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  1. I was wondering the same thing. Is the Dawson sight noticeably narrower?
  2. I have about 500-600 rounds through it at this point. I'm a long-time striker-fired pistol guy, but not a novice with DA/SA guns. I've shot stock CZs, as well as ones fully worked over by Cajun. So, I'm pretty comfortable with the delta between where it is now versus where it could theoretically be taken. It's a damn good gun, but I see how it could benefit from a few tweaks. Just wanted to find out what people think those minor mods should be.
  3. Recently bought an S2 and I would like to improve the gun (within reason). Not interested in sending it off to CZC or CGW...just want to do what I can with DIY upgrades that require no (or very minute) gunsmithing. Given those constraints, what would experienced users of Shadow 2s suggest I look at with my gun? Input appreciated.
  4. Anybody know if the RRK forces you to use Federal primers in your ammo? Or are the harder primers like CCI still viable?
  5. Gryff

    P320 X5 Thread

    Ack. Just reading about that now. Not good (although they said the X5 with flat trigger does not appear to have the problem). https://www.outdoorhub.com/news/2017/08/07/video-sig-p320-dramatically-fails-drop-test/?utm_source=FbMain
  6. Gryff

    P320 X5 Thread

    Nope. It's a good trigger. But like any other striker-fired production gun, it isn't a "custom" trigger. A good shooter can make do with it as is. Or it can be modified by a smith or enhancement kit to work better for a shooter's skill set.
  7. Gryff

    P320 X5 Thread

    I'm not optimistic. I can see Sig saying that the X5 is a special product that is degraded when not purchased as a complete unit. Therefore it will never be available as a conversion kit. I like my P320, but Sig works hard to change my mind about that.
  8. Gryff

    P320 X5 Thread

    More importantly, will the X5 be available as a kit for existing 320 users? Or when they said that it was a modular system, were they only kidding (kind of like with the .45acp option)?
  9. Sanctioned match officials are not the same as organization officials. This is like a someone okaying a new-to-market mod at a regional match equipment check, but then NROI later announces the mod is not legal. That at being said, I do agree that the sport has a tried-and-true history of inconsistency. IMO, this is one of the problems with it being a privately owned entity. The membership is not entitled to having a say in any of the decision making process.
  10. Seeing lots of aggressive pricing on MPX Gen1 mags, but I have a Gen2 gun. Sig says the combination will work, but can anyone provide real-world experience?
  11. Someone has to take responsibility. If you try to do everything by committee, you destroy all efficiency. A DQ call should be made if there is no question by the RO that the offense occurred. But sometimes the RO sees it wrong, and sometimes the shooter fervently believes they didn't commit the offense when they actually did. It's the breaks, especially when the shooter is pushing the performance limits that they approach DQ territory. I believe though that major match directors should spend some time looking into the reputation of the people who sign up to RO their match. Personally, I know a handful of ROs who I will never let work at a match of mine because they have no objectivity and are too focused on their personal authority. It is important to keep the range nazis out of the championship matches because they cannot leave their personal biases at home.
  12. Agreed. I know people say that the triggers smooth out into the 4.5-5# range, but I want 2-3# in my competition guns. Given the target market of this model, it's really disappointing that FN has not done much work on market acceptance.
  13. 10,000 people carry compact guns on a daily basis. 317 people use carry optics on a daily basis. IDPA made the right call since they were only adding one division. Better to go with one that actually represents real shooters rather than going with the trendy one.
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