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  1. bjones6686

    New shooter - Should I do a major match?

    Go for it. You'll learn a lot from the more experienced shooters. I went to my first major match after just a few months of shooting local matches. I went and shot Battle In The Bluegrass. I went for the experience and don't regret it at all. I learned a lot from this match. I got their on Friday and watched Alex Gutt shoot and was like I don't stand a chance in this match. I'll be lucky to be at 25% of his score. Then shot on Saturday on a squad with Ben Stoeger. I didn't even know who Alex or Ben was. But after shooting with Ben I realized I really needed to step up my game and practice more and learn all the fundamentals.
  2. bjones6686

    40S&W Major Reloading Cost

    I love the black bullets. Chandler has figured out a way to get the coating to stick to the bullet better then all the other bullet manufacturers that use the hitek coating. No issues with smokiness even with hot fast burning powders like titegroup. They seat easy on my 1050. Never shave any of the coating off while seating.
  3. bjones6686

    Hornady LNL Progressive Issues

    3 shooting friends have LNL presses. All complain about all the fiddling and adjustments it constantly needs. The only thing they like on the LNL press is the micrometer powder measure adjustment. I've been trying to get them to drink the blue koolaid. I started out on the Square Deal B and upgraded 18 months later to a Super 1050. I only reload 40cal for competition so the Super 1050 is a no brainer. Added a Mr Bullet Feeder to speed uo the reloading process even more.
  4. bjones6686

    OAL for xtreme 185 FP in 45 ACP?

    I just looked in my Lyman Reloading Manual 48th edition and it shows 185gr HP starting at 1.175 OAL. Probably start there with some dummy rounds and make sure the gun feeds them properly.
  5. bjones6686

    Shielded Thumb Safety

    The limcat looks nice in the picture's. Look's like it has very wide paddles on both side of the safety allowing you to profile and shape it to your liking. Also the double detent notch for the plunger spring is interesting to me. Wonder what the safety engagement and disengagement feels like.
  6. bjones6686

    Tripp System mags dumping bullets

    Aaron has helped me many times with mag issues. I had all kinds of problems with the 10rd 9mm mags. Aaron was honest and told me they didn't have a fix for my problem and the best thing for me to do is buy Dawson Precision competition ready mags in 9mm. To either send them in the defective mags and get a refund or exchange for mags in another caliber. For him being honest I exchanged them for some more 45acp mags. Betty and Virgil are also really helpful too.
  7. bjones6686

    New to USPSA: Where do I start?

    The rule book is accessible on the USPSA website to see where the holster and mag pouches are allowed to be on the belt for the division you shoot. Also the max distance from the inside of the belt to the gun or mags is 2 inches. https://uspsa.org/rules
  8. bjones6686

    40S&W Major Reloading Cost

    I buy 165gr coated bullets by the case from Black Bullets International. I get a discount on bullets from them through the secondary sponsorship program. I bought a 35lb commercial size container of Vhitavuori N340 at around $21 per pound from my local reloading shop. My boss is a FFL. Last time he bought primers in bulk I went in on the order and with shipping and tax included it cost me $25 per 1k for Winchester SPP. I buy dirty range brass at $20 per 1k.
  9. bjones6686

    40S&W Major Reloading Cost

    I only reload 40 and try to buy everything in bulk to keep the cost down. 7c per coated bullet 2.5c per primer 1.8c per in powder 2c per case that I prep myself
  10. bjones6686

    New to USPSA: Where do I start?

    Start with what you have. Show up at the match and shoot production or limited minor with the equipment you already have. Learn to shoot safely before going out and buying a bunch of new guns and gear. Production is still one of the hottest divisions around since most shooters can't afford a $3000+ custom gun to shoot limited or open division. I'd buy reloading gear or components if you already reload and practice a bunch before jumping around in other divisions.
  11. bjones6686

    What do you recommend to get Match video

    I used a GoPro Hero 4 Black mounted to my hearing protection for a season. Worked really well for point of view shooting video. I eventually sold the GoPro since I barely used it. A few local shooters use the Mobius camera.
  12. bjones6686

    Shielded Thumb Safety

    Your picture in the Zig Racker cut thread really caught my attention with the DAA shielded thumb safety. I didn't even know DAA made it until I seen your picture. Only thing that worries me is it is MIM. But DAA has great customer service and I'm sure if it broke they would take care of it.
  13. bjones6686

    Single Stack Photo Thread

    My Moore Gunworks .40cal Single Stack. I use this for USPSA.
  14. bjones6686

    bullet feeding and seating die?

    I think you referring to the seating/crimping die. They seat the bullet and crimp the case in the same die. A lot of people use this if they want to use a powder check die or bullet feeder on a press. I've never used one but my friend bought a Hornady die set for 9mm that came with that die. I didn't care for it but he liked it since he was new to reloading and could run a powder check station.
  15. bjones6686

    Kimber Stainless II grip problems?

    Since it's a Series II Kimber it should be a Swartz series trigger group with the goofy firing pin block. Not engaging the grip safety all the way will result in not letting the firing pin block more up and let the gun fire. If you don't feel comfortable pinning the grip safety you might try to remove the Swartz system first.