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  1. Sorry, didn't see this somehow. It does kind of look like the Jentra but not beveled on the end like theirs. I ordered Wolf springs instead of ISMI so I guess I just got lucky there. The seller said it was from Glockmeister but theirs appear to be the kind where you place a screw in the end, similar to a 1911 kind of. I ordered some of the steel washers from GlockStore but they are not big enough so I guess that rules them out as well.
  2. I would guess it just depends on your match. At ours they have been behind on starting each time I have gone but no one has ever gone to help them that is participating. I am also newer, so next time I think I will make a point to see if I can help out.
  3. I just run cheap Hoppes #9 oil. The only thing I don't like about it, is that it attracts a lot of dirt and dust. Maybe thats all of them though. I've never used grease on a firearm.
  4. I was talking with a guy this past weekend who has several size SRO and he says his favorite MOA for USPSA is 5MOA. He let me check out the 2.5 and 5 MOA and the 2.5 had more bloom and effected my astigmatism more than the 5MOA. I can only imagine what the 1MOA is like.
  5. Can you manipulate it with the slide off and see whats going on? Maybe it is rubbing on the frame or some gunk is making it stick the trigger bar and connector together.
  6. I have a lightened striker spring in my parts bin but I don't use it. I worry about light primer strikes since I can't control what primers are used on the loads I buy.
  7. I shoot factory loads from LAX ammo. I have 124gr now but picked up some 147 to try as well. I also bought a 15lb Wolf spring so I know what I am using and the round count. Here is a video of the match to see the recoil.
  8. Edwards30

    Ben Stoeger

    Around the 38 minute mark he talks and shows his Glock here
  9. I think it is always better to practice/compete with someone better than you. It's an easy way to get out of your comfort zone.
  10. 15lb is exactly what I am going to go after from my research as well. I made another post on here as I am unsure what guide rod I have so I want to make sure any spring would work. The thug plug is a good idea and I will probably just order one today. My slide is lightened and cut for an RMR. Without a barrel or guide rod, it is exactly 11oz. That is including the optic cover and Ameriglo Suppressor Sights. If you have a Gen 3, I'd be curious to know what a factory slide weighs without a barrel and rod to compare. I was also looking at the Seattle Slug, but it appears to stick out too far for Production rules. I guess one could grind it down to sit more flush.
  11. I purchased a Glock 34 Gen 3 with some parts on it including this guide rod and spring. I believe it to be Tungsten but I honestly don’t know. It weighs in at 69 grams or 2.4oz without a spring. It is about 7mm in diameter. It also sits flush with my Glock 34 slide at the end. The spring on it is rounded and I noticed on a lot of sites they are flat. Can I interchange springs as I wish? I’d like to try a 15# and 17# since I have a lightened slide. I was also going to go with an ISMI spring, but would love some experienced shooters opinions. Thanks in advance for helping with my basic questions. https://imgur.com/a/shC5kNa
  12. This is awesome. I’ll admit I am such an idiot I have been dry firing all this time without snap caps. I guess it’s better to start doing this now than never.
  13. I prefer the Glock Minus but I go through and wet sand off any tooling marks and polish it up. I have also tried some of the ghost connectors, but I just didn’t like them as much as the - connector
  14. Just to be clear, this is happening when removing the magazine from the gun, not picking it up off the ground after a reload right? If it’s out of the gun, how much tension is on the spring of your magazine? Maybe with a worn out spring it isn’t pushing up enough to keep it in place and the rest of slide is grabbing it.
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