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  1. toothandnail

    Admitting guilt to an AD

    LOL, Open
  2. toothandnail

    Run n Gun with PCC ?

    The way we do it is. If you shoot PCC you take the penalty on the long range targets. It's the same for all PCC shooters doesn't affect their placement in their division, and, just as it would be if you chose that gun in a real SHTF scenario. - There are advantages and disadvantages, you decide what's important to you. I know many PCC guys think that's "unfair" cause they can't win HOA. Which everybody claims - "Doesn't matter". LOL I enjoyed the PCC night match - less gear to wrangle in the dark.😊 I'm pretty sure I would have done better with my AR and 2011
  3. toothandnail

    Run n Gun with PCC ?

    Some of these hard core crazies are doing 20K RnG For those metric challenged (me) about 12.5 miles carrying guns and ammo.
  4. toothandnail

    Run n Gun with PCC ?

    These RnG are a 5K run with 5 stages interspersed through the run
  5. toothandnail

    Run n Gun with PCC ?

    Here we do RnG matches "cold range" RO's & most shooters are familiar with that, so really just adding the dark factor. I actually just competed in one last weekend, a small group/trial run. Went very well, figured out a few things to improve upon. It was a ton of fun.
  6. Any PCCer's shoot Run n Gun matches? How about a night RnG match?
  7. July 21 Lead farm in Missouri - only the tough (or dumb😅) apply https://practiscore.com/lead-farm-2-gun-run-n-gun-match-clone/register
  8. toothandnail

    Texas Star Order

    Here's how I shoot the star
  9. toothandnail

    Admitting guilt to an AD

    I bump fired an extra round last Sat at a match, all 3 on paper. RO mentioned it, no DQ and I didn't stop. Guess I should give up the match win.😭
  10. toothandnail

    Show up and match is cancelled

    Did that last weekend, match said, first timers at the club be there for "new shooter" orientation 8 am , left a 5:30 am drove 2 hours, light rain, arrived just after 7:30 am . No stages setup ? ? ? nobody seemed in charge, stood around chatting with a few other "new shooters" About 9 they decided to postpone start time till 11, we decided not to wait till 11 then they end up canceling. We left , 3 in our group, several others did as well. Won't be going back. OH, just before we left they decided to send out an email that the match would be delayed. 1st, and likely last, USPSA match this year.
  11. toothandnail

    Untested ammo

    Reminds me of 2 phone calls I got last month. We make a .223 Wylde case gauge. Got 2 calls a couple days apart guys wanting to return the gauge. Why you ask? Because they had 3-5 rounds fail out of 2-300 checked.
  12. toothandnail

    Where to sight Open Shotgun dot?

    Don't know how a Sagia shoots, but our MKA 1919's we "zero" shot at 20 yds, slugs are good at 100yds
  13. toothandnail

    Newest generation XTR-12 actually runs?

    We never had problems getting the first gen to run. Biggest problem for competition is they still don't run consistent with big mags. I'll be sticking with the MKA for the foreseeable future. The latest "upgrade" that has a ~3/8-1/2" gas port in the barrel.
  14. toothandnail

    Most Aggressive Grip

    I'm on year 2 with my SC grip, my son's is 3. while not as sharp as a brand new SC. I don't see any real wear. The Nitride finish on the rest of the gun shows quite a bit of wear.
  15. toothandnail

    Show me skills/you tube videos

    These can be found new for around $750-800, depending on what all you get. I paid 800.00 and bought 2 more batteries and a rapid charger for another 200.00 The cheap ones won't fly in much of any wind, I've only flown in 9 mph, but there are videos of guys in 30+ , landing would be tricky in that.