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  1. I personally had a PWS 9mm with a JP SSCS and had all kinds of issues with the JP gear. Not to mention that it kicks like a mule in comparison. Only shot a JP a little but the recoil to me still felt like a AR and hard hit. The MPX is soft and smooth. Moved to the MPX PCC and it is amazing. Just run factory loads and you are golden. I personally don’t think cleaning is any harder since you don’t have to combat the SSCS or a buffer tube. Just my opinion. I can tell you in the states that my old PCC is still sitting on the wall to sell for over a month now. Already lowered price twice and if it finally sells I will lose around $500. Don’t seem to hold value well over here. Hope it is different across the pond. Good luck and have fun.
  2. What do you think of putting the upper receiver in an ultrasonic? I am only worried about the finishing really. Figure it will make my life much easier to just drop it in the US and walk away. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info. I figured it was all safe to US but I was not sure.
  4. I am looking to use a ultrasonic to clean my MPX. My question is does anyone know if there are any MPX parts that would not be safe in the ultrasonic cleaner? I am primarily worried about the BCG and the tappet and piston along with the o-rings on those parts. I am keeping this question broad to get good conversation going. Thanks.
  5. Well I am using the JP short stroke silent capture spring in a PWS rifle. So I am not sure I can answer that. I do like the reduced recoil on my stock ammo. I do feel that 147 grain is the best with lightest recoil hit. I do have to save over the weekend I shot a buddies MPX and if you truly want reduced recoil go with that. Wow almost has so little recoil it is disorienting.
  6. I grabbed the short stroke version. It can not ok back at all no way. The guide rod and weights do not allow the bolt to travel far enough back.
  7. I do love how much easier and flatter it shots. Will for sure help my times in steel challenge.
  8. PWS 9mm 16 inch. What experience are are you referring to. The jamming or the recoil?
  9. Got the JP scs short stroke buffer in and ran it some yesterday. It is amazing. Recoil is way less and barely any movement on the dot. I did have some issues with jamming but not sure if that was the ammo or the gun. It was very cold and I’m sure the gun was having issues with it.
  10. Are you talking about the large outer spring or the internal spring inside the weight? The outside spring was yellow and the internal was red. I also tried the green and blue springs for the internal as I got the tuning kit. Overall the red worked best for eliminating the recoil.
  11. I did not want to cause an arguement thus the edit. But yes the gun smith said the same as you. Aka the inertia could cause the discharge without the sear, hammer or trigger ever being involved. The owner of of my local shop talked to JP for me and they are making a buffer for my PCC and its tolerances. Should be in Friday. Will let you know how it works as it will be a short stroke system.
  12. Update for you all. I took tue gun in to my shop and had the gunsmith test the whole thing down and look at it all. Everything looks perfect. I explained what happened and here is his expert knowledge and opinion. The buffer kit was so strong and had so much force that when I let the bolt go into battery it was so strong and engaged so fast that the firing pin also slammed forward and caused the discharge. He explained that it is impossible unless the trigger broke, which it is not, for the hammer to engage and release when the gun is on “safe”. His advice which I took and did. Return the buffer kit and go with the JP short stroke system. MBX was awesome and took it back with no question. I sent it back yesterday. I will let you know the result when I get the new JP kit. I have the owner of my gun store doing me a solid and calling JP to have one custom made for my gun and it’s tolerances.
  13. So actually remove the parts from the rifle itself? I guess I’m not understand how last round hold open would touch the round?
  14. Well got my MBX buffer kit in. Took it to the range to test it all out. Ended up not needed the tuning kit with the loads I plan to run but it was good to have and experiment with. So with the buffer kit in shooting 115 grain factory ammo it now feels like shooting 147 grain with the stock buffer. Aka big reduction in recoil hit. My biggest issue was 115 would jar my head and I would lose my optic and for steel challenge that is a problem. But with the kit I can comfortable shot 115 grain and 147 now has almost no recoil which is amazing. 147 will most likely be my chosen route but it is nice to know if I must shoot 115 I can with no more hard recoil. One crazy / scary thing did happen. I still can have my LRHO with the buffer kit. So I locked it back which is super tight by the way. I then loaded my mags and went to drop the bolt. When I did the gun discharged. Luckily I was pointed down range and all is good. But even the range office who was curious as hell about the kit saw it and went “what the hell”. Gun was on safe and finger way out of the trigger guard. I continued to experiment with this since and no issues. My guess is since the spring was brand new and so tight it sent the bolt home so fast and hard compared to how it normally would it also forced the firing pin forward. Very crazy. But all seems good now. Have a final steel eel challenge tournament tomorrow here in Michigan. Will report how it performs. Long post but I hope it helps.
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