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  1. I've shot both and for competition I prefer the 4 weight SCS. The 5 weight actually has more buffering potential beyond just the weights as the slide is made out of steel vs the aluminum of the 4 weight slide. The 5 weight actually felt softer to me but the dot moved way more and my double taps were usually alpha charlie instead of two alpha with the 4 weight at the same distance. If I was shooting recreationally, had a higher caliber gun like 40 or 45, or had a bolt that needed the weight removed to be compatible with a SCS I would run the 5 weight.
  2. My GMR-15. CTR upper, 16" barrel cut to 13.75", crowned, and rethreaded to 5/8-24 for the titanium 3 port comp. Weighed in at 6.2 pounds as you see it.
  3. I just saw the news that the Tactical Shotgun Championship is back this year. Can't say how excited I am about shooting that match again. MN 3gun Group FB page
  4. I did the Sterling thing once before (and missing all the targets) so wanted to do something different
  5. So you can do cool stuff like tagging steel from the hip in a Stormtrooper costume!
  6. You can text me at 260-229-0717 for PayPal info and ship to.


  7. Am I reading the stage descriptions correctly and seeing that shotgun slings aren't mentioned? Another first timer question, is it prudent to bring some heavy hitting hunting loads or is that an edge case gamer thing? Our local matches restrict shotgun to low brass shells so I don't know anything about that aspect of shotgun.
  8. There's a stubby lever for that safety, it's part number SL-3 I think. Maybe try that and see if it helps. They're cool rifles though, I made the mistake of shooting one and now I want one bad
  9. I mostly do dumb stuff that entertains me, sometimes I get lucky and it entertains others. This has also led to me having a picture with Jerry while wearing a Three Keyboard Cat Moon shirt.
  10. It was the last match for the indoor league, they hand out trophys for everyone then hold two small stages. It's usually BUG orientated, so I figured it was a good venue for the suit with limited round count and minimal movement. The one stage being 24 rounds threw me off but ended up working out ok.
  11. I saw this video when I came up with this idea to see if it had been done before, you kicked ass at the match while I planned to zero everything.
  12. Our indoor winter league had its trophy night match where they distribute plaques and have two small stages, so I figured that was the perfect venue to try out my newly completed Stormtrooper armor. A coworker borrowed me his Sterling 9mm pistol and I did my best to miss every target like a good stormtrooper. This table start blew as I can't see anything below my nose level with the helmet on and bending over isn't the easiest.
  13. Getting a handguard in a shorter length would cut weight for you, but I don't think ditching the TD is worth it. It's aluminum and not out at the front of the gun like the handguard, so I don't think you'll notice the difference as much. Plus it looks awesome and sometimes you have to make sacrifices to be cool.
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