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  1. Gun1

    Wear on P320/365 FCU?

    Good morning, I'm curious as to how well a P320/365 FCU holds up if used for competition. I've heard that the slide rails on the FCU look worn past 20k although not yet worn-out, and that the ejector on the FCU looks worn at around 30k although also still not worn out. Then I've heard someone with 100k through a single FCU say his rails and ejector on his FCU look brand new. So I'm wondering, those of you who've used modular Sigs for competition, how well do the FCUs hold up?
  2. I have 2 XLs in 6moa, both bought off this forum, one was supposedly new never fired and the other used very little. Seems buttons have been causing problems for others and I was told since these sights have motac and good battery life just don't press the buttons and let them turn themselves off. Well one doesn't seem to be turning off. Every time I looked at it in safe it was on. I thought maybe opening my safe made enough vibration where it turned on. Well its been sitting in various places today and every time I've looked at it its on. Looking at the warranty statement in the manual these dots are covered without registration to whomever owns it for five years from the date of manufacture. I am thinking about after this weekends match sending the one not MOTAC-ing in for repair. For those of you that have been sending them in what are they doing? Repairing, replacing boards or just reissuing new sights? I assume both my dots are somewhere under two years old since they were built. Should I just use the buttons normally and if they wear out so be it and hope it happens in the next three years? I like these XL dots but once again feel like I am doing the beta testing for sig...
  3. Used my P320 legion for a 7k biathlon that involved total water immersion. I noticed that within a few hours (just long enough to pack everything up, grab dinner, and drive home) a considerable amount of light surface rust built up. A thorough cleaning was sufficient to remove it, but the magazines are a different story. I'm having trouble removing the rust on the inside of the mags, and the springs (disassembled obviously). A very fine steel wool works on the parts I can reach, but I'm struggling with the small areas. Any tips for removing rust, and/or preventing it in the first place? Many of my other firearms have endured worse, and so long as they were cleaned before storage, they were fine.
  4. I learned the basics of marksmanship from the Army and went to a couple USPSA matches in 2016. I took a five year break from competitive shooting due to work and getting heavily involved with Jiu Jitsu. I'm still in the Army and train jiu jitsu... However, I caught the shooting bug last month and I've been competing almost every weekend, reading Ben Stoeger's book series (along with signing up for his 30-31OCT class), watched Keith Garcia's 3 gun DVD, waiting on Jerry Miculek’s 3 gun DVD, bought a Mantis X 10 etc. I plan on hopefully competing in the 2021 ALL ARMY MATCH –US ARMY SMALL ARMS CHAMPIONSHIPS 14-20 March I'll include my gear list and pictures below.. I recently bought a Sig P320 X5. I love the look and feel but I'm worried with some of the barrel/slide fit issues I've seen that have been causing accuracy issues. I've messaged a few people on this forum to get their thoughts on it. I am now very tempted to get a match barrel fitted from The Sig Armorer (along with his trigger). Here are the results of my zero range. I shot sitting and supported the weapon on the table and still generally bounced between 3-5" at 20 yards using 124 grain freedom munitions remanufactured ammo. https://imgur.com/a/s2YrdYd Gear List: https://imgur.com/a/MGzwluu Production Pistol: Sig P320 X5 Legion. Stock. Recently purchased. Will transition this pistol to Carry Optics in March of 2022 Carry Optics Pistol: Glock 34. Timney Alpha trigger (will send to Johnny Glock for competition upgrade soon), Trijicon SRO, non co witness Dawson Precision sights, Talon grip Rifle: JP CTR-02 Match Ready Rifle Billet upper and lower, Adjustable gas block .750 bore low profile, Barrel: 18" light contour 1:8 twist, Compensator: JPTRE-2S, Trigger: JP 3.5-4lb , Low mass bolt carrier, Hogue pistol grip, ACE-ARFX-QD, Skeleton butt stock with qd Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 1-6x24 with JM-1 BDC, Vortex optics cantilever ring mount with 3" offset ADR for 30mm tubes Shotgun: Benelli M2 (Accurate Iron package) Belt: Safariland 032 ELS belt, 5197 holster witth USPSA kit for the Glock 34, Ben Stoeger DOH for the Legion,3x773 pistol pouches, 3x774 rifle pouches, 2xshot gun caddies (can't remember model) Self-defense pistol: Glock 19 gen 4 with Accurate Iron trigger and grip job, TTI sights
  5. I have a couple of Max Michel's in 40 and the rear sight on the one notch plate is loose. Sig doesn't make the rear sight for this gun anymore and I was wondering if there is a "drop in" replacement that someone knows about? I tried a Dawson LPA but the dovetail angles and length didn't fit. Thanks
