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  1. I have been shooting ssr this year at our by monthly club match. I have shot esr in the past. Just like Eggman stated. Less recoil and slower reloads in ssr. Slower splits and faster reloads esr. Biggest thing with idpa revolver in my opinion is clean shots with no extra shots for a third reload.
  2. You are correct, but the 9mm clips are thicker. Should be more durable. The one 38 moonclip that I lost from being stepped on was by myself. On a side note. I purchased a extra used 686 cylinder from ebay today. To do the same thing. I plan on having it reamed to 9mm and cut for moons. Paid less that $50.00 shipped. The machining will not be cheap, but I think it will make a fun fun for limited 6 with a 120pf.
  3. The advantage of 9mm over 38 short colts is more durable moonclips. I thought about buying an extra used cylinder for my 686. Have it teamed for 9mms and cut for moons. I think it would be a great limited 6 gun. jcc7x7 I am interested in what you will think of yours when you shoot it.
  4. https://practiscore.com/2020-midwest-regional-revolver-championship-june-13/register
  5. I would like to sand the serrations and polish the trigger face on my S&W 625-8 revolver. It has a mim trigger. Will it cause any trouble if I do this? My other revolver are all a smooth faced trigger. Thanks.
  6. I just ordered one from midway. I put an apex in my 625. Did not seem to help it with light strikes. It works fine with federal primers, but I hate having to always be looking for them.
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