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  1. vrwm

    9mm Brass

    Todd, I’m in for 5000 the next available batch Thanks Vincent
  2. vrwm

    Magazines for Carry Optics

    Mecgar 17 round with henning pads and henning internals averaged 104-105grams and my CZ factory 17 with factory internals and TTI pads weighed in at 111-112 grams
  3. vrwm

    Light Primer Strikes

    Did you check your hammer to sear clearance? It is possible that one of the adjustment screws on the trigger backed out if you had them installed and it’s dragging.
  4. vrwm

    Shadow 2 Kadet Kit Ammo

    I had no issues with CCI mini-mag. I did however have issues with an 11.5 hammer spring. It only set off the ammo in double action only. I had no issues with the factory hammer spring.
  5. vrwm

    CZ Shadow 2

    https://cajungunworks.com/product/1488-t5-shadow-2-disconnector/ mine dropped right in my production gun, my carry optics set up I had to fit a little, but I eventually put an RRK in my carry optics set up.
  6. vrwm

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    I can’t wait to see all the Optic ready CZs more readily available in the states. Is the weight with or without a magazine? I feel like I had to jump hoops to make 45oz. If I’m not mistaken IPSC doesn’t have weight for their carry optics.
  7. vrwm

    Modified X5 Mag Release

    That it awesome. Did you use a factory x5 release? How does it feel compared to the shadow 2? I have a springer extended release on my x5. Reminds me more of the original tso release.
  8. vrwm

    SHOT Show: SIG unveils Romeo 2

    Looks good, nice big window. I would like to see a side by side with a Romeo 1. I wonder how long it will take to actually get to the market.
  9. I didn’t run into any problems with primers until below an 11.5 lbs hammer spring with the stock firing pin and spring. I however ran into problems with mixing a CZ custom extended firing pin with a CGW reduced power spring and vice versa. The firing pin was getting stuck in the hole. Mine actually went full auto until the firing pin block stop fell out and shot the firing pin back. I am running a shadow 2 though so YMMV
  10. vrwm

    CZ Shadow 2

    The disco replacement for me keeps my SA pull more consistent. If you can shoot off the reset or don’t mind pre travel before your pull, you might not need it. For me the biggest difference is that it takes up almost all the pre travel. The trigger is pretty stays at the reset point.
  11. vrwm

    CZ Shadow 2

    I run the same set up but with a t5 disco
  12. vrwm

    Stripped slide for Shadow 2

    From my understanding, only if the window cuts are made to the slide, it won’t be Eligible for production division. There are a few people who make weight without the window cut depending on the starting weight of the pistol, mods(plastic guide rod, light grips) and which optic. It would still be eligible for limited division with the cut and the plate though. Check out this thread
  13. vrwm

    Stripped slide for Shadow 2

    Send @eerw a PM, he occasionally has a slide or he can get one. They’re doing mine upper for CO right now.
  14. @minnesota1 Is your shadow 2 Stock? In regards to your question, when you mean same, do you mean trigger weight or trigger pull distance? If it’s trigger pull weight, I agree with the above and a lightened main spring may be what you’re looking for. I have short fingers and I installed The Reach reduction kit and it pulls the trigger a few millimeter back for the double action. The trigger is permanently more reward in the gun. it also shortens the reset of the single action.
  15. vrwm

    Adding thumb rest to TS? Or go Tanfo?

    Czcustom sells a plate to drill and tap frame mounted red dots that can be used for thumb rest holes if you’re comfortable doing it yourself.