switched back to HS-6 and my drops are dead on.
  8. I used the Vortex UH-1 but being an open shooter, I found the sight picture to be a little to busy. Don't get me wrong, I could still use it but I found myself worrying about what part of the optic to focus on, so I went back to the MRO. I struggle between what optic I want to go with this season. Both the dot and circle have their pros and cons.
  9. I switched to the Vortex AMG UH-1 and I really like it. The wide field of view sold it for me.
  10. Regular glock mags will be fine.
  11. HS-6 for the win. I tried CFE-Pistol and it was okay but I always come back to HS-6.
  12. I have a MPX but I went the other way with 2 JP's. For me, the cost of triggers was killing me. In one season I think I went through about 4 different triggers. My JP just runs and with my loads the kick is not bad. I am using a PRS Gen-3 on my JP's.
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