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Found 13 results

  1. So I just bought my SECOND P320 X5 Legion. I’m having a blast shooting the first one. I bought the GreyGuns Competition Trigger Kit for it and did the installation. I knew GG was one of the leaders and just pushed the ‘easy button’. With the popularity of the X5, I’m seeing now that there are more options than I knew. With just a little reading here, I’ve found “The Sig Armorer”, “Armory Craft” and of course Grey Guns. I was wondering how many more options are out there? What is the collective experience with the other kits and work? I’ll star
  2. Im shooting Sig Max 1911s for single stack. The oem extractor started to fail at around 10k and was very rounded and worn down. I found the EGW was the only after market replacement part and it was also reported as better than Sigs. So I ordered 7 extractors and pin and spring sets. (I have 2 9mms and 2 45s pulse a few spares) Now less than 3K rounds later Iv broken 3 of them. EGW replaced the one I have sent back no questions. The hook broke on all three. Do you need to fit a external extractor? I thought it was plug and play. I can tell the hook is bottoming out on the grove and no
  3. Need some help please. I just received my CR Versa pouches to be used for my Sig P320 X5 Legion in CO division. Which mag insert is supposed to be the correct one? The #2/large/Berretta/CZ mag insert will hold the mag IF I adjust the tension all the way out, but releases very hard. If I put in the medium insert ( the one that comes pre-installed) then I need to tighten the tension all the way in and it still doesn't hold the mag securely. Also, there is a piece that I guess you could say looks like a Swiss Army knife toothpick. It is 1/4" wide x 1-3/4" long with a 1/4" x 1/4" square bloc
  4. I did a search through the forum and was unable to find anything. Does anyone own both of these or has anyone switched from one to the other. There's obviously a ton of literature out there on the 34 but I'm interested in knowing how these two compare to each other for out of the box production shooting value.
  5. I have a SIG P320-M17 with a DeltaPoint Pro that I intend on shooting in IDPA CO. That pistol is SSP legal and so should be just fine in CO. But if I want to replace the stock grip module (a standard carry grip module) with a full-size XGRIP like the XFIVE, would that be SSP legal without the magwell extension? With the magwell, would it be ESP legal (and so CO legal, too)? The root question, I suppose, is whether or not swapping a standard grip for an XGRIP is still legal.
  6. I'm thinking about getting into CO Division, and am curious on what's been working best for people in terms of slide length. As a long time Master in Open and Limited, I'm very familiar with the two primary benefits of a longer slide in other those divisions....longer sight radius (for iron sights), and more muzzle velocity with a longer barrel (advantage for making major PF). But for a minor gun with a red dot, neither of these are really a factor. It could also be argued that, at least to some extent, a longer slide provides more static weight in the dust cover to mitigate muzz
  7. Hi folks, I recently bought an X5 and love it. However, I may be in the minority here but I’m not crazy about the straight trigger. I’ve shot a 320 and really prefer the feel of the curved trigger. I bought the X5 for all the features it does have over the 320. I’m getting great results in Production, but I just prefer the curved trigger. I’ve sent GGI an email about it, waiting to hear back. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  8. connie123

    Romeo 1

    Where to buy screws to mount Romeo 1, besides sig factory
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw4SPq9QnWM
  10. connie123

    P320 v-tac

    Is it possible to mill the slide on a v-tac to fit a Romeo 1.
  11. Looking at purchasing a new dot and am stuck between the DPP and Romeo 3. I have heard loads of good about both but would like to here more of the finer points. I ran a Vortex prior in 3moa but the brightness was less than efficient in the bright sun, but I liked the smaller dot for longer shots. So I'm undecided if I want to try a larger size 6 moa or 8moa. Any one have direct comparison or photos with both? Brightness and battery life? Durability? Window size? Ect. I want to be certain before I drop the cash. Thanks APOLO.
  12. I bought myself a new sig 1911 tacops 9mm. Gun is pretty nice out of the box however I would like to change the front sight. Does anyone have any idea what the height of the sight is without removing it? I would like to try the ameriglo square tritium sight. https://www.opticsplanet.com/ameriglo-front-tritium-night-sight-for-sig-springfield-xd-8-green-with-orange-sq.html
  13. Wanted to clarify the rules of using MPX 9mm converted to rifle for PCC uspsa division. The gun came in with 8” barrel and no stock. It did not say in the website if it was a pistol or SBR. And so I bought the gun thinking I can modify it by adding what most people do like a throsden adapter with buffer tube and adj stock then pin/weld barrel with taccom shroud to make it 16”. Is this legal to USPSA and NFA? TIA
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