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  1. I need to try that.
  2. Just wanna make sure I have all the parts. 1. Lifter 2. Small lifter part with Kenny logo 3. Spring 4. Install tool Thats all I received today. ^ disregard all that. I watched the install video. Install took a few minutes. Looks like I might have to retweak my latch. Single feed round isn’t “tripping” the mechanism to release the bolt. The shell is not catching on the latch either.
  3. Nothing in my mailbox yet..
  4. Nope. Nothing here either.
  5. Got a follow up email to my order today saying it was now complete. I guess this is their way of saying it will be shipping now or shortly. I preordered May 10th.
  6. Depends on if the buyer is a 3 gunner themselves and see the value of a shotgun that is already opened up. Saves them the hassle.
  7. Anyone receive their tracking/shipping info yet?
  8. For single stack division yes. For Limited 10, no.
  9. I applaud TTI for keeping the same approach for everyone no matter if they spent $40 to $12K. No one is special or gets favors. Yup, they are extremely busy still by the way they are still pushing the stuff on social media.
  10. I’ll get a hold of the Hayes boys as well.
  11. LSI is busy last I spoke with him a few weeks ago. I’ll check with Benny and see what he can do.
  12. I have a 2011 that was built up over time that I tinkered with. It’s not aesthetically pleasing but works 98% of the time. It occasionally hiccups. Anyway does anyone have a smith they can recommend that could do a once over on the entire build before I send it off for refinishing?
  13. I started from low ready and quickly snapped up and fired two rounds as soon as the reticle was in the A zone. Didn't "aim" per se. The reticle settled nicely. Didn’t have much rise or was over comped and pushed down. Ended up with the following in the attached picture. As always YMMV.. Just wanted to say that I don’t think The Answer was ever intended for 10.3/5” barrels. I’m getting baffle erosion from the blast. APA doesn’t specify on their website but it’s just worth noting. I’m less than 300 rounds in and it’s starting to definitely show.
  14. Thanks for the update. I’m not holding my breath either but it will be a nice surprise once it shows up. I’m still waiting on another preorder I made over a year ago that is not firearms related. I’ve forgotten about it. They are a legit company but have become caught up in manufacturing delays and issues.
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