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  1. Yep, they're great. Owned an RCBS progressive for probably close to 30 years. I've not needed many parts for it over the years, but they were all free.
  2. I hear that. I'm paying $55 a 1000 for CCI SP at Bass Pro right now, and I think that is high. Glad I don't need them bad enough to pay more than that.
  3. I'll take some pictures next time I run across one. Trash day was yesterday though, so the ones I had are gone now.
  4. jejb

    CZ Custom optics cut

    I also have guns with both, and I have had properly torqued optics come loose on the open ones. But again, not running down CZC's work here. Just offering up a different opinion/viewpoint. I would for sure opt for their newer steel adapter plates, though.
  5. jejb

    CZ Custom optics cut

    Yeah, I know. But I've seen a lot more of that type come loose than when the optic is tight in a pocket.
  6. Ran into some really odd brass. It's ZQI brand and it has a stepped interior. The bottom near the primer pocket is quite thick, the middle is stepped down a little and the mouth is normal. My RCBS sizer die does not like them. I can pull them through with a lot of effort, but I've just been removing them and tossing them. No staked pockets, so they don't look like military stuff. Anybody else run into these?
  7. Good video, same one I linked to earlier in this thread.
  8. Correct. I use 9mm RCBS dies on my 650XL, because I already owned them when I bought my 650. The dies came with both RN and flat nosed plugs.
  9. That's what I'm thinking at this point. Maybe just buy the bullet feeder for my 650 and call it good.
  10. jejb

    CZ Custom optics cut

    I almost went with the CZC plate system. They even offer steel plates now instead of the aluminum. Weigh a fraction more but no worries on pulling the threads on those small optic screws while torqueing them. But the gap in the front bothered me from both an aesthetic and function view point (easier to come loose when not held tightly by the cut). I also want the optic as close to the bore as possible, so raising with a plate just did not speak to me. Not casting aspersions on CZC. They do great work. Just my thoughts on it. I ended up going with CGW and got a direct cut for the Trijicon RMR/SRO. Very happy with the setup. Not as flexible, but most are pretty happy with the Trijicon options.
  11. Thanks for the pictures. Looks doable. Looks like I'll have a lot of time to make a decision. 1050/1100's are in short supply, and I have no reason to pay a premium.
  12. Thanks for the info. Watching videos, it looks like the 1050/1100 has a considerably bigger footprint. Since you have both, what is your take on that? That could be a concern for me as my bench has somewhat limited space.
  13. No, I was asking why the 1100 would produce almost twice as many loads than the 650 if they were similarly equipped. DDC explained it though, since the 650 does not come with the case feeder. That would drastically slow things down. I have the case feeder on my 650. That was the reason I upgraded from my old RCBS progressive actually. There is no case feeder option for it.
  14. But why would that be if both are setup the same, like not motorized and no bullet feeder?
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