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  1. JP Ent. is the title sponsor. Stag Arms is on board as a sponsor as well
  2. Sorry, i just saw this, Staff will shoot either the weekend before, or Thur/Fri before the match. Lodging is provided at the range for staff.
  3. Any easy way to resize targets, props, etc as a batch? The paper is 2.5'x4' and steel is 2'x2', doing them 1 at a time is horrendous - not doing them 2 papers are as big as a 4x8 wall and one is bigger than a barrel
  4. mine is still on, for this weekend, RO's dropping out(work or Mil restrictions) will be the biggest problem. getting quite a few new signups, which is keeping the overall number about the same.
  5. A - Kick him in the nuts for being an idiot B - laugh in his face and ridicule him on facebook C - all the above C the correct answer is always C
  6. Yeah, we purposely set a different date, 3rd weekend in March, when we started 7 years ago. To not schedule over them, they changed this year to the 3rd weekend.
  7. Registration is open, prize table is growing, slots are filling up, Lodging available on the range. Could use a couple more good RO's, I always like to have a few extra a around. Don't miss this match. https://clubs.practiscore.com/jp-enterprises-midwest-pcc-championship/register
  8. Just over 2 weeks out. Still time to get in before the fun is over. https://clubs.practiscore.com/2020-missouri-3-gun-championship/register
  9. Come shoot the MO3GC match, one of the best run in the nation. https://clubs.practiscore.com/2020-missouri-3-gun-championship/register
  10. Very simple, put the cap on, turn backwards slowly with slight pressure. When you feel the threads drop in, turn forward till snug. I have done probably 20-30 in the shop, never once had a problem.
  11. I zero according to the match, anywhere from 25-100 yards
  12. Have been using several FF3 for years, slide ride, and 45* offset, change the batteries once a year, same as my JPoints. ETA, I like the JPoint reticles better
  13. I shoot several with targets at 100, a "group" at 20 is "buckshot" at 100. Even a 2" group at 50 can easily be 10" at 100, depending on barrel or bullet, or velocity.
  14. 20? how is it at 50 or 100 yds, who cares about 20
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