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  1. shooterDrew

    DVC open

    I have a DVC open in 9. I like the gun and am happy with my purchase. That said, CZs are great guns- Used to shoot an accushadow in production. If I was already a CZ guy shooting 75s in production or TS in limited I’d probably go with a checkmate. ESP for primarily 9minor. My dvc will run 9minor just fine, but I have replaced the stock spring system with a tungsten FLGR. I think I’ve got a 9-10 lbs spring in it. Admittedly I have zero experience with a checkmate, but if it’s got the same level of quality and reliability as the accushadow I had, then I’d assume you’ll be getting a great gun that’s very accurate and very reliable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. shooterDrew

    SVI Carry Grip: Tactical or Agressive

    I would agree with the above. The aggressive texture is AWESOME! But I wouldn’t consider it for a second for a carry gun. It would destroy clothes.
  3. I’ll PM you in a little bit with info
  4. I might be wrong but I understood that schuemann might be out of business... On a related topic... What caliber you looking for? I have a schuemann hybrid aet in 40 that’s new in package that I am no longer planning to use for a limited build if that interests you...
  5. shooterDrew

    Glock 17 which generation 2 buy?

    My local Glock dealer said the gen3 sku’s are no longer available for ordering.
  6. shooterDrew

    Sti Trubor Blowd Up w Autocomp

    That’s not all that full in a 38 super is it? I’ve heard of guys well over 10 grains with other powders.
  7. shooterDrew

    STI Steel Master with PT Grip

    If you already shoot steel grip guns for other divisions I’d go for it. I love the heft of SS grips in open and limited. And that’s a SMOKIN deal!! I would have jumped on that in a second
  8. shooterDrew

    Glock 34 + Titegroup + what bullet?

    I’ve shot a bunch of different brands / types of bullets over TG. I always prefer more shooting for less money so lots of coated bullets (blue, black, acme, sns, bayou). Blue bullets has been by far the least smoke of the coated options. Plated bullets seemed about the same as blue or maybe a little less smoke. Same with JHPs. If money were no object I’d shoot JHPs all day long. But because it is I’m currently shooting blue bullets and xtreme plated (great deals around Black Friday). I went with 124/125gr mainly to get more bullets per dollar. Never really noticed any big difference between 124s and heavier 147s.
  9. shooterDrew

    7.5 MOA Deltapoint Pro

    I started with the 7.5 on my open gun. I now have the 2.5. I think the 2.5 is vastly superior. I was not a fan of the size of the 7.5- it seemed MUCH larger than the 2.5. It even seemed much larger than a 6moa dot on a traditional cmore. The size was not a problem on open close targets but i was not confident with it on hard partials at longer distances. It’s also got a diff type of intensity than the 2.5. Hard to explain but if you see them side by side I think the 2.5 is a more intense illumination. After owning both I’d absolutely buy more deltapoints in the future, but they would all be the 2.5 model.
  10. shooterDrew

    How do you measure MBX tube length?

    Here is a pic of how a mag gauge measures overall length. You measure with basepad on and from the top back of the feed lips to the bottom of the basepad. All of my MBX mags fit the gauge without issue.
  11. shooterDrew

    Red Dot Slide Milling

    Definitely NOT production legal. The rules for this type of stuff are very different for production and Single Stack /CO.
  12. shooterDrew

    STI DVC Open gun ejection advice needed 9mm Major

    Sell your original mount and optic separately. You’ll get 50 for the mount and 175-200 for the optic without breaking a sweat. Making the upgrade cost about 150$. If it’s not worth 150 to fix at this point I don’t know what to tell you. For me personally, I wanted a dvc but was aware of the possible issues. So I dropped that 150 at the front door and had a gun that ran perfect. Why Sti doesn’t go with it set up that way from the start is another conversation, but it will fix your problem as proven by tons of other people.
  13. Hahah shows how much I’ve researched.
  14. Excellent! That’s a very helpful tip sheet. Thanks for posting!
  15. shooterDrew

    shooterDrew's progress journal

    Damn I almost forgot that I was posting into this journal. Its been a while. Looks like 18 months! Life has been good, but between lots of shooting and young kids the shooting journal hasn't really been a priority. In the last year and a half I have achieved some big goals, and set some new ones. First off I made a move out of production to hi cap divisions. One of my least favorite things about 10 round mags was I always felt like hitting reload positions and exact stage plans was more important than speed... and I just wanna go fast. Anyway, I jumped into Open division and loved it! Thanks to a local range and gun store sponsoring me I was able to save some cash and picked up an STI DVC in 9mm. I got about 5,000 rounds through it in the spring of '17 and made Master class in Open before the slide/comp cracked and the gun had to be sent back to STI. They sent me a new gun in fairly short order, but not in time for there to be a major hiccup in my major match shooting schedule. As it was I already picked up a limited gun, STI Edge, and made the move to limited in the mean time. As far as open is concerned I freaking loved it. . . all throttle! I did notice a big problem tho, at a high level the game gets so fast that if you're not spot on with your index and finding the dot you really have a hard time keeping up. Having only been shooting a dot gun for a few months I was still struggling being as quick as I needed to be, this was frustrating. Once the gun went down and I was forced to back to irons, at least for a while, I found that Limited had most of the awesome elements of open, hi cap and major scoring, but allowed me to stick with iron sights that I've always used on pistol. This division quickly became where I was most comfortable. I started shooting limited around April and by July I had racked up enough decent classifiers to bump Limited to Master and then fairly quickly I made the jump to Grand Master in my first division in August! I had shot limited for several major matches over the season up to this point and was doing better. An 87% finish at 14th place at Area 6 earlier in the year gave me some confidence and although I tried to go back to open a few times once the gun came back, I never felt as comfortable there and ultimately decided I'd make Limited my primary division. In Limited I was able to rack up a 2nd place overall Limited finishes at the Michigan Section, Kentucky Section, and Monster Match down in Florida, and I was able to get my first overall division win at the Illinois Section Championship! I then made the trip out to Utah for the Iron Sight Nationals. What a great trip! Utah was awesome for shooting, I hope I can go back. As far as the match was concerned it was a blast. I had a few disaster stages that crapped on my overall, but the rest of the match was solid. I ended up around 38th about mid pack for GMs in the match. Since then the weather has turned in Indiana and match shooting is a no go. I was able to make Grand Master in a second division - Limited 10 - at our last local.. which is cool. However, since the divisions are pretty much the exact same thing I wont say its nearly as much of an accomplishment as it would be in another division with a different gun. I intend on pursuing GM in other divisions, but will be primarily shooting limited for now. Not sure how much I'll get back to the shooting journal, hopefully more than I have, because I think its a good thing to unpack some of the mental process throughout this adventure. Now if I can just find the motivation to get down in my freezing cold basement and keep up with the dryfire!