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  1. jmleenz

    P320 X5 Thread

    Shield RMS should mount directly onto the X5/Xcarry no adapter required. There was another member that posted up pics of his install. The rms is a slick little red dot, I wish they were easier/cheaper to get on this side of the pond. They are super light and a better option than the Romeo IMO as the RMS sits much lower to the bore axis.
  2. jmleenz

    P320 X5 Thread

    Not sure about IDPA but I know it wouldnt be production or CO legal in USPSA. Thumb rests are restricted to limited and open in USPSA. Good thing is you can swap it out in 60 seconds without tools.
  3. jmleenz

    P320 X5 Thread

    Has anyone else tried the GoGun thumb rest replacement for the take down lever? I love mine! It has a lower profile than other thumb rests I've used so you don't need a race holster. Still fits in my RHT holster which is sweet. Since I rest my thumb on the take down lever anyways it felt natural to have a surface there to apply pressure to and counteract recoil. Pop out the factory takedown lever and replace, that's it. As a side bonus it actually makes using the takedown lever much easier since there is more surface area to apply torque to. Anyways, pretty happy with it.
  4. jmleenz

    New IFG offerings teaser

    Thank god for an alternative to EAA!
  5. jmleenz

    Welcome to Big Panda Performance!!!

    Congrats Charlie! FYI I just tried to send you a PM and it said you cannot receive PMs?
  6. Thanks for the info, and that is great news. Back in 2009 Tanfo guys were all loading long too ~1.175 OAL. Henning himself recommended running long in the limited to prevent nose dives. Some guys even preferred the 10mm mags for this reason. So if you didn't hand load you were kinda screwed. Again, this was all pre Mec-gar magazine days so it appears this issue has been resolved.
  7. 100% reliable with factory ammo or do you handload long?
  8. Thanks fellas! So 2 votes for mec-gar. How about the MBX mags for tanfo? They have a solid reputation for reliability in the 2011 world.
  9. I picked up a new Tanfo Limited 40 back in 2009 (large frame). I don't reload so I was running factory length ammo which led to jam central (mainly nose dive FTFs). At the time the reliability of the limited 40s was a known issue. I was running the tanfo chrome 40 mags with henning 141 basepads and grams internals. I gave up on it so the pistol has sat dormant in the safe ever since. What a shame since it is such a nice handling pistol. I would like the get this pistol out of mothballs as from what I 'm seeing on the forums there are new magazine options and the problem might have been resolved. My questions is this: What magazine setup (20-21 round 140mm) can I run FACTORY LENGTH ammo with max reliability? Henning (mec-gar based) + basepads? MBX? something else? Please help resurrect my LC 40!
  10. jmleenz

    Stock II for Carry Optics?

    Well I'm happy to report the EGW adapter worked great on my Limited. The dovetail was a bit oversized, I had to file it wee bit to get it in there. The end result was super tight fit. I'll report back after mounting the FF3 and getting some rounds through it.
  11. jmleenz

    Stock II for Carry Optics?

    Anyone have experience with the EGW adapter for the EAA supersight? It looks identical to the primary arms one. I had no idea about the tolerance issues until reading this thread. I assume EGW will have the same problems?
  12. jmleenz

    Limited Pro .40 - load lengths

    Any updates on this ny32182? I too had similar FTFs with my limited 40 running 1.18 loads. Seemed to be more prevelant when the gun was dirty as well. Stock/unmolested extractor here.
  13. jmleenz

    Limited 40 Mags

    I have a 40 limited with the older chrome mags I picked up from Henning a few years back. Is it safe to say these are 10mm mags that require you to run 40 long? Any way to definitively tell the difference?
  14. jmleenz

    Base pads and mag wells

    My xdm is on the way. Basepads and magwells still on sale?
  15. jmleenz

    kydex for a Limited?

    I use the Bladetech d&o with my Limited...love it. Much more secure than race holsters and 99% as fast