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  1. If you had the means to anneal, bend, harden and finish the Basepad tabs I’m sure you could simply cut the proper profile and bend them but it’s not just a bandsaw type job.
  2. There’s a couple things to check. is the next round in the mag creeping forward and hanging up on the inside of the frame? is your trigger bar spring riding properly in the grooves on the bottom side?
  3. Have you checked your trigger bar spring to make sure they’re still in the groves on the bottom?
  4. Getting holsters to accommodate the rules for Prod and CO while still fitting this “*thumb rest [generic]*” could be a pain.
  5. The Shadow2 is 5oz heavier than the Bull shadow to start with and adding the optic actually reduced the weight of the slide by about a half oz.
  6. Red_Dot

    CZ CO basepad

    Are you sure you’re not talking about the “CZ Custom Short Basepad”? That fits the 140mm gauge on a CZ 18 round tube. The “CZ Custom Long Basepad” will not
  7. Normal Scales - 42 grams brass scales - 120 grams Henning grips - 53 grams Stock CZC grips - 52 grams
  8. I wanted to share a build that’s currently in progress and will likely continue to be tinkered with. I snagged this pistol for a really good deal shortly after it was approved for USPSA Production and instantly started planning to putting an optic on it. I was previously shooting a Shadow 2 with a dot and after handling the Bull Shadow, I could tell where the Shadow 2 was working against me. The frame and particularly the checkering on the front/back straps of the Shadow 2 added girth that my extremely Medium sized hands wasn’t fond of. Additionally, the hump on the backstrap was fighting against my palm/thumb area unevenly when gripping hard and it showed when i compared groups at distance. Finally, the Bull Shadow has a center of balance much closer to the grip area which just feels better to me in general. The current modification list is short because it comes very well appointed from CZC, but I just can’t leave well enough alone... Romeo 3 optic (3MOA) SSI Scales 2.0 grips in Brass 10lb recoil spring (Match ammo) 13lb recoil spring (factory 124gr ammo) 11lb hammer spring CZ Czechmate Slide Stop Pin CZC 140mm Basepads on 16rnd tubes Future Modifications under consideration CZC Short Reach Trigger Extra Large Safety Levers Progressive recoil spring
  9. Red_Dot

    CZ CO basepad

    The 18round tube and a traditional +4/5 will NOT fit the 140mm magazine length gauge. Just a heads up to OP.
  10. Red_Dot

    CZ CO basepad

    Depends which mags you’re using. 17round mecgar/nickel mags Henning is the lightest by a small margin but CZC and TTI also make great options. 18round CZ mags, CZC and TTI +2 plates make a perfect 140mm and save almost a half oz in weight 16round CZ mags, CZC makes a 140mm +4/5 extension that fits very flush with the bottom of the frame.
  11. Did the same to my CZ 16round mags and it works well! Makes the $20 for Grams guts for 1 round seem unnecessary
  12. At practice Wednesday afternoon, I was able to draw and clear the rack at 75feet (25 yards) at 4.96 and then 4.59 seconds back to back, 1 make up shot each. The second run the transitions felt worlds faster and it showed. just a lowly B-class shooter with a dot.
  13. Red_Dot

    CO optic

    From my measurements, it’s close without bosses. The threads on the mounting screws are .010-.015” from the outside walls of the slide if my models are accurate
  14. Red_Dot

    CO optic

    Correct. Assuming you want to use any of the locating pins.
  15. Red_Dot

    CO optic

    I was using a 7.5moa DPP on a Shadow2 and am in the middle of cutting a slide for a 3moa Romeo3 on a Bull Shadow.
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