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  1. We never stopped having matches at Lead Farm, 2 matches a month , including 2 majors, also a motorcycle (woods) race with 296 riders.
  2. Bumping to Open, never made much sense to me, many top shooters will still place nearly the same . A big time penalty makes much more sense, and is what we have done in outlaw for many years.
  3. The Boundaries were just a "suggestion" there was no benefit to be gained by going off the path, there were fault lines at the end for distance to steel .
  4. I didn't take any, let me do some checking, I know several that were posted on FB
  5. Both Jungle runs worked out very well, had fault lines at the very end to keep anyone from getting too close to the final steel, and "off limits" lines outside the path, they really weren't needed, as target placement pretty much dictated where you went.
  6. Thanks Guys We are looking forward to next year, a different date, so not to conflict with Bianchi Cup. It sure was uncharacteristically HOT, 2 of the hottest days of the year so far. Thanks for coming out.
  7. I put over 400 tons of rock in the bays first part of May, still could use more, other than bay 5 that has ground water coming up(have to tile that bay), they are good.
  8. Stages are all setup , will be going through them all again this week double checking everything. Bring your buddies and have a blast. OH, I have 1 room available at the Bunkhouse, 4 full size beds per room. Grab it while you can.
  9. Not sure, since the PCC entries are down due to fear, I opened up some slots for pistol shooters. So next year will be determined by PCC entry numbers.
  10. Setting up the Frisco Shoot out stage(interesting story, look it up), any suggestions to block off the "180" view of targets from the next shooting area ? I know how I want to do it, wondering if there's some better ideas.out stage
  11. Not really registration closes on Thursday night before the match. Squads will be locked before then.
  12. Vortex optics has joined as a sponsor. Still time for some last minute entries, come on out and have some fun.
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