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  1. I have an armory craft adjustable trigger + GG comp kit in an original X-five. Its sweet and so far 100% reliable. Not apples to apples to what you are asking but pretty close
  2. Sooo....anyone know the final verdict on the Wilson module being production legal? I'd love to be able to shoot CO with my Wilson module in place. They feel sooo much better in the hand than the x-series to me.
  3. Back on the topic of a comp'd X-five. Turns out I'm building one! I sent my factory x-five bull barrel off for quad laser barrel porting. They line the 4 ports up with the factory lightening cuts in the top of the slide so no other modification is needed. I'm very curious how effective the ports will be. Talking to another guy that had only 2 ports done on his x-five...he was very pleased how flat it was. The main benefit of this package is reliability (no comp to effect cycling) and the ability to tune the gun with 1911 springs.
  4. Sweet looking blaster! That PMM system is sweet - seems everyone loves theirs. I've read mixed reviews of reliability though. They don't seem to eat anything like stock but once you find the right load they seem to run great. Once I get my ported X-five barrel back I'd love to compare with a PMM system.
  5. Considering how long Sig took to ship grip sizes other than Medium for the X-series grip I wouldnt be surprised if we don't see these TXG grips in Small and Large until 2021.
  6. I have their modified grip module and brass magwell on the way (this will be the grip module for my Open + Limited blaster) but I chose to do the fitment/epoxy work myself so I can custom fit it to my hand. Scott said they use Devcon 5-minute epoxy so that is what I'll be using. Have you experienced any movement or fitment issues with yours?
  7. Well I hope they do, the small grip frame is the sweet spot for me.
  8. Never seen a comp'd X5...you might be the first. Every comp'd p320 I've seen (PMM and Springer mostly) are based on compact or subcompact slides, presumably for packaging and OAL.
  9. Just read your build(s) thread. Wow... Very relevant and detailed information...thank you for that! You seem like an OCD guy when it comes to your blasters and I mean that in a good way! These really are modular marvels. I have a couple p320 builds going on myself that Ill share when complete. One for open and one for EDC. I don't have the cajones to stuff an open gun in my trousers though. I already feel the naked xcarry with irons is cumbersome IWB. Don't know how the hell you carry that rig man! Anyways...thanks for the inspiration!
  10. On Sigs website it shows all three sizes of TXG heavy grip modules in the drop down but only the medium is "in stock". Is Sig really going to offer the Legion grip in all sizes?
  11. I have this on both my Xs = two thumbs up. One in the 'grit' version and one standard anodized. It really does help with recoil management and gives your thumb a natural place to fall. I have a romeo on the xcarry now and the dot drops back into view much quicker than without it. Kind of hard to explain but it just feels right. Still fits in the RHT holster too, which was an unexpected plus.
  12. jmleenz

    P320 X5 Thread

    Shield RMS should mount directly onto the X5/Xcarry no adapter required. There was another member that posted up pics of his install. The rms is a slick little red dot, I wish they were easier/cheaper to get on this side of the pond. They are super light and a better option than the Romeo IMO as the RMS sits much lower to the bore axis.
  13. jmleenz

    P320 X5 Thread

    Not sure about IDPA but I know it wouldnt be production or CO legal in USPSA. Thumb rests are restricted to limited and open in USPSA. Good thing is you can swap it out in 60 seconds without tools.
  14. jmleenz

    P320 X5 Thread

    Has anyone else tried the GoGun thumb rest replacement for the take down lever? I love mine! It has a lower profile than other thumb rests I've used so you don't need a race holster. Still fits in my RHT holster which is sweet. Since I rest my thumb on the take down lever anyways it felt natural to have a surface there to apply pressure to and counteract recoil. Pop out the factory takedown lever and replace, that's it. As a side bonus it actually makes using the takedown lever much easier since there is more surface area to apply torque to. Anyways, pretty happy with it.
  15. Congrats Charlie! FYI I just tried to send you a PM and it said you cannot receive PMs?
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