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  1. Yep that is a thought, unfortunately I just got it back from them for another problem.
  2. Thanks, I just got this unit back from being repaired for a different issue.
  3. Unfortunately I just got it back from them where they “repaired” it.
  4. Replaced the battery twice now. Before the match was a brand new battery and replaced it mid match after it happened the first time.
  5. I am running a Delta Point Pro on my Open pistol. This past weekend I shot a match and each time I pulled the trigger the intensity changed. It cycled through each setting, getting dim, dimmest and gone to brighter, brighter and brighter. Even when it got to the brightest doing the 5 flashes and then started getting dim again. Each trigger pull gave me a new brightness. Has anyone else seen this or heard of this?
  6. I am not a reloader but have been searching the internet for 9 Major rounds. I have visited several sites with no luck. Does anyone know of any suppliers that have 9 Major rounds in stock? Please share if you do. aw
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