  6. So I just bought my SECOND P320 X5 Legion. I’m having a blast shooting the first one. I bought the GreyGuns Competition Trigger Kit for it and did the installation. I knew GG was one of the leaders and just pushed the ‘easy button’. With the popularity of the X5, I’m seeing now that there are more options than I knew. With just a little reading here, I’ve found “The Sig Armorer”, “Armory Craft” and of course Grey Guns. I was wondering how many more options are out there? What is the collective experience with the other kits and work? I’ll start - GreyGuns Competition Trigger Kit - Pros, Cons and Overall. Pros - The kit seams well made and was GENERALLY easy to install, more on that in the Con’s. You get a couple of sets of springs and the finish on the parts is good. It dropped the pull weight from about 3.5 pounds stock to about 2.6 pounds after installation. I measured multiple pulls with a Lyman digital Trigger Pull gauge. I’ve shot two matches with it since and it’s worked fine. Really limits over travel. Lighter, shorter, less build up (Stack-up) before the break. Reminds me of “rolling" a light revolver trigger. Con’s. - No instructions at all. They do use the disclaimer of use a “qualified Armorer” to install these parts. I’m a Glock LE Armorer and have 25 years of working on Glocks and 2011’s. Even an Armorer needs instructions. After watching all the videos I could find, the install was smooth except the trigger return spring. There’s got to be a better way than the ones I found. Maybe a tool? One video said right out to expect to bend the spring. Feel of the trigger is okay, it does stop the over-travel. At first the over-travel was limited the point the gun would not fire. I had to back out the adjustment screw a quarter turn. Feel overall is quite different than the stock trigger. Overall - It’s staying in the gun for now, but I’m still looking. I wish they told you how to use all the “extra” springs to get different results. I guess it’s up to me to experiment. The first experiment is going to be building a tool to install the Trigger return/triggerbar spring. Part of paying for the kit is expecting to get the “knowledge” needed to use it effectively, maybe that’s an unreasonable expectation on my part? I know when I buy 1911 parts there are no instructions. Glock kits always came with the info. So who else have ya’all used and what do you think ? Really interested in reviews of The SIg Armorer....
  7. Im shooting Sig Max 1911s for single stack. The oem extractor started to fail at around 10k and was very rounded and worn down. I found the EGW was the only after market replacement part and it was also reported as better than Sigs. So I ordered 7 extractors and pin and spring sets. (I have 2 9mms and 2 45s pulse a few spares) Now less than 3K rounds later Iv broken 3 of them. EGW replaced the one I have sent back no questions. The hook broke on all three. Do you need to fit a external extractor? I thought it was plug and play. I can tell the hook is bottoming out on the grove and not the rim of the case so the hook is overly long. Im going to call EGW Monday and try and find out if Im doing it wrong or if they had a bad run. I still have two here are some pics the out side two are the broken ones and the middle is a new one. Thoughts?
  8. Need some help please. I just received my CR Versa pouches to be used for my Sig P320 X5 Legion in CO division. Which mag insert is supposed to be the correct one? The #2/large/Berretta/CZ mag insert will hold the mag IF I adjust the tension all the way out, but releases very hard. If I put in the medium insert ( the one that comes pre-installed) then I need to tighten the tension all the way in and it still doesn't hold the mag securely. Also, there is a piece that I guess you could say looks like a Swiss Army knife toothpick. It is 1/4" wide x 1-3/4" long with a 1/4" x 1/4" square block on one end. What is this for? It is not listed in the mag pouch instructions nor in the parts diagram.
  9. I did a search through the forum and was unable to find anything. Does anyone own both of these or has anyone switched from one to the other. There's obviously a ton of literature out there on the 34 but I'm interested in knowing how these two compare to each other for out of the box production shooting value.
  10. I have a SIG P320-M17 with a DeltaPoint Pro that I intend on shooting in IDPA CO. That pistol is SSP legal and so should be just fine in CO. But if I want to replace the stock grip module (a standard carry grip module) with a full-size XGRIP like the XFIVE, would that be SSP legal without the magwell extension? With the magwell, would it be ESP legal (and so CO legal, too)? The root question, I suppose, is whether or not swapping a standard grip for an XGRIP is still legal.
  11. I'm thinking about getting into CO Division, and am curious on what's been working best for people in terms of slide length. As a long time Master in Open and Limited, I'm very familiar with the two primary benefits of a longer slide in other those divisions....longer sight radius (for iron sights), and more muzzle velocity with a longer barrel (advantage for making major PF). But for a minor gun with a red dot, neither of these are really a factor. It could also be argued that, at least to some extent, a longer slide provides more static weight in the dust cover to mitigate muzzle movement in recoil... but this is offset somewhat by also having more reciprocating mass in the longer slide, as well as more heft to slow down transitions. So many variables to consider here, that it's probably best to leave this factor out. So what do the CO shooters among us prefer, and why? Full length slide, or commander/carry length slide?
  12. Hi folks, I recently bought an X5 and love it. However, I may be in the minority here but I’m not crazy about the straight trigger. I’ve shot a 320 and really prefer the feel of the curved trigger. I bought the X5 for all the features it does have over the 320. I’m getting great results in Production, but I just prefer the curved trigger. I’ve sent GGI an email about it, waiting to hear back. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  13. connie123

