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  1. Wait till they all die off, you will NEVER change them. I know of at least 5-6 established ranges with similar mindset, that SOMEHOW agreed to allow action shooting - in every case it was successful and brought in a lot of $$ and people. Everyone has been shut down by the "board". Was at a match this summer, the "long range" bay had to have written permission( 1 year in advance) to be used ( MD had it) my squad was there shooting a stage. A FUDD, board member, arrived wanting to sight in his hunting rifle. He tried to get the match shut down (~200 shooters) so he could fire 5 shots in 3 hours to check zero. I'll be surprised if they allow another match there
  2. I think most PCC barrels are too slow a twist rate to get good stabilization on the heavy bullets, I have much better accuracy pushing 95's fast than any speed 147 or 124's
  3. Where is the buffer tube from? There are a bunch of cheap Chinese tubes that will do that. My bet is it's the tube not the stock.
  4. This is the match at Lead Farm 3-Gun Range. It's the "same" match as was in Indiana last year. Jake, wasn't able to run it, the range didn't want to. I have taken over, Jake is going to help as his work schedule allows, mostly advice, and stage design input, that kind of stuff. Match will be 2 day, 12 stages , 400-450 rounds shoot 8/4, prize table early Sunday afternoon. prize table in order of finish most likely a 2 stage - night side match if interest is there (limited entries) There is lodging available on the range , limited number of rooms/beds, so act fast.
  5. I wont shoot a match with random draw, I wont run a match with random draw . Some like that, I don't.
  6. JP Enterprises Midwest PCC Championship May 23-24, 12 stage USPSA Level ll PCC match registration is OPEN at Lead Farm 3 Gun Range, lodging at the range if you act quick enough https://clubs.practiscore.com/jp-enterprises-midwest-pcc-championship/register
  7. I still get a laugh out of the "SHOTGUN is the problem", if you only "had 2 GUN I would come" LOL, where are all the 2 gun matches selling out? where are ANY 2 gun matches? There are hardly any - WHY ? - because all the "IF ONLY" shooters won't show up for them either. I haven't heard of any 2 gun matches anywhere in the middle of the country. I am talking to a promoter who is wanting to have one here, I hope we can work out the details and fill the match. He has connections I don't have, and if anyone can make it work I'd say it's him. If it works, I'll be convinced, otherwise.....
  8. Probably 2 stages, limited to about 30 shooters. I NEED my beauty sleep. We'll see how much interest there is
  9. Yes, basically right in the center of MO. Address posted above is correct. How many would be interested in a - night side match? They are a blast.
  10. It's going to be a 12 stage (big stages) 2 day match shoot 8 stages 1st day, 4 stages 2nd day, prize table (order of finish) early afternoon on Sunday. There will be limited lodging available at the range, 3 or 4 full size beds per room, get your buddies rounded up, and sign up. It's going to be a FUN, Challenging match that will test all your shooting skills. Ask any questions you may have. https://clubs.practiscore.com/jp-enterprises-midwest-pcc-championship/register Sponsors are coming in - if your company is interested in sponsoring at any level, contact me for a sponsor agreement
  11. My matches, start on time, run on time, & finish on time. hardly ever do we miss the finish time by even an hour (major match) At small monthly's if a squad wants to take their time that's fine but a major we keep things on schedule. ETA other than a weather (lighting) delay, we keep on schedule I've been to big matches that started 90 minutes late, and ran 3 hours behind, in most cases there is no excuse for that.
  12. Just a quick reminder , Squadding for the MO3GC match will Open Feb 1. Don't miss out some slots available https://clubs.practiscore.com/2020-missouri-3-gun-championship/register
  13. I prefer the 2 day myself - that's what I'm used to in 3 gun, I've also thought about your suggestion of 2 days an 15 stages. The feed back I've gotten so far seems the USPSA guys want a 1 day, 3 gunners prefer a 2 day. I guess it's kinda what you're used to.
  14. Big match possibly 175-250 shooters 12 stages. Would you prefer shoot all in 1 day (half the entries Sat. , half Sun.) and head home. Prize table Sunday Or 2 days, shoot 8 & 4 , prize table Sunday, leave early. Or something entirely different?
  15. Will be held at Lead Farm 3-Gun range https://www.facebook.com/groups/804707462914765/ May 23-24 more details and a PS link will be posted soon. There is lodging available at the range - it fills fast, so keep that in mind as well. We have 10 bays that go from 100yds to 600yds (not that it's needed here) 2 natural terrain bays(400 yds) and 3 natural terrain areas to build stages. Located in Central Missouri, not far from The Lake of the Ozarks. Great facility, camping and RV parking as well - no hookups yet. Ask any questions you might have, I'll do my best to asnwer them
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