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  1. Thanks for the info. It’s not a deal breaker on a build. I can go with a traditional frame.
  2. The way I read that rule is you can’t have factory installed attachments if the rail is over that specified length. Is a longer dust cover an attachment?
  3. Only a few exist in current production and nothing I am interested in.
  4. I’m poking around at a single stack 40 build with a full length (extended) dust cover. Would a build make USPSA weight of 43 oz with a mag? The only compatible build I can find would be the STI Rangemaster but if I recall it has a bull barrel and weighs 41 oz without a magazine.
  5. I commissioned Hayes to open up the loading port on my M2. Great work. It was nice being able to drive to their shop and drop it off.
  6. I’m sure they were all out of the office doing the Hollywood thing the past few weeks with the upcoming, now released movie. TTI has been around and not a fly by night company. But you knew that already.
  7. With that said, wait till some poor soul buys the M2 because of the movie and then later flips it for dirt cheap because it’s boring and just a shotgun. Lol
  8. Does anyone read the fine print? This was up way before the movie even released. If you purchase a shotgun through us, the tentative lead time is set at 6-9 WEEKS. If you send in your own shotgun to get our gunsmithing work done