    Romeo 1

    Where to buy screws to mount Romeo 1, besides sig factory
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw4SPq9QnWM
  15. connie123

    P320 v-tac

    Is it possible to mill the slide on a v-tac to fit a Romeo 1.
  16. Looking at purchasing a new dot and am stuck between the DPP and Romeo 3. I have heard loads of good about both but would like to here more of the finer points. I ran a Vortex prior in 3moa but the brightness was less than efficient in the bright sun, but I liked the smaller dot for longer shots. So I'm undecided if I want to try a larger size 6 moa or 8moa. Any one have direct comparison or photos with both? Brightness and battery life? Durability? Window size? Ect. I want to be certain before I drop the cash. Thanks APOLO.
  17. I bought myself a new sig 1911 tacops 9mm. Gun is pretty nice out of the box however I would like to change the front sight. Does anyone have any idea what the height of the sight is without removing it? I would like to try the ameriglo square tritium sight. https://www.opticsplanet.com/ameriglo-front-tritium-night-sight-for-sig-springfield-xd-8-green-with-orange-sq.html
  18. Wanted to clarify the rules of using MPX 9mm converted to rifle for PCC uspsa division. The gun came in with 8” barrel and no stock. It did not say in the website if it was a pistol or SBR. And so I bought the gun thinking I can modify it by adding what most people do like a throsden adapter with buffer tube and adj stock then pin/weld barrel with taccom shroud to make it 16”. Is this legal to USPSA and NFA? TIA
  19. All the cool kids use Federal primers for their competition loads. Federals seem to use softer metal and easier to ignite. Sadly, finding them is almost impossible. What's the level of force behind the P320 striker? Can it reliably ignite heavier primers? Does trigger action work like Bruce Gray's affect this?
  20. As a part of my ongoing divisional tour of USPSA, I'm in the process of setting up a carry optics gun. Before I set up a Glock 17 gen 5 with one of my trusty RMRs, or join the dark side and use a 320, I thought I would solicit a few opinions on the best red dot for carry optics. I like and am relatively familiar with the RMR platform, and would use this for self defense, but the lack of dot clarity, blue lens tint, and small field of view is a bit off-putting. I'm seeing a lot of Leupold delta point pros showing up in competition lately, I like the glass quality, and lack of blue lens tint, but have concerns on battery life. Max Michel is having a great deal of success with the Sig optics Romeo 01 (but he's Max Michel), and I like the field of view, but not the biggest fan of the blue tint. Vortex optics has a great reputation and I run a lot of their optics on my more practical rifles. Their warranty is second to none, quality is always good, and I like the Razor I have as a side mount on one of my rifles. All that said I have very little hands on time with the venom, or viper. Any feedback anyone has on what you choose to use and why, or notable issues on the others would be appreciated. Thanks for your time all.
  21. Hello everyone, I put a Ar10 Elftmann Match trigger in my Sig MPX (Gen 2) a few days ago. The first day when I tried to zero it, the trigger failed to reset a few times. I have it set at about 4lbs, and I followed the installation instructions carefully, so I don't think it's user error. I tried manipulating the trigger with the upper off so I could see what is happening. I found the hammer was getting caught on the disconnector. After cycling it a few times, the problem went away so I assumed it was just new and needed to be worked in. Now however, it's impossible to fire the MPX quickly. I tried firing 1 shot, quickly releasing the trigger and pulling it again as fast as possible. The trigger was dead on the 2nd pull as if I failed to reset it properly, however after waiting about 3 seconds with the trigger still pulled, the MPX fired. So I believe the hammer is still getting caught on the disconnector and if you wait long enough, it slips free. For some reason, it only happens when I'm trying to run the trigger fast. The fastest it's ever shot is a 0.17 split. If I run the trigger faster than that, the hammer is gets caught on the disconnector. If I run it slower, it works fine. There are Youtube videos where people file down the contact points, but I'm hesitant to do that. I'll call Elftmann tomorrow, but has anyone else had this problem? Suggestions? Thanks for the help! Kurt
  22. Does anyone out there know if an adapter plate for G34 mos that works with Sig Romeo 1?
  23. X Carry maybe a good option for Carry Optics division since site radius is not important. Shorter and lighter slide might track better and it seems the grip is the same as the XFIVE minus the magwell.
  24. Good price for sig mpx 20rnd mags http://redirect.viglink.com/?format=go&jsonp=vglnk_149477888910746&key=b7ae79680df99d8068666101b1857d9a&libId=j2oug4gu01015pxz000MA1qb3lu4xrax4y&loc=http%3A%2F%2Fsigtalk.com%2F%23%2Ftopics%2F173394%3Fpage%3D1&v=1&out=http%3A%2F%2Fpalmettostatearmory.com%2Fsig-sauer-magazine-mpx-9mm-20rdcapacity-keymod-mag-mpx-9-20-km.html&title=SIG Talk&txt=Sig Sauer Magazine MPX 9mm 20rd Magazine - MAG-MPX-9-20-KM<%2Fspan>
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