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  1. toothandnail

    Night match, auto bright red dot not bright enough

    Laser is too slow in many instances, fantastic for some.
  2. toothandnail

    Night match, auto bright red dot not bright enough

    Kinda what I figured, unfortunately the one I like - JP CD , only comes in auto.
  3. Any tips on what worked for you? The problem - total dark match, only WML . In general shooting it's OK. BUT near a white object, barrel/no shoot it gets washed out. Has anyone figured out a way to "trick" the sensor to think it's brighter?
  4. toothandnail

    PCC accuracy

    These are HP, I can't remember exactly , have to ask my son. They were some prize table pickups. Worst problem is they don't feed out of the 57 Rnd MBX, until I get about 8-12 down then they feed. I have to use round nose to top off the mag.
  5. toothandnail

    PCC accuracy

    Wow that's terrible, a buddy has 2 GMR's, and another buddy that we did a build for that are similar accuracy to mine, ( we haven't actually compared). But they practice together quite a bit, shooting skinny samies at 100 with no problems.
  6. toothandnail

    PCC accuracy

    I don't know why so many are afraid of shooting 100 yds+ with a PCC. 6 shot group, 125 yds, 2 moa dot(seems more like 3 in my testing) 10" barrel, Cannibal comp. 124 gr 135 PF ammo. Just doing some final testing before a night match figured I'd stretch it out a bit. Also shot a 2/3 IPSC at 150 offhand, 5/5, it starts dropping quite a bit at 150. I need to test my open loads at distance, they are chrono'ing 1850fps
  7. toothandnail

    Shot gun distance to steel

    7 yds at some matches, we recommend 12 yds for our easy reset targets. Mainly because most way over choke. I dont think I have ever gotten frag from a SG target, maybe some from those with a T base, but not many use those anymore.
  8. Registration link https://clubs.practiscore.com/2019-missouri-3-gun-championship-clone/register I am working on having lodging available on the range, motel style rooms that sleep 4, could max out at 6 if your group is that big. Get registered,and stay tuned for lodging updates. Any questions ask away.
  9. toothandnail

    Rifle zeroing above target

    That small difference in elevation won't make a discernible difference in impact location.
  10. toothandnail

    Bullet choice for 200-500yd stages

    With our loads, I can shoot 55's or 69's out to 400yds with the same optic zero, 400-600yds exclusively 69's
  11. Oct 20 a Lead Farm 3 gun range - home of the Missouri 3 Gun Championship https://clubs.practiscore.com/night-pistol-pcc-match/register
  12. toothandnail

    Miss or equipment failure

    So what is the change ? reads the same to me.
  13. St Louis or Kansas city would be the 2 biggest. Then Springfield, all of them are 2 - 2.5 hours away
  14. Who would be interested in staying at the range? Seriously thinking about setting up a "lodge/bunk house" - rooms with 4 beds, bathroom ~$30 per night per person. Yes? No? Comments . . .
  15. toothandnail

    How Fast Can You Clear a Texas Star?