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  1. Hey everyone, a friend reminded me of this thread and I thought it might be interesting to update this with some new videos. We just had a match again today and will link the videos here. I am now shooting a stock Glock 34 and am classified as B. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. Edwards30

    Glock 34 Trigger

    What trigger pull weight are you getting when measuring on the Johnny Glock? I don't recall what connectors he uses in each kit but I know my finger perceives a big difference between a minus and a dot connector but my trigger pull gauge didn't show a big difference.
  3. Not a bad idea. My crimp wasn't great but certainly wasn't the issue in this case. It was never even touching that part of the case due to bottoming out bullet. Once I left everything else the same and dropped the bullet a little deeper it works fine.
  4. When I made an order at the beginning of the month the code HM10 worked but it seems to not be working now. Maybe they stopped using them for the time being.
  5. I'm 100% on the same page. I went ahead and backed off to 5.0gr and went up to 5.5gr
  6. Okay, I’ll watch for that. I’m back at the press now and at 1.130” I am getting a clean plunk test and rotation. I also put sharpie on the bullet and did not have issues with it rubbing off.
  7. Sorry everyone, out running some errands. So I believe I understand and will try to summarize. I need to start over with my plunk test and get that to be correct first. I was loading laddered loads starting at 5.5gr and ending at 5.9gr. So instead perhaps once I set the shorter OAL I should go down to 4.5~ and work my way back up to 5.7~ when I am at the chrono? That way to ensure I do not have too much pressure and just makes sure to use enough to make minor PF. Lastly, the data listed in the manual for minimum OAL is most likely to prevent powder compression I am guessing?
  8. I have my sizing die set to touch the shell plate and then backed off 1/4 turn. I am also using a Lee FCD at stage 4, I believe that does some sizing. So do I have to worry about compressing my powder if I go below the load data minimum OAL? I measure my crimp currently at .3795
  9. Hey guys, I am loading my first rounds and am having trouble figuring out how to make this powder work. I am using a stock barrel Glock 34 Gen 3 for my plunk test and am setting my OAL at 1.145 and am still scraping on the bullet when trying to spin on the plunk test. The load data I have for lead bullets says the minimum OAL is 1.142 so I don't really have a way of seating the bullet much deeper. I am using mixed brass, and DG Bullets 124GR Round Nose. Some of the rounds plunk fine and fall out fine but maybe 30% (Out of 50) do not spin or fall out freely so from my understanding I sh
  10. As far as carry guns, optics will be the way of the future. Adding something like an RMR onto a milled slide really doesn't stick up as much as you would think and typically stays similar to the width of the firearm. I am actually currently setting up my Glock 34 for carry optics and will most likely go for an RMR Type 2 which was redesigned to be used on slides and take the abuse. This clearly won't be my carry rig but will mimic what my 19 setup will be. As far as some other other questions, RMR has the ability to auto adjust and you can also manually adjust it. The batteries last
  11. The Dawson ones really aren't that heavy. With something like a Glock magazine, the weight protruding from the grip is what really helps for me. I've never tried any of the armor-all or other lubricants. To me it has always seemed like asking for trouble.
  12. I have use the cheap Dawson Precision base pads for production. I believe I have the +300 option. https://dawsonprecision.com/extended-baseplates-for-glock-by-dawson-precision/ I have also seen people in our local matches running the smaller (+2/3) Taran Tactical ones. With my +300 Dawson ones, I still make the box according to my measurements, even with suppressor height sights.
  13. Can you post a video of her shooting it? That will surely help us out. I have not shot an XD before but I have found a Glock seems to matter much more with proper technique than my 1911 in 9mm for example.
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