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  1. I went back to my LGS and Blade Tech mag pouches work. I also am thinking of trying Raven concealment, since I shoot IDPAas well.
  2. That's what I thought. I had a guy at the LGS try one from a blade tech that was for a 1911 and he said it wouldn't fit, due to the mag being a little too long. I will measure my mag when I get home.
  3. I have a Sig P220 and I see my magazine pouch options are somewhat limited. I want to shoot the limited 10 division because with the 45 ACP I can utilize the major power factor. I don't think I'd be competitive in the production division. I'm also going to shoot IDPA in the CDP division. What do you guys use ? I don't think that 1911 mag pouches will work.
  4. If you can shoot with two eyes open do it. I taught myself to shoot with two eyes open while shooting skeet. You can do it if you are determined to shoot with both eyes open. Although it will take some time to get used to and your shooting will probably suffer initially but the benefits of shooting with both eyes open will pay off in tactical shooting with quicker target acquisition.
  5. Glad to see another illinoisian on the forum.
  6. Try loading a test batch of, let's say 5 to 10 and see how they perform. I've read that gunpowder manufactured in WW II is still good. So if humidity didn't ruin the powder, then it is still viable.
  7. LabMan

    Fault Lines

    3.5.6 Cover During Reloads A. When the shooter runs the firearm empty in the open, the shooter may reload in the open and continue engaging targets as needed or move to the next shooting position. It says that you may reload in the open but doesn't address whether you can move while reloading.
  8. LabMan

    Fault Lines

    3.5.6 Cover During Reloads B. In stages with cover or concealment, shooters may reload standing still or on the move at any time, as long as they are not exposed to targets that are not fully engaged during the reload. So what does this mean? Sor what do I do if I'm exposed to targets that aren't fully engaged? In real life I'd move like hell while reloading.
  9. LabMan

    Fault Lines

    I'll have to see how this plays out before I make my final decision, but I shoot IDPA because I CCW and am trying to make myself better. I like shooting in competition but some of the rules drive me crazy. For example, if I read the new rules correctly, if I'm in the open and I have not engaged all the targets I must reload while stopped. The same thing goes with the fault lines. Crowding cover can get you killed. The further back from cover you are, the less of your body is exposed. So if I have to crowd cover and lean further out to engage targets, I'm getting away from what I thought IDPA stood for. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing IDPA, I'm waiting to see how things play out in real life prior to making my final decision, should I stay or should I go?
  10. I'm working up loads for 45ACP now. VV320 is performing well. It's reputed to perform well in the cold and seems to burn clean. I loaded a hundred of 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 each. Will see how they shoot and chrono. It's grouping well shooting offhand and the recoil feels nice. Will report back with more.
  11. I have the DDM4V11, worth every penny. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a high end AR.
  12. I have 3.5 EVO Ghost connector. No reliablility problems in thousands of rounds.
  13. Someone has got be the adult here. It definitely won't be you. Since your opinion and what you think means nothing to me..... You are right, JS.
  14. Taymag, getting back to your question, not cleaning your firearm will degrade it's finish over time. It will pit your barrel. You are better served to clean your firearm. It is common sense. This is the problem with Internet forums, people resort to verbal insults and detract from the intent of the post. Some people either knowingly or ignorantly put forth falsehoods as facts.
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