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  1. Yikes! .....$525 for a enhanced slide is a little much more than I was planing on spending. I may just stick with a stock slide for my open build. Those slides are cool but not $525 cool!!! ....... To bad!...... I also agree that the PD website is confusing.
  2. Yea I had one that did that. The one I had looked to me that they checkered them after they coated them. So you wine up with rust in the checkering. I would take a mini stainless steel brush to it.
  3. RGC, I also received a email today from them . But my inquiry was about slides for open guns. And what the slides were going to look like. There reply was.........."You can have a bald slide which mimics the factory or can get an enhanced slide from us as well. No problem on finishing out to an open slide. We’ll be sending an email out next week."...... I do not know what configuration you ordered but would be very interested in what your slide will look like. Please post pics. I am hoping that the slides look like the pics posted here and that is what they mean by enhanced slide.
  4. Let me know how you guys make out. I am interested in how the overall slide looks.
  5. So I see PD is taking pre orders for new slides. I see that they have options that you can pick from but are they going to look like the ones that were posted here on the forms? It looks like that they are reproducing stock style I may be wrong but I was really hoping that they would look like the ones in the pictures here.
  6. I don't think he has everything in stock. But he is the only importer for Toni systems in the US.
  7. Well I am going to try out some Toni System products . I all ready started a topic to see if anyone has try there stuff ,but nothing yet.
  8. So I have known about this company for some time. http://www.tonisystem.it/EN/ There website has some pretty nice looking stuff on it if your the kind of guy that likes colorful gun parts lol... I am thinking of ordering some items and I am wondering if anyone has any experience with Toni systems stuff? Especially product fit and finish. I am looking at there magwells ,red dot mounts,and thumb rests. There is one guy selling these parts in the US. https://christiansencomponents.com/product-category/pistol/toni-system-components-pistol/tanfoglio/. Both sites have little description info on parts but I have emailed Toni systems in Italy and they are very helpful if you have questions on there parts.
  9. Does anyone know when these will be coming out on the market?
  10. I hope that there going to offer a slide for open guns! ...Otherwise I will just have to buy one and have it milled to do so!!!!!
  11. How are these going to be sold? ....Just the slide?..... Or a complete slide with barrel and guts? ...Plus how much are they going for and when do they come out?
  12. Yes. ....I really could not tell the difference. You just need to use more powder for the shorty.
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