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  1. Squadding is OPEN, make sure you and your buddies are in. Still a few slots open if you want in on one of the best 3 gun matches in the country. 10 stages in 2 days, and on schedule, unheard of anymore.
  2. Yes, depending on the type of run/obstacles, what works great for one style event may not be optimum for all. That's just another fun/challenging aspect of RnG. We will have a night RnG at Lead Farm this year as well. Those are a blast as well.
  3. Squadding for the MO3GC match will Open Feb 1 at 8:30 P.M. There are a few slots available get you and your buddies signed up for this match. https://clubs.practiscore.com/2019-missouri-3-gun-championship-clone/register
  4. Thanks, and it doesn't take a year to get in your hands.
  5. Bitler Custom Firearms has joined as a MO3GC sponsor. There will be a VERY NICE precision rifle on the prize table. They are a new company here in Missouri. Don't miss out on winning this rifle.
  6. Some slots are available, as well as lodging at the range. Don't miss one of the best matches of the year.....
  7. Still time to register, also make sure your buddies are signed up. so you can get squadded together. Still time to register for the Missouri 3 Gun Championship match. Tag your buddies, make sure they get signed up as well. https://clubs.practiscore.com/2019-missouri-3-gun-championship-clone/register
  8. ADM is on board as a sponsor. https://www.americandefensemanufacturing.com
  9. Last match of the year is done at Lead Farm, time to concentrate on this match, MO3GC. Any suggestions on specific things you would like to see?
  10. If your wife hasn't already spent all your $$$ on Black Friday shopping There are slots available.
  11. I have one, good optic, excellent glass, I like the FFP reticle, the circle for close in work is too big to be of any value. Close paper (under 15 yds) it's usable, that's it. If I didn't have a RDS on 45 I wouldn't like it. I have never used the illumination, seems fairly bright, but I have never used/liked/needed, a lit reticle.
  12. Kinda what I'm leaning towards, only use a rope like we do in 3 gun. Anyplace a shooter could/would be shooting from, gets a 2x2 . Like you, most of my stages will cover quite a bit of ground , and not keep the same shooting area, every stage, every month.
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