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  1. Are you talking SVI or STI?
  2. I use the brush side of a file card
  3. Thanks Ethan. Reminder for everyone, registration opens for this match in just over a week.
  4. Is it a factory built infinity? You were pretty vague about that..
  5. The section it goes under is chosen when the MD submits the Form C. It is a drop down on the form. For example I chose “Major Match” when submitting the form C for our sectional, because I’m a moron
  6. I see the 9mm sight tracker as useful for 3 gun or range fun. 9mm single port is for steel challenge or maybe 3 gun open?
  7. I think JEM is making something similar.
  8. Message from Ryan Clouse, Illinois Sectional Match Director 2017, 2018, 2019: Save the date! I've decided to run the 2020 Illinois Sectional once again. Match is scheduled for August 28th, 29th, and 30th of 2020, with staff shooting on the 28th. Will once again be located in Havana Illinois and once again, presented by SNS Casting. Match will be same format as this past year with full day shoots Saturday or Sunday and 2 split day (half Saturday / half Sunday) squads. Look for another build from Carne Customs, most likely another limited rig with the help of Cheely Custom Gunworks. Once again, shooters will be treated, at no cost to them, with a catered BBQ lunch from Bandana's BBQ. Registration will open early January. Thanks everybody! It's because of you that I keep doing this. You all make it worthwhile of my time.
  9. Not a factory option, but you can order the gun from CZ custom shop and they can finish it however you want and do anything else you want for a pretty reasonable price
  10. I would buy a Dan Wesson PM7 or PM9
  11. Yes. SVI makes them as well with a chopped off beaver tail and magwell
  12. Gotta keep you on your toes. It’s not a tripping hazard, but then again neither are most things I’ve tripped and fell over before.
  13. I just got the phone call from SV - my order placed 7/31/18 will be here tomorrow, 8/14/19.
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