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  1. Well, I have an X5 already and a Legion on the way. I'm pretty excited to read this. I'll just swap barrels out of my X5 to shoot CO...but it sounds like I'll have a legal ported barrel from the Legion to shoot in production! Haha.
  2. Seems to me that the only way to really know would be to shoot them back to back. I know some really good shooters that prefer the G17 over the G34. From personal experience, I do seem to shoot the G17 better than the G34...but that has never stopped me believing that I should shoot the G34 better than the G17. Relative to big Sigs and small sigs in CO, I had a P320 that I shot a few matches in CO about a year ago. I didn't do well and sold it almost immediately. I now have an X5 that I'm shooting in CO...I'm still not doing great. I think familiarity with a dot is a much bigger factor than the balance of the gun for me at this point, and I think that is what it will come down to for most people - balance. Basically, shoot them back to back and see which one arrives and returns to target better for you. Another thing I'd suggest thinking about before you decide is the recoil spring being right for you in each gun. I think the wrong spring in a gun is a much bigger failing than the "wrong" slide length.
  3. I had between 500 and a 1000 rounds through my Gen2 MPX when it stopped firing. I inspected the firing pin and found that I couldn't get it to extend past the bolt face. I took pictures and sent them to Sig thinking it had broken. They were great to deal with and sent me an updated bolt carrier and a new firing pin in less than a week, no questions asked. But I couldn't get the new firing pin past the bolt face either! After some fumbling around, I discovered that my Titegroup load had gummed up the bolt. The firing pin has an angled neck before the tip, and that neck had packed the buildup good and tight -- so tight that it felt like metal-to-metal contact pushing the pin through by hand. After scraping it out, the gun is as good as new with the original parts. I guess I should be embarrassed about my poor gun maintenance habits, but mostly I'm just thankful for Sig's customer service. Not only did they take care of a problem that wasn't theirs, they taught me a valuable lesson about the importance of cleaning my junk. Now I feel like I should send them some money for the parts... By the way, I love this gun!
  4. I had the exact same experience with 147s and my one Gen1 mag. It would run factory ammo but not my 147 production loads. I tried to sell it and couldn't even give it away (still have it if someone does want it). The Gen2s have been 100% reliable no matter the load I've put in them.
  5. I'm currently running an Aimpoint Pro. I wanted to try a C-MORE RDS but ended up buying a Steiner MRS today when I saw it on sale for under $300. Now I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with it before I go through the trouble of buying a riser and putting it on my MPX for PCC. Any thoughts?
  6. I struggled with this too before buying a GMR-13. I have an SBR already and had been thinking about setting up a PCC on top of that. After playing around with my existing SBR though, I found that I prefer the handling of a longer gun for a bunch of reasons. Those reasons combined are more important to me than the split second I might pick up with an SBR once or twice a match when I might have to enter and leave a port. Even with an SBR, the gun is going to come off my shoulder doing that. The GMR-13 I picked up has a 14.5" barrel with pinned comp for a total length of 16". The hand guard is something like 14", and that is as short as I'd want it. Any shorter and I have to think pretty hard about not grabbing the end of the barrel when coming on and off the gun with my support hand. Others might not have this problem, but it was the factor I ended up making my decision on. I still think SBRs are super cool, but for me they are most useful when I make them longer with a suppressor...which I can't do in PCC. Haha.
  7. If I could only shoot one match a year, it would be this one. The only downside is that I'm going to have a hard time getting excited about the monthly USPSA match now. Everything else I've shot just pales in comparison to grenade launchers and full-autos with night vision IR lasers and thermal scopes. This match is a once in a lifetime thing for me that I've been lucky enough to participate in twice! Seriously awesome stuff! Thank you to Chuck, Crimson Trace (a firm believer ever since last year's match) and everyone else involved in pulling it off. It was the highlight of the year for me - right up there with my daughter taking her first steps. ; )
  8. Even a shotgun shoots nice groups at 10 yards. : )
  9. I just broke one in with 50 passes of JB compound followed with shooting 1 and cleaning for 10 rounds, and then shooting 2 and cleaning for 10 rounds. I don't have any way of knowing if it worked, but it sure was a pain in the ass! The rifle is shooting consistent sub MOA with my 69 GR reloads, but 2 MOA with PMC 55 GR. It may have done this without the break in. ; )
  10. This will by my last post on the topic. If you have any specific questions, you can PM me. Thanks again for all your help! Trevor See the video below of how the rifle is shooting after coming back from Salient:
  11. Alan was very specific about how the rifle was shooting for him. It is possible that he meant to say 40 yards. If he repeatedly added an extra 0 to 40 by accident, that typo would explain everything. Salient has only officially worked on one SunDevil lower. The one I bought was not that lower. This was a parts gun, but the parts weren't produced or sanctioned by Salient. I know exactly who sold Alan the rifle, who put the logo on, etc. I'm ready for this thread to die though. No point in dragging anybody into this that I didn't have direct interaction with. In the end, because of Salient, I got a great deal on a great rifle. Thanks, guys.
