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  1. Mild steel is just fine for anything under 1300 fps, 80% of the pistol/shotgun steel on my range is 3/8" mild, some of it is 6-7 years old. my 1440 fps, 95 gr, open loads, will put a small dent if shot at 7-10 yards
  2. i use the Jpoint CD, but switching to Shield, they make them for JP, only theirs has an actual glass, not a polymer lens.
  3. Target was engaged, no penalty. ETA: At my matches, any ambiguity like that - the call goes in the shooters favor.
  4. I kinda get it for USPSA, but at my 3 gun matches, an " equip. violation" gets you a 60 second penalty instead of bumped to Open
  5. Yup, kinda what I noticed as well. What I've noticed - seems many of the "new" guys want something easy that they can shoot fast = BIG targets, at close distances (one reason why PCC has taken off) improving pistol skills is too hard long range rifle is too hard (many don't even know where their rifle is zeroed at, and don't really care) shotgun loading is too hard. I enjoy stages that kick my butt, prompts me to work on that aspect. Way back in the day, you asked the RO for TIME? a couple of times during the stage, to determine if you should just engage, or try and neutralize, stages like that today are considered TOO HARD!
  6. Oh, there's room for improvement, but I was just pointing out many of the objections are non-issues from guys who have never shot a match. The "different rule set" objection is also a non-issue, I shave shot matches from MN, to VA, to TX, and everywhere in between, there has never been a match that a quick read through easily identified any MINOR changes needed, the majority are 98% the same. There have been 2 that I opted out of due to restricting Open to 10 round mags. I prefer the different "flavors" that outlaw allows, whereas something like USPSA ,restricts the stage design too much.
  7. Exactly, Sure is A LOT of - well I heard - it takes 14 hours to shoot a 5 stage match, or, it's just a SG reloading match, or, a $4000 3 gun shotgun is useless for anything else, or EVERY match has different rules, or, dumb targets, too many targets, too small of targets, Or my favorite too much MAINTENANCE to keep 3 guns running through a match. LOL , or PRS = less standing around. Very few real experiences, mostly - hearsay/wanna be, excuses of those who have never shot a match
  8. I saw an immediate improvement when I switched from a Glock - with nearly every upgrade available. AND I was the die-hard, "it's the shooter not the gun" guy . I shot a Glock for years. My son got my 2011 finished about 6pm the night before a major, I took it out to test it, shot 2 mags, never looked back. grip angle, trigger, weight, just worked together better for me. BUT - keep shooting your Glock it won't slow you down for a while, maybe never.
  9. LOL, no problem, I do run pretty hot loads, but not heavy enough bullets to get to major
  10. I just use USPSA for practice , so no need to shoot major, just a waste of powder.
  11. "new" shooters that quit because of 1 or 2 hard targets, will also quit cause it's too cold/hot, or too many rounds, not enough rounds, too much steel, too much paper, don't like the MD, or squad mates, etc, etc, etc. Poor stage design is , poor stage design, if they don't have a "stupid" target they will do it with paper. I've seen plenty of those. So many guys only want paper at 3-7 yds so they can "shoot fast" , and hate anything that is a challenge. I steer clear of those type of matches.
  12. With RMR bullets, a Ballistic advantage barrel and hand loads, 1.5-2 MOA, tried several coated bullet brands, couldn't get 5 on an 8" plate, always at least 1-2 fliers that missed. We shoot out to 75-100 yds quite often. Just as with my pistol and rifle, I want the best accuracy possible - when I miss, I know it's me, not my equipment. I'm not like 368, and rely on accuracy by volume. Why shoot 1 round to hit a target, when you could shoot 6-8
  13. Been shooting Open for 8 years, mostly 3 gun, so that's 3, OPEN firearms per match. In 8 years, I've never NOT finished a match due to breaking something. in 8 years, I've never NOT finished a stage due to breaking something.
  14. ??? DO you know what "accuracy" means? I give up
  15. Death star is an easy target, do you also complain about a normal star? How about a swinger?
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