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  1. ADM is on board as a sponsor. https://www.americandefensemanufacturing.com
  2. Hiperfire is on board. https://www.hiperfire.com/triggers/
  3. Last match of the year is done at Lead Farm, time to concentrate on this match, MO3GC. Any suggestions on specific things you would like to see?
  4. If your wife hasn't already spent all your $$$ on Black Friday shopping There are slots available.
  5. toothandnail

    EOTECH Vudu 1-6 SR-1

    I have one, good optic, excellent glass, I like the FFP reticle, the circle for close in work is too big to be of any value. Close paper (under 15 yds) it's usable, that's it. If I didn't have a RDS on 45 I wouldn't like it. I have never used the illumination, seems fairly bright, but I have never used/liked/needed, a lit reticle.
  6. toothandnail

    New to USPSA stage design - couple questions

    Kinda what I'm leaning towards, only use a rope like we do in 3 gun. Anyplace a shooter could/would be shooting from, gets a 2x2 . Like you, most of my stages will cover quite a bit of ground , and not keep the same shooting area, every stage, every month.
  7. toothandnail

    2018 RCSA Rimfire Challenge Worlds

    I shot it, my first ever rimfire match. I liked the "difficult" rifle stages. Didn't really care for the pistol portion. Kinda boring compared to what I'm used to, the rifle side was more to my liking. I can see it as a great start for youth shooters.
  8. toothandnail

    Fastfire on open guns

    As zzt said window size means nothing, if you're looking at/seeing, the sight/window size, you are doing it wrong. You should be able to cover the front of the glass and still get hits with no problems. FFlll has always been plenty bright, I prefer the JPoint CD myself, it's even smaller. I do wish it had manual controls as well though.
  9. U.S. Optics is Onboard https://www.usoptics.com
  10. ZRODelta Has joined as a sponsor https://zrodelta.com/
  11. toothandnail

    Best range finder for 3 gun?

    We had 14, over 100 yds, on this stage at last years Missouri 3 Gun Championship (MO3GC.com)
  12. toothandnail

    Best range finder for 3 gun?

    As 12Glocks said , DOUBLE the range you will be shooting. I have the Vortex 850, not happy at all with it. It will BARELY range a 4'x4' white steel target at 600 yds on a cloudy day. On a sunny day it takes 4-6 attempts, tried it yesterday on a solid overcast day, I got 1 , out of 60-80 attempts, would only reliably range ~275 yds, on a 12", never got a range on a 16" at 320 yds. I could range the closest 3, got the 4th (left side) after 12-18 attempts, (kinda hidden in this pic) , never got a range on the ~300 & 400, got 1 on the 600. I moved so all targets were in the clear when ranging, just took this pic where all targets were visible in one shot.
  13. toothandnail

    anyone know how to "bulletproof" a red dot scope

    BUT , I want to make this $20 walmart special hold up like my buddies $500 Brand XX optic. You guys aren't helping any !? ? Sorry to offend the OP, but many of us have been there, done that, tossed the crappy RDS, and paid the price for a decent one. That being said even a high dollar one can fail, you will likely cause more damage taking it apart and trying to "fix" it
  14. toothandnail

    anyone know how to "bulletproof" a red dot scope

    Buy a better quality optic.