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  1. Let us know how the reset feels compared to the 24C/Comp/Eclipse trigger. I might end up preordering from Brownells so I can send it back if it blows.
  2. How’s the reset compared to the Hiperfire Eclipse and the like? Forceful or weak?
  3. Joeboboutfitters has the black and rose gold in stock. They are a legit vendor.
  4. We don’t issue but new classes will coming out with G17 MOS with red dots. Mandatory.
  5. I have a Diamond AR and it will slam fire below 2 pounds. I have it set at 2.5 now and all is well.
  6. Same here. Placed my order for the same. I already have the mag release.
  7. Picked up my M2 today from Briley after getting some stuff done to it to round out the mods (match trigger, latch, and rear sight). Initial impressions.. It feels very similar to the polished and tweaked factory latch. Quad loads at speed still remains smooth and fast. With the articulating latch it should be always consistent and shouldn’t lose tension over time.
  8. Finally got my DPP back after a month. No change in design. Hope the tape works this time.
  9. My DPP is on its way back to me. I should have it Tuesday. I’ll update and will post a picture of what the board looks like. Mine has been at Leupold since Feb 7.
  10. I have some 115 jhp rn v2 coming in from Everglades this week. I’ll work up a load around low to mid 3’s of Titegroup. What are you guys doing about cleaning the brake? After yesterday’s range session the brake is caked with carbon. Am I not supposed to use fast burning powders with coated bullets?
  11. Read the post on here about the MBX barrel not being able to group but decided to get one anyway. I figured enough time had passed. I picked up the last one Shooters Connection had in stock. I wanted to build a longer barreled PCC to compliment the upper I have with a Taccom ULW barrel. I got the upper assembled last night and went to the range this morning to do a little shooting. It’s still work in progress but I rough zeroed the upper in at 25 yards with Federal 115gr bulk for now. I’m going to load develop on the next trip and will fine tune later. Avg vel Federal 115 was 1308 FPS. Avg vel using my match pistol hand loads 966 FPS (1.15” OAL, blue bullets 147gr, 3.0 Titegroup) Order of pictures: -Hold over target with rough 25y zero using match pistol ammo through the MBX barrel -Two 5 shot groups at 25 yards with Federal 115gr to test accuracy -Factory test group -The setup.. the stock was supported with shoulder pressure. I’ll use a bench rest next time. ps I’m uploading from my phone so if the picture order is messed up I’m sure you can figure it out.
  12. Has anyone here demoed the upcoming PDI? I’m curious on how it feels reset wise compared to the current offerings (24 and Eclipse).
  13. Thanks. I’ll be testing some loads this weekend on an MPX barrel. I’ll compare notes. I’m using Berrys 115gr and Titegroup.
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