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  1. Lightly used for a DVC limited means it’s on its third barrel in 2000 rounds
  2. Guys, the OP is looking for a recommendation on a gunsmith that can build a quality, bespoke 1911. Please refrain from recommendations on factory guns like Wilson’s, LB, Springfield, etc. speaking through PMs, this person shoots over 10 majors a year, and is sick of breaking barrel lugs on low quality guns like STIs.
  3. Technically I already do, as much as I fix all your super great Factory guns like the STIs
  4. Well that’s it. Sounds like you’re ordering an Infinity.
  5. CZ bought out Dan Wesson 10 years or so back
  6. I always snap the spring onto the FP before I insert it into the slide. Then assemble it as one unit.
  7. So the firing pin stop won’t clear the firing pin when you slide it in? Or the firing pin won’t come out the front of the Breech face? I’m trying to picture the issue.
  8. Well, the firing pin goes into the slide, not the frame. So that might be your problem.
  9. The SV aggressive is a bit more aggressive than PT. The grip is also shaped different (I find the front strap very square compared to my SV’s). when I ordered mine, I selected the AMP, but asked them to dehorn it, so they cut the pockets to a slightly different depth. I really like it. I can flip it in my Hand but can also grip it fine in the dead of a humid summer day.
  10. I installed the pivoting extractor on my gun and a friends about 6 months ago. Function has been perfect. One less thing to worry about it as it’s a system less prone to failure. as far as the honey nip grip: I played with a few when I was there in the fall. I have a few-Horned aggressive micro pocket on my gun. So it’s little spikes everywhere. With the honey nips, you only really feel the spikes on the nips themselves, not the sides of the hexagons. So the spikeys feel more already out than my IMP. If you were getting one of the Skate Terrain Honey Nip grips, that might be a nice balance
  11. Yes. Every brand does that. Some more than others.
  12. Yeah pre 2008 or even earlier, perhaps the 90s was when they sold the kits that others built on. a nice used Infinity limited gun is around 4K+. There’s some on PractiScore sometimes. Mine, new, was 5400. Base price for a limited gun is about $4500, then I opted for DLC finish which is $600, and a thumb shield which was around $200. A big selling point of buying an infinity is getting exactly you want down to every cut, finish, material type, etc. so for about 1000 more you can go from a quality pistol to a quality pistol built to your exact tastes. it’s worth noting as I type this I’m wearing an infinity shirt and infinity hat. Full disclosure, I’m quite fond of them.
  13. Infinity is currently delivering pistols in 6-8 months. In the last it has been as much as 2 years but with the new facility they’ve moved into, their output has increased. if I came across a used one I’d try to get a feel for how they maintained it. These guns are like Ferraris and maintaining them well can help make them last longer. Just make sure you get a factory gun. A long time ago they sold slide and frame kits and there’s lots of those out there that will not hold a candle to a real deal Infinity.
  14. I think they went to the small rollmark around 2012
  15. The infinity grip (Cheely is a knock off of the infinity) has a rounder front strap, while the PT grip has slightly more squared front corners.
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