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  1. No one would disagree we live in interesting times. A few weeks ago I received my order from Precision Delta. I found my box on my doorstep torn, wet with half of my order gone. I received an e-mail from them asking how my order went. I explained and sent them pictures of the box. Precision Delta resent me another order. I cannot say enough about this company. Thank You! Precision Delta.
  2. Only downside I can think of is a little more lead dust in the air. But most peeps wear mask these days.
  3. I checked mine also. Mine can be adjusted to hold my gun as yours does. It's more of a friction than click retention holster.
  4. Not sure about a locking block but.... Have you got one of these already?https://www.glockstore.com/Tungsten-Guide-Rod-For-Gen5
  5. Found out by accident I've been using a 36yd zero and didn't realize it. I normally sight in at 50yds. Later I check my 100yd zero and adjust the bullet impact 2-3" high. Yesterday don't know why I wanted to see where I impacted at 36yds. i was blown away at the results. I 've been using a 36yd zero and didn't realize it. Boy I wasted a lot of time in the past.
  6. One of our LGS's I visited a few weeks ago had Wolf 55grn fmj for $628.00 a case. A guy bought two cases while I was there.
  7. Pretty good show! I'm up to season 4.8 now
  8. #$@! It's been showing up at our range.
  9. "Stock touching belt, muzzle downrange, safety on”. I would see the green dot on a target from one of our shooters.
  10. I liked the heavier bullets but had a lot of trouble because the timer was not picking up the shots. Yeah I know.
  11. How does your case/head look from your fired brass? Any unusual markings from the extractor?
  12. Just checked and the button was there. Maybe it was the type of bullet I was ordering? 40cal. 165 fmj
  13. Precision Delta bullets have been GREAT! Came home to find a box on my doorstep. Wet and half of the bullets missing. No fault to Precision Delta bullets the box was double taped. Ginger contacted me follow up to see how my experience was and if I would respond. Ginger said my order will be reshipped.
  14. Nope! And I'm planning to watch the next one. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10148174/
  15. All of the above plus Night of the Living Dead & Terminator
  16. https://www.redhilltactical.com/ Being a lefty this where I go, If they don't have one in stock they will make you one. That's what they did for me.
  17. Yes, just to plan where and when I will reload. 10rds here in The Peoples Republic Of Hawaii
  18. Focusing on the first note of the beep..
  19. Agreed! Been shooting PCC for the past year. Just went back to production. I zeroed the classifier yesterday! I cant remember the last time I zeroed anything!!!
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