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  1. Caspian and CK Arms slides both have worked great for me.
  2. I have 2 Q5 Matches and both function just fine with this Glock tungsten guide rod. Then you can buy Wolff brand recoil springs for a Glock and tune the gun to your reloads. https://www.ndzperformance.com/Jentra-JTGR-1-Guide-Rod-Glock-Gen-1-3-17L-24-34-35-p/jen-jtgr-1.htm?CartID=1
  3. MBX makes 170mm 40cal magazine's. I used to own a couple and they ran flawless in all my 2011's.
  4. Yea he is a great boss. Was my gunsmith for many years before I started working for him at his other business. Both businesses are on the same property. The job has a lot of perks. I get to shoot all kinds of guns. Gunsmith work at a little bit of a discounted price.
  5. If the Q5 SF uses the same trigger return spring and striker plunger safety spring as the polymer frame Q5 I would just buy the spring kit from Sprinco. I put it in both of my Q5 polymer frame guns and it gave a great 3lb trigger in both guns.
  6. Yeah I started less then they advertised since I was doing coated lead 165gr bullets. If I used the minimum 6.3gr of powder with a 165gr coated lead bullet at 1.175 OAL I made 192PF out of my SSTK and Limited guns. Dropped the powder charge down to 5.8gr an still make 170pf. The Lyman 49th edition reloading manual shows way different minimum and maximum powder charges then the VV reloading website.
  7. If you do a long dust cover frame like JEM and cut it down to the required legal length to be able to use it in SSTK you will have to do some things to the gun to get it to make weight. My boss who also is a gunsmith just built one for a local shooter. Even with a Aluminum Dawson Precision magwell/mainspring he had to cut weight out of the slide and frame to get it under 43oz with a empty mag.
  8. As ZZT said N340 would be a great powder to use. I use it exclusively for all my .40 major loads with 165gr bullets. They show 155gr load data on their website for a Rainier FP bullet. Starting load is 6.3gr Max load is 6.6gr at 1.126 OAL. https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/handgun-reloading/?cartridge=44
  9. I shot the gun with a cut down 1911 guide rod and wolff 1911 recoil springs and had no issues at all with it binding up.
  10. For those wondering this is the link for the tungsten glock guide rod. You can only use wolff recoil springs with it because of the larger diameter. It weighs 2.7oz according to technical support at NDZ https://www.ndzperformance.com/Jentra-JTGR-1-Guide-Rod-Glock-Gen-1-3-17L-24-34-35-p/jen-jtgr-1.htm?CartID=1
  11. Call Sprinco springs. They offer a trigger spring kit for $17.95 and a reduced power striker spring for $8.95 and shipping is only $2.95.
  12. My boss recently had this same issue. Ended up being the hole for the pin that attaches the trigger to the trigger bar was drilled in the incorrect spot. Bought another trigger and changed it out. Fixed his problem and hasnt had another issue with his M&P
  13. It does not wobble or feel loose at all with the techwell positech grips I installed. No blending on either gun I have it installed on. Never had any mag hang up issues. I only use Tripp Research mags. One of the guns I have it on is posted for sale in the classifieds and has pictures showing how the magwell lines up on my gun.
  14. I had the Dawson Ice on all my 1911's for a long time. After getting a chance to mess around with the Techwell IPSC XT changed over all my competition 1911's to it. The thing I like the most if not having to buy special base pads for my mags. I use Tripp Research mags. You could alter the base pads on them to get them to work with the Dawson Ice no-gap magwell.
  15. The screws that come with the boss hanger allowed me to mount a bladetech and red hill tactical holster with no problem.
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