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  1. I know some who shoot .40 in production, but that's just for the bigger grease ring. Just not cost effective if your concerned about that. Have fun
  2. I'm in a similar situation, got into USPSA late at 48. Now at 54 it seems I need a new eye prescription every season. Thinking of polishing up the golf clubs now or resuming archery. And fyi compound bows are the PCC of archery. Hahahaha... fuse lit
  3. I use a Vortex venom 3 moa on my Q5. It has been completely reliable, I only changed the battery twice just before major matches only because it's a good habit, not that the battery died. Some say the window is small, but i believe window size is irrelevant. Glass size increases with practice.
  4. OP says DQ occurred while REMOVING the pistol from it's case, not while it was being unzipped, big difference IMO.
  5. DQ... Rule #1 " All Guns are Always Loaded".. new shooter or not. RO could have coached the shooter through the make ready process if she was in fact new to the game. People don't forget the lesson of the DQ.. ever.
  6. can't argue with that logic , I went ahead and ordered those springs Britin linked. The easy access to to spring makes it too tempting lol.. But i too will most likely revert back to stock if it seems too mushy. This is a winter project i'm assembling parts for , still shooting my Tanfo Limited Custom to finish out the season. thanks for the help!
  7. Thank you for all this great info on the Q5 , I just picked one up a few weeks ago and plan to use it for CO at some point next year. I read the whole thread and saw where you mentioned the Home Depot springs and you decided to stick with the stock springs. Did you go back to the aftermarket springs to achieve the 2 plus pound trigger with the appropriate polishing of the sear and such?
  8. Makdaddy

    Short funny jokes

    What's brown and runny? ..... Usain Bolt!
  9. " FRONT SIGHT ! " and "Shut up and Shoot Already!"
  10. this is very helpful for noobs... such as myself thanks
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