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  1. Is it possible to measure the reset strength of the red trigger return spring? I find myself in match settings not coming off all the way as I'm so used to the 6lb trigger return spring in my OEM trigger. I don't have a trigger pull gauge to test myself.
  2. Picture attached to confirm https://imgur.com/a/J9l08L8
  3. I checked that, it was below the upper pin and to the right of the slide release spring. I called Timney and the only thing they suggested was using a dot connector instead of a minus. I can tell I have some frame wear on the outer trigger bar but it’s not too much to indicate an outward angled connector IMO.
  4. Just leaving the range now after trying out the Timney some more and an have intermittent reset issues even with the red trigger spring. I used it Saturday for a match and had a few slow resets but today it was not moving unless I physically got it. Trigger has lube, anything else I’m missing?
  5. Can you confirm JG is using an over travel stop like in his other triggers? I’m looking to order a housing with the screw installed to see if I can ultimately get a shorter reset. I don’t see a reason it wouldn’t work.
  6. Cool, not a complaint I was just curious. Like I said, this will be my first lvl 2. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for the info.
  7. Got my Timney this week and had a chance to try it out today. I was using the silver return spring with a (-) connector and had a couple of times where I rode the reset and it didn’t reset all the way while trying to pull the trigger. I’ll try out the red spring next time. The trigger reset is much longer than my tactical trigger but this one is for sure lighter.
  8. That’s about the plan my wife and I are planning. I am shooting Saturday so we will drive down Friday afternoon. Any idea if there is a prize table and/or raffle we would need to be present for on Sunday after the last group wraps up?
  9. Took the leap and signed up. This will be my first Lvl 2, I'm shooting on Saturday.
  10. If it's popular, then I assume it should be good. I've yet to shoot a lvl 2 so I figure it might be a good experience before shooting A2 later in the year.
  11. I was considering going to this but I’m unsure of the commitment since I’m 3 hours away and it’s only 8 stages. Does anyone have feedback from prior years?
  12. At the time is was $20 off and free shipping from PSA.
  13. What’s the current wait time on ordering a trigger? I ordered one on 6/28 from PSA but they just emailed me and canceled my order. Seems like a crap move since it showed in stock several days after.
  14. I’ve ready through a fair bit of this thread and it seems like some early issues have been resolved. Are these good to go for a Gen 3?
  15. So if I read it correctly, you buy the trigger at $150 and then send it to him for the $250 service. Is that right? I am currently using the tactical trigger at about 4.25lbs. I wouldn’t mind lighter but would have to see how the feel changes I guess.
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