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  1. I shot the gun with a cut down 1911 guide rod and wolff 1911 recoil springs and had no issues at all with it binding up.
  2. For those wondering this is the link for the tungsten glock guide rod. You can only use wolff recoil springs with it because of the larger diameter. It weighs 2.7oz according to technical support at NDZ https://www.ndzperformance.com/Jentra-JTGR-1-Guide-Rod-Glock-Gen-1-3-17L-24-34-35-p/jen-jtgr-1.htm?CartID=1
  3. Call Sprinco springs. They offer a trigger spring kit for $17.95 and a reduced power striker spring for $8.95 and shipping is only $2.95.
  4. My boss recently had this same issue. Ended up being the hole for the pin that attaches the trigger to the trigger bar was drilled in the incorrect spot. Bought another trigger and changed it out. Fixed his problem and hasnt had another issue with his M&P
  5. It does not wobble or feel loose at all with the techwell positech grips I installed. No blending on either gun I have it installed on. Never had any mag hang up issues. I only use Tripp Research mags. One of the guns I have it on is posted for sale in the classifieds and has pictures showing how the magwell lines up on my gun.
  6. I had the Dawson Ice on all my 1911's for a long time. After getting a chance to mess around with the Techwell IPSC XT changed over all my competition 1911's to it. The thing I like the most if not having to buy special base pads for my mags. I use Tripp Research mags. You could alter the base pads on them to get them to work with the Dawson Ice no-gap magwell.
  7. The screws that come with the boss hanger allowed me to mount a bladetech and red hill tactical holster with no problem.
  8. Glad to see more people using N340. Been my go to powder for 40 major the past couple years. I use 165gr bullets
  9. I did 6.1gr of WSF with 165gr Black Bullets at 1.175 years ago and loved that load. I got a killer bulk deal on VV N340 and switched to that until I use it all up. I'd use WSF or WST without hesitation in .40 major ammo.
  10. DAA racer mag pouches, Red Hill Tactical or Bladetech holster on a Boss Hanger. I've used CR Speed, DAA, and Ernie Hill belts. Liked all of them.
  11. I've knocked down the sharp edges on multiple pairs of VZ Recon grips with sandpaper and you'd never be able to tell.
  12. VV N340 is all I use for 40cal major. I run in with 165gr bullets at 1.185oal and love it. I bought a 35lb commercial size container a few years ago for like $20 a pound. Still got around 16lb left of it.
  13. Local GM Open shooter who is in his 70's uses a 12 moa c-more. He swears by it. He may be in his 70's but still kicks everyone's butt in all the local matches.
  14. Shot this yesterday and it was my first classifier score over 60% which I was happy about. I've been a C Class Single Stack shooter for year's. Never really cared much about practicing or what my scores are. Jusy loved to shoot matches. Been practicing more and calling all my shots. 79 points 11.23 seconds 7.0347 hit factor 60.37% of national average
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