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  1. Isn't that the truth! You hear "I'm going to wait till the prices goes down even further" or "It'll never happen again"
  2. I never seen or heard of a barrel nut fail once installed. The only non-moving barrel related part I seen fail was the gas tube where it meets the gas block.
  3. Told this one guy who was spraying factory 223 like there was no tomorrow my primers are not for sale but I'd trade you for 223 ammo. He declined and continued to spray.
  4. Yup! This is my third cycle. Heck my state is now tiring to pass ammo registration on ammo purchases.
  5. Heck, we are only at the beginning stages of this issue!!!
  6. A squib(bullet stuck in the barrel) yeah but the talk back then was a small charge of Bullseye would blow up the gun with over pressure just like a double charge would.
  7. When shooting a match treat each stage as if it was a Virginia count cof. Make each shot count.
  8. Btw that's not me if I was making a lightweight build 1/4lb would be huge!
  9. I used to hear about that with Bullseye powder way back in the 80s. Thought it was more of a myth. Never proven.
  10. Thanks! I use the same stuff but only on parts that I don't disassemble on a regular basis or hard to reach areas.
  11. My guess would be five, Our numbers hasn't really changed as of yet but with this primer thing I expect it will drop next year.
  12. The spray can type? How often do you reapply the PTFE dry lube?
  13. LOL what I was kinda thinking. Can a primer only round send the bullet out of a 2" muzzle?
  14. Even with fiberoptic rods in my irons I still had a difficult time transitioning from target to target at seed. So much easier to line up one easy to see dot and the target.
  15. Sooner or later you will have to re-chrono. Why not load some at 5.4 & 5.5 and chrono just to make sure?
  16. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/290643-price-gouging-extraordinair/
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