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  1. I have an X5 match target Bar-Sto barrel and it shows a metric crap ton of wear marks and scratches. I don't care about it but just worth noting if you want stainless.
  2. FINALLY got to compare my Burke trigger job to a GG competition kit. I installed the kit on my buddy's stock P320. I have to give it to Burke. I like his better. I know there's a HUGE price difference and down time but it's worth it to me if you're looking for an entirely different feeling trigger compared to stock. In a nutshell the GG kit feels like a lighter stock trigger to me. Probably not a fair statement but that's how it feels to me after dry firing both back to back a few times. The GG kit still has a bit of travel before the striker releases. Reset is better on the GG though. The Burke trigger only has a smidge of travel before the striker releases. The Burke reset is weak compared to the GG. Both triggers have similar pull weights.
  3. Piggy backing on this post. I can't get my LabRadar to pick up my suppressed 6.5CM bolt gun with a TBAC Ultra 7. Frustrating to say the least. I just ordered an airgun mic for it to see if that'll help. Trust me, I tried every position and it did not pick up anything. Not even once..
  4. I guess my friend’s X5 could be considered v1.0 in a sense that it has the silver barrel. I believe mine is July 2018 production.
  5. 021411

    320 mags in X5?

    Standard capacity mags will fit in the X5 without the mag well.
  6. Anyone ever experience their unit shutting off after each shot? Mine started doing that today. I’m using a third party battery pack that I never had issues with before. Edited to add: I was shooting indoors and muzzle was about 2-3" from the side of the unit. The output side was 2.1A on the battery pack. Again, never had issues before even with the setup and placement. I switched to the 2.4A side and it worked. Maybe the 2.1A isn't putting out enough juice but then again it worked fine previous 3 outings.
  7. Linked up with my buddy yesterday at the range with his X5. Yeah night and day difference comparing stock barrel to stock barrel. Within 15 yards will mine still hit A zones? Sure, but I demand more.
  8. After 3 days of shooting the trigger is breaking in nicely. 5 pull average is now 2# 14.6 oz. Wish the trigger would magically lose another 6-7 oz. lol
  9. If your factory barrel is driving rounds on top of each other than I don't think it's worth the squeeze. I doubt you can gain that much more going with an aftermarket one. $125.. The barrel was completely oversized as it was the "Match Target" offering from Bar-Sto.
  10. I know there are purists out there that would balk at the idea of an aftermarket barrel in a perfectly working gun. Oh well. I'm completely satisfied with the purchase and would do it all over again and twice on Sunday. I have my Steel Challenge load down pat now. I settled on 105gr with 3.0gr of Titegroup. Soft enough yet strong enough to cycle the 10# spring. Accuracy is superb. I'm still not sure if I want to use 147gr for the other stuff. Not sure how I feel about the recoil impulse. I ordered some 124 and 135 to mess with.
  11. Hope you found your answer within the last 10 days but if not 10# is what I settled on shooting 147gr at 135 power factor in my P320 X5. The 150gr Syntech is advertised as 130 PF based on their published velocity. Either way try it out. With that said, I think you'll be fine in the 10-13# range.
  12. Thanks again to all. I re-tested my factory barrel for grins and it blows. I cannot for the life of me get it to group tightly even when benched. Maybe I'm expecting too much from the factory barrel.
  13. She ran like a top! Adjusting the numbers made all the difference in the world. I had no issues even with a 10# spring today which was different than yesterday. MAYBE the shorter COAL gave it an extra "umph" to cycle the slide. Out of 100 rounds I chrono'ed on the LabRadar, it failed to pick up a total of 3 rounds in 3 different strings. Not a big deal to me especially indoors. I did a make up shot and pressed on. I love it. I did need to do one more range session to finalize the loads but so far my Production load is 135 PF and Steel load is 102 PF. I doubt going up a tenth of a grain will make a difference but I want to see if it'll differ. First pic is my Steel load at 15y. 1.04" COAL, 2.9gr Titegroup, 105gr Bayou.. Second pic is the USPSA load at 15y. 1.12" COAL 3.0gr Titegroup, 147gr SNS..
  14. ddc, I remember rotating the rounds but they were probably not as smooth as they should have been. I figured the least amount of crimp while still spinning was ok. I put the lighter weight springs myself because I'm also working on a non-PF load for Steel Challenge. I shortened the COAL to 1.12" tonight and also increased the crimp to 0.378-9". They spin smoothly (loose) in the chamber and feed fine. I'll update tomorrow afternoon.
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