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  1. What are the lengths of the 22 round and 24 round 9mm Glock factory magazines? 2020 USPSA Open Division rules limit length to Maximum magazine length 6.742” (171.25mm) while ammunition capacity is unlimited. Wouldn't this limit capacity?
  2. Hello. I have been interested in Bullseye shooting for years, but I am interested in a more active shooting sport. I use a walker and oxygen. I hope that's allowed in matches. Of course, it will affect my time scores, but I believe in safety 1st score 2nd. My user ID is IT1 Wes. This reflects my 25-year service in the Navy. I retired as an information technologist first class , IT1. I earned expert pistol and rifle shot medals. I enlisted in 1971 and served in Vietnam. In 2001 they mobilized me to active duty, and I am an Operation Enduring Freedom participant. I am also a veteran of 25
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