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  1. From today. Compared to the previous video I posted, my barrel now has two 3/16” holes before the comp. This was 147 PF. My grip wasn’t firm or was I meaning to drive the gun. It also has a plastic grip. Recoil spring is a 7# variable and the MS is 15# (Wolff). https://vimeo.com/516989621
  2. I used a Binary Engineering 2 port comp on my Open Minor gun. It's dedicated for 3 gun. Attached video was with 115gr RN with WAC. I have to look at my notes but I think it was around 138 PF or so. Real easy shooting. 9mm Open Minor on Vimeo
  3. If you’re not running and gunning then skip the support. It’s not really needed for USPSA matches.
  4. Slide finally came back from the smith. Here it is with the extended support.
  5. The 015A (muzzle support) came in over a week ago. So far so good.
  6. Yes. They are well known in the bolt action and PRS world. Their bolt action chassis are very popular.
  7. Cole-Tac Grocery Getter bag. It’s a made in the USA tote. As low key as you can get and satisfy the made in the USA requirement.
  8. Both sets are labeled "competition" hence my question. Grayguns original competition sear springs Intermediate competition sear springs Did you use the original soft competition trigger bar spring as well? Or the snappy reset version.
  9. What spring combo did you use in the kit? I've been out of the loop with GG's newly included springs.
  10. Well I'll be damned. I warrantied my green circuit board version for the tape coming undone January 2020. It came back a month later or so with a new green board. How is the contact held into place on the blue boards? They still using tape?
  11. @Silverscooby27 You can obviously adjust to fit. Hope this helps.
  12. Stand by.. I shoot open as well but my slide is gone right now. Let me get the extension buttoned up.
  13. Got the “015A” muzzle support in. The main body is aluminum. Everything else appears to be delrin. The support comes with an extension for barrels longer than 5.25”.
  14. https://launch.leupold.com/2021
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