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  1. Primary Machine did a CZ P09 milled for a Vortex/Burris pattern for me few years back. I believe they have recently got out of milling Customer provided slides. There are others that still provide this type of service. I think the challenge with the CZ slides that have the firing pin block is that you cannot have the Optic milled as low as slides without fpb.
  2. Take out the magazine brake (part #24 in CZ manual),flatten it out and put it back in.
  3. You will want to check the total mag length with the extensions. Some of the polymer extensions are invitation into Open.
  4. I believe so ... But, when I ordered the pads couple years ago, the CZC site recommended a spring and follower to go with the pad for maximizing capacity. While their site no longer provides that function, the image and description matches what I got.
  5. CZ Custom Basepads with 10 coil spring and follower setup will get you 23+1. It will not lock the slide after last round. (Originally set up for P09 Carry Optics gun)
  6. Just run the 19 rmr in open at couple local matches and compare your scores against othe CO shooters. If you like it enough, you can pick up a g19 lower or build a dedicated CO gun on a full sized frame.
  7. Wideload

    New CZC Gun

    Will it be available in .40 with Single Action Only Trigger?
  8. Assuming the S&A magwell has a flat main spring housing, I will take it. Please provide info on pmt.

  9. Always on the job. Wideload huh. See ya Friday after the holidays. James

  10. hello wideload it was a fun match your welcome

  11. You will probably get better info on MTBforum.com but I believe that the Giant I guannas of more recent vintage come stock with suspension fork. Your best bet is to ride that bike as is and set aside the $$$ for a newer bike in the future. You do not need suspension to ride off road and in the long run you will be a better rider. If you feel that you have to get a new front fork, make sure that it will work with your frame. Older rigid frames used 1inch stems and not 1.25 inch. The geometry is also different. ( I did the opposite on my Trek6700 after trashing the suspension fork. Bought a suspension adjusted rigid. It climbs better now but I have to work on my technique more on down hills)
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