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  1. I’m gonna be that guy and ask how do you expect to get a SAO trigger into the Carry Optics division? additionally, are you able to get that sight combo to cowitness properly? Front sight seems low compared to the rear sight notch.
  2. Most sights are zeroed at either 15 or 25 yards. 8yards is pretty close and I’m not surprised that it’s shooting low that close based on typical bullet trajectories
  3. I own both a Shadow 2 Bull and a standard Bull Shadow. I think the short dust cover pulls the weight balances back to your hand so it is a bit easier to control. Muzzle flip is essentially the same in my experience but the sights seem to return more consistently with the SA frame. Granted, some of this might be due to backstrap profile differences also lens: B class shooter who hasn’t shot a match all year due to Covid, work and family responsibilities.
  4. I’ve had multiple S2s (with and without optics cuts), CZ75 variants and now 2 Bull Shadow variants. personally, the standard Bull shadow is a perfect blend of S2 and SP01. I like the short dust cover and rounded trigger guard. It’s more balanced toward the rear (and adding heavier grips and extra cap Mag further pulls the balance into the palm). but in reality, only you can decide which suits your hand and shooting style best.
  5. What type of feed failure?
  6. When I did mine, using a gauge pin, I zeroed off of the top tangent point of the firing pin channel and milled to leave 1mm of material there. Picture attached for reference. Optic is a DPP with the shroud removed.
  7. They don’t extend below the butt of the grip so they’re good to go.
  8. Understood, which is what makes it even more surprising to me that people never spoke much about it before. i personally wouldn’t care for a 6MOA dot. I’ll run the 3moa R3 until I find a good reason to change and I can’t really think of one.
  9. My goodness has this helped my natural automatic grip be stronger! I’ve been doing a couple sets every other night before bed and when I’m at the range my grip feels so much more firm and balanced. I can feel my pinky and ring finger pulling the frame back in keeping muzzle rise lower
  10. I agree with that. I’m still so perplexed how so many people are looking at the Romeo3MAX but I’ve very very rarely seen anyone talk about the original Romeo3 on a pistol.
  11. No, it’s a normal Romeo3, not the max. No way would I pay an additional ~$400 for 5mm of window width and a black color.
  12. I don’t have a good picture of the DPP from the front but the R3 sits pretty damn low all things considered. And the window height dimension is noticeably bigger. if I had actually considered it, I probably would have milled the Shadow2 for the R3 instead of the DPP because in reality, I can still put a DPP on the R3 mounting location but not the other way around
  13. It’s wider, not taller. Both are 25mm tall for all intents and purposes. From my experience, the width is far less important that the height. With a proper grip and decently consistent mechanics, the dot will rarely be at the outer edges of the window. I’m far more likely to present with up and down variability than left and right.
  14. Top is a DPP on a Shadow2 Bottom is a Romeo3 on a Bull Shadow Both overhang the slide a fair bit when directly mounted.
  15. Are you sure about that? The DPP is almost identical in footprint width as the Romeo3. Within 1/16” from my measurements and specs that I’ve gotten from the manufacturers. If you’re talking about max width period, the window on the SRO is exactly the same width as the original Romeo3 (25mm) and 5mm narrower than the R3Max (30mm) Photos attached for reference.
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