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  1. Makdaddy

    Critique My Run....

    My .02 from a fellow C ... after engaging first array, just turn and shoot array on the right eliminating the 3 steps. Take the 3 far right targets while moving into left port, eliminating the need to go last port all together. Have fun.
  2. From what I've read, I believe back in 2009 the main culprit in reliability for the Limited were the followers on the mags. I shoot a 2015 manufactured Limited using mecgar K40 mags and have no issues at all with any type of factory ammo. I can't speak to 140mm mags setup, I'm stuck in mag restricted state. I would try a mecgar mag to get her going again.
  3. Makdaddy

    Cover for Vortex Spitfire

    Never saw one that small.. You can just remove the caps when your ready to shoot , put back on when done.
  4. Makdaddy

    Do you like the new Production rules?

    I feel I could go ahead and make all these upgrades and still be the same lame C class shooter that i am, currently. I have realized practice and dry fire is the low hanging fruit for the USPSA game. Non of this matters to me as a shooter and helps relieve some equity burden as an RO i guess. Now i can focus on half-cock vs fully de-cocked at MR...
  5. Makdaddy

    Carry Optics forum

    just started using the Walther Q5 w/ Vortex venom 3moa in CO. Starting to make the adjustment to the dot coming from Limited. Would like to see a CO forum also. Thank You!
  6. Makdaddy


    Based on what the OP describes, no DQ... Shoot on.
  7. Makdaddy

    DQ or a WARNING

    OP says DQ occurred while REMOVING the pistol from it's case, not while it was being unzipped, big difference IMO.
  8. Makdaddy

    DQ or a WARNING

    DQ... Rule #1 " All Guns are Always Loaded".. new shooter or not. RO could have coached the shooter through the make ready process if she was in fact new to the game. People don't forget the lesson of the DQ.. ever.
  9. Makdaddy

    Wax on .22 ammo

    I suspend them in the plastic tray and hit them with a hair dryer and let it drip off. Mini Mags particularly.
  10. Makdaddy

    Holster for PPQ Q5

    Using an old safariland 5197 holster on a boss hanger for now, but looking to get a RHT at some point.
  11. I use the DAA Alpha X holster with my Limited. when i first got it , it was very tight in the block. gun would get hung up on the draw sometimes but not every time. I assumed i was trying to rip the gun out toward the target and not lifting enough, even after a few hundred draws but that was not the case. I noticed some roughness or burs on the trigger guard as it was scrapping derlin out of the block. Took a fine file to the guard while test fitting often, all is well now , smooth.
  12. can't argue with that logic , I went ahead and ordered those springs Britin linked. The easy access to to spring makes it too tempting lol.. But i too will most likely revert back to stock if it seems too mushy. This is a winter project i'm assembling parts for , still shooting my Tanfo Limited Custom to finish out the season. thanks for the help!
  13. Thank you for all this great info on the Q5 , I just picked one up a few weeks ago and plan to use it for CO at some point next year. I read the whole thread and saw where you mentioned the Home Depot springs and you decided to stick with the stock springs. Did you go back to the aftermarket springs to achieve the 2 plus pound trigger with the appropriate polishing of the sear and such?