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  1. 2 part related question On a 3 string stage (Classifier) can a PCC user turn on a laser for 1 of the 3 strings or does it have to remain on or off throughout the whole stage? Also if a PCC user is on a long stage and headed to a hard lean can he turn on a laser if he didn't start the stage with it on? Thank you. Duke
  2. I do not know any of the answers, I just bought it used. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. That was 4 different loads I019 is 7.5 AutoComp I020 is 8.6 HS-6 I015 is 9.7 N105 I014 is 8 HS-6 I019 feels the best so far
  4. That wasn’t me that asked you to repeat yourself. You have already been overly generous with providing information and I Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thank you for all the info, the gun has a steel grip http://pic100.picturetrail.com/VOL610/3413303/24831430/414391474.jpg
  6. Thank you, 99% of my shooting is indoor and I get most all my brass back I have looked for 3N38, seems hard to find. Any others powders to suggest? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I have a CK Arms limited gun in 40 and love it, I stumbled on a great deal for a 38 Super Comp CK arms open gun (3 holes) and been working up loads. I have a C-More 4 moa So far I have tried: (all loads chrono'd with a lab radar) and a HAP 125 grain @ 1.23 oal HS-6---8 grains = 169 PF N105----9.6 grains = 169 PF N105----9.9 grains = 173 PF AutoComp---- 7.5 grains = 171 PF HS-6----8.6 grains = 174 PF Accuracy is perfect with all the above loads and I have tried both 8lb and 9lb springs. So my question is, what exactly am I looking for next? The DOT returning asap? Flat shooting? Thank you, Jeffrey
  8. 3 Holes, CK Arms - Labradar Chrono
  9. HORNADY HAP 125 356 1.23 oal AutoComp 7.5 171 PF
  10. I want to add a thumb rest to an old caspian, I do not know if the holes will line up with the optic mount. Does anyone sell a rest with one hold and a slot? Or maybe not drilled at all? Thank you, Jeffrey
  11. It is just a 38 super minor load that I use in the Boland gun. The Boland was apparently built as a steel challenge gun as the slide has just about everything machined out of it as could be. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. May seem like a stupid question but is there a such thing as too much muzzle flash and do you tune your guns/loads to reduce it or does it mean the comp is working as designed? I love OLD Space guns in 38 Super and have 3, a Jim Boland, Glades Gun Works and one that was to have been build by Dave Dawson (although Dave doesn't think so) no biggie. My favorite 38 super load is a 125 grain Hornady HAP .356 dia. and 5.4 grains of Winchester 231. I use this in my 1911s and compete unprofessionally with my Boland. I thought about using the (Dawson or non Dawson gun), it is the only of the 3 with popple holes and it literally shoots 1 foot flames from the comp/holes. But the dang thing is the most accurate gun I have ever shot. Should I consider a different powder? Bullet? Thanks in advance, Jeffrey Top= Boland Middle= Dawson Bottom + Glades Gun Works
  13. If I want Grams guts for MBX mags, I order kits for STI (gen 1 & 2) correct? (.40 cal) if that matters. Thank you
  14. I have one and love it, it is my main carry gun, very accurate
  15. TS Orange, Blue Bullets RN .355 dia, 147 grain , 1.12 works great, just worked on it today
  16. ammoseek shows reloading supplies now
  17. DukeSoprano

    Red dot for TSO

    I have been working on this one
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