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  1. I am also having problems. I had a 5.56 VLTOR upper that worked great. Didn't like the gas in the face. Changed the upper to a matrix arms 9mm side charger. VLTOR ran flawless, I only get 4 to 5 rounds before a jam. Of course you contact the various manufactures and they point at other manufacturers. What I did notice was a lot of slop in the ejector. I actually think the ejector is missing the brass some times. I shimmed the ejector with a 0.022" feeler gauge. I've also filed the ejector to contact the brass and push it out directly out the ejection port. I think in my case it the overall tolerance of the setup and the small ejection port. I'm thinking of opening the port. I decided that a unreliable rifle won't work for competition. So I bought a SIG MPX. Locking bolt will minimize the unburnt powder and fouling. Sit want to get the rifle running, love the side charger. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I've heard X Products and Matrix Arms are the same. I have a quarter circle 10 lower, worked great with a 556 VLTOR upper, now I'm getting spent brass wedged about a live round feeding in the chamber. Emailed Matrix Arms, was pointed everywhere but their upper. I will take a look at everything, but I know I have a gouge in my upper where the bolt slammed on an empty case. Love the side charger layout, hate the gas in the face with a standard upper.
  3. Here is my issue I have a quarter circle 10 lower. I had a blotter upper with raptor charging handle. Functioned fine. I changed to the matrix side charging and jamming about every 4th or 5th round. Running 147gr @139pf. Ran a few 115gr @ 160pf it ran great. Not sure if it's the upper or the load, will adjust the load and try it again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Gary Natale at Gansguns.com. Pages of slide cuts to choose from. Prices are listed. Send him a box of parts and get a complete gun back quick. My open gun was finished in a week and a half. It runs like a top.
  5. Check the feed lips on the mag. It looks like the front of thefeed lips are narrower than the rear.
  6. +1 for Gans Guns, Gary is fast and good. Checkout his website, gansguns.com.
  7. Gary Natale at Gans Guns. Fast turnaround, good prices, and will do bluing. Plus he has pages of slide cuts on his website. I had a full custom open gun built. Sent a box of parts and in a week and a half I had a open gun. It's getting close to a year old, not problems, always runs.
  8. JMontie


    Not in NJ, but Gary Natale from Gans Guns is good and fast. Built my open gun in less than a week and a half.
  9. I've got a 90 degree offset mount, and I'm right handed. I had no problem putting the slide racker on the left side. It works like a charm. I would try left side first, if you have problems swap it. They make extended slide rackers for 90 degree mounts.
  10. Gary is good. He did my Open gun in a week and a half. I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I got back was much more than I expected. I haven't had a problem with the gun. Plenty of shooter problems and some mag problems. My scores have improved.
  11. GansGuns.com, Gary Natale is the gunsmith. Checkout the website, lots of slide cuts. Send him a box of parts and get your gun back fast. He did mine in less that 2 weeks, haven't had any problems.
  12. JMontie

    para p189

    Mine came with a Smith and Alexander mag guide, it worked fine.
  13. JMontie

    para p189

    As far as Magazines, MBX or SPS will work. I've got both, MBX is more expensive but probably better. SPS is about 2/3rds the price from Spain. I'm not sure about the Deltapoint, I've got one on a XDM that worked fine shooting minor.
  14. JMontie

    para p189

    The first open gun I bought was a Para. Still got it, the only problem I have with it is the dust cover is so thin. Don Fraley at Advanced Weapons Technology 606-923-4564 built the one I have. Here is a thread on Open Para'shttp://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=224568
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