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  1. WHY , are you complying with illegal edicts? Will you do the same when she tells you that guns are bad and turn all of them in to the local PD ? - No need to answer, we already know.
  2. I give up, it's so simple and yet you try and make it so hard. I can only explain it, I can't understand it for you.
  3. I guess you missed the part that - I have one I'm testing .
  4. Not sure why you think it's all secret, the timer display counts up on the tablet, in LARGE NUMBERS , that anybody can see. That display is 1000% more visible than the one on the RO's timer that nobody can see. Think for a second - how many people can see the timer display, in the RO's hand, while the stage is shot? VS How many are within 3-5' of the score keeper, where a LARGE display is counting up the time, showing splits, and shot count as it happens. You actually think the RO is more likely to, "help" or "screw" somebody when - nobody can see the timer/display? or when at minimum, 1
  5. The timer dos it, no missed times/ no incorrect times/ no transposed numbers / no "don't plus 2 me Bro" problems
  6. I'd say it's the score keepers job to check, more so, than the guy watching the shooter. If it's a small match and one RO is doing both, it's sure easier to glance at a 1"+ size number than a 1/4". When I'm running a shooter, I seldom look at the timer until after the final shot, I'm watching the shooter. The scorekeeper has more of that responsibility, and available time, to keep track of that side.
  7. Range Tech works the same way, if you have a tablet and timer that's all you need. How do you know if you caught the last shot with any timer? Are you watching the timer or the shooter? The entire shot string is visible without cycling back through review, it inputs the time of the run as well as raw time into PS
  8. Can do either, but as with any BT can only connect to 1 device at a time No display, I don't see a need for it, there is already a "display" on every stage/squad, there is so much more info visible, AND it's not a tiny hard to see/read display.
  9. The AMG post below reminded me - I received one a few days ago, haven't used it in a match ( deer season no matches) what testing I have done it's pretty good, blue tooth connection to any device to transmit times directly into PS, can be set to announce shooters name, and final Raw time . Ability to see splits on screen without reviewing, BEEP can be activated from tablet if desired, no par time limit, you can attach photo's to a particular time(interesting) easily works with your phone if you use for personal training. ours will be used for 3 gun and Run n Gun, it does have several USPSA
  10. I got a Range Tech this week to test, less than 1/2 the price, and so far so good. Unless something big crops up , I will be getting 12 more to replace my CED's
  11. Never broken one in either platform, my Lone Wolf (yeah it's that old) is still original, and the one I shoot the most.
  12. I have been using the Shield as well for several years, before that the JPoint (made by Shield) I have never had one fail, slide ride, shotgun, and AR15 - 45*
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