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  1. Might try looking at Carver. I use stainless captured, and shoot with the screw removed. Then only put the screw in when removing/installing the rod in the pistol.
  2. I have both Gen 3 and 4. I prefer the beavertail back straps on the 4 to help prevent slide bite with a high grip, but that’s about it. Haven’t tried the 5’s yet.
  3. Not sure what comes with that kit. I can tell you what Combo that I use. TTI grandmaster 3.25 connector, stock trigger spring reduced plunger spring, 4# Wolff striker spring with lightened striker. I use Federal primers and change the striker springs out about every 3K rounds. Have not had any problems.
  4. I’d say get both a 4 & 4.5# and if you really like the feel of the 4 better, then buy a lightened striker.
  5. I believe that you may be onto something.
  6. It’s raining, matches are canceled. So I thought I’d vote again
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