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  1. My best that I have timed is around 3 seconds. I weak hand load. Sounds like I have some work to do. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Do you think the rubberized comp III are better than jet loaders? Strong or weak hand loading?
  3. Have to ever timed your classic revolver reload times? What's your best? Dry fire or live fire? Weak hand or strong hand loading? What loader are you using? I have some bubberized Safariland comp III's that I have made. I can time that they are faster than stock. Never tried a jet loader vs. Comp III's.what are your thoughts?
  4. I got to dry fire Toolguy's 627 today before the match we shot today. It's no joke. Very smooth and actually gets lighter before the trigger break. No sluggish trigger return. When these are available, I will be ordering the kit.
  5. Hope you have better luck with the new optic.
  6. I ended up shimming the front part of the mount up. I have an EGW mount on order, but it's apparently lost in the mail. Got it zeroed at 15 yards. This past weekend. I have a club match this week. I will see how it works and if I can get used to the optic. Thanks for the suggestions for helping to fix this issue.
  7. Where do you get it or what do you use for shim material in this situation? Thanks.
  8. I decided to jump into the open class in icore. Using my a S&W 627. I bought an Allchin brand mount for the rmr / holosun. Mounted a holosun 507c. I tried to sight it in today. At 15yds. The closest I could get to zeroed was 3 inches high. I ran out of adjustment with the dot. I tried it at 25 yds with the same result. At 7 yds was right on. First shots at 15 yds were 12 inches high. The sight has a 25 moa adjustment range. Shooting short colts at 125pf. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to correct this? Was shooting benched and off a sandbag at 15 and 25 yds. Thanks
  9. I have been shooting ssr this year at our by monthly club match. I have shot esr in the past. Just like Eggman stated. Less recoil and slower reloads in ssr. Slower splits and faster reloads esr. Biggest thing with idpa revolver in my opinion is clean shots with no extra shots for a third reload.
  10. You are correct, but the 9mm clips are thicker. Should be more durable. The one 38 moonclip that I lost from being stepped on was by myself. On a side note. I purchased a extra used 686 cylinder from ebay today. To do the same thing. I plan on having it reamed to 9mm and cut for moons. Paid less that $50.00 shipped. The machining will not be cheap, but I think it will make a fun fun for limited 6 with a 120pf.
  11. The advantage of 9mm over 38 short colts is more durable moonclips. I thought about buying an extra used cylinder for my 686. Have it teamed for 9mms and cut for moons. I think it would be a great limited 6 gun. jcc7x7 I am interested in what you will think of yours when you shoot it.
  12. https://practiscore.com/2020-midwest-regional-revolver-championship-june-13/register
  13. I would like to sand the serrations and polish the trigger face on my S&W 625-8 revolver. It has a mim trigger. Will it cause any trouble if I do this? My other revolver are all a smooth faced trigger. Thanks.
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