  12. Original sale thread: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=151992&st=0&p=1704078&hl=sailent&fromsearch=1entry1704078
  13. I didn't want to post any of this, especially not until I got confirmation that there is actually something wrong with the gun that can't be explained by my shooting or by something that might have happened during shipping. I still don't like posting this, but I think the body of evidence points to dishonesty in the classified forums, and that should probably be public information. I just don't see how it is possible that this rifle was shooting well for the previous owner. Below is enough information for you to draw your own conclusions. I edited out one sentence that I just don't feel right about making public. Salient is not charging me for the new barrel, and I have continued to be impressed by my interaction with them. Hi Alan, After doing everything possibly to get this rifle to shoot straight (better than 3 in groups at 100 yards), I contacted Salient Arms International. I found out the rifle was not built by them. I'm guessing it was put together by XXXX from parts. That doesn't make it a Salient gun as you advertised it. I'd be ok with that if only it shot well. It doesn't. Before I slander you on the forums, I'm giving you a chance to respond. Looking for help in figuring out what was going on with the rifle, I started this thread: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=154819&st=0&gopid=1733429entry1733429 Below is the post I'm waiting to submit pending your reply: Thanks for all the advice everyone. I had planned to follow it, but now I'll be shipping the gun off instead. I reached the owner of Salient Arms today. He was fantastic to deal with, but the bottom line is that this rifle was not built by Salient Arms. How it got engraved as such is a subject for them to look into and for me to forget about. I do not want a gun with their brand that isn't their product, and I'm sure they don't want the gun on the market either. I'll be shipping it to them tomorrow. Unbelievably, they are stepping up to help me even though they have no obligation to do so. Adrian's outlook generally and on "customer" service specifically was impressive and above the norm. Based on that interaction, I'm tempted to scrap this rifle and buy a real one. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, financial sense is still somewhat alive in me. I don't know exactly what to expect at the end of this process, but since Salient wouldn't have sent the rifle out the door with their name on it to begin with, which they didn't, I'm going to let them know it is ok with me that they remove the Salient etching. Despite everything, I've still got some good parts. With the addition of a good barrel, I'll have a nice rifle. The gun was advertised on this forum incorrectly as a Salient Arms International built rifle. I think the person I bought it from may have been misled by the person he bought it from. I have no hard feelings about that. The following, on the other hand, I am pretty steamed about. "Well at 400 yards it groups in the 1" range off the bipod and the scope your looking at as it is a 6.5x20 x 50 EFR that has been boosted or doubled by premier reticle....I use that scope on my Anshutz for silhouette. The barrel I think came from Larue, Length of the gas system have no idea. I know it has a adjustable gas block as XXXX was adjusting it when the gun was delivered as I test fired it." -- Alan "Hi Alan, One question. You said 1" at 400 yards. I assume you were trying to say 1 moa out to 400 yards, making the 400 yard group 4 inches? Have you ever shot for groups at 100 yards? If there is any way you can find out the make of the barrel, I'd appreciate it." -- Trevor "Yeah 4 inch groups are a breeze at 400 yards. I am not a bench rest guy. I was shooting at 1" stickers on 6" plates at 400 yards...." -- Alan If it sounds too good to be true, I guess it is. : ) Live and learn. Education is expensive. Hi Trevor. I purchased the gun from XXXX XXXXX. It was sold to me as being assembled by Sailent Arms and the engraving on the rifle matched my M2 also built by Sailent Arms it was purchased by XXXXXXXXX of XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX. That is about all I know. How the gun is grouping for you is not what I experienced. I found it to pull very tight groups and repeatable 90% of my shooting of that rifle was with a high power scope which is a 14.5x35x50 primer reticle bumped leupold and a bipod and federal match ammo not a 1-5x40 the difference between the two is considerable with regard to results. I had good dealings with Sailent, and XXXX and that rifle. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Alan. I've shot many, many 1/2 inch groups with 4 power scopes on previous rifles (both JPs). This scope has a 1/2 moa dot in the center and is actually quite good for shooting groups targeting a 1/2 inch dot. In any case, after talking to Salient, I figured XXXX had sold you the rifle and that Salient hadn't. [sentence removed] Whoever put the engraving on this rifle didn't have permission to do it, and the rifle isn't in the books as a gun Salient worked on officially. I have no way of knowing what is going on other than that my experience with you has been nothing but positive. My experience with Salient has been nothing but positive. My experience with the rifle is the only negative. I'll simply post that the rifle is on its way back to Salient to be looked at. Thank you again for getting back to me with additional data. I believe you and believe that Salient will make good on XXXX's shady transaction. Sorry my panties were in a bunch there for a moment. : ) Sincerely, Trevor Trevor: No worries about the panties in a bunch thing. Best of luck with the rifle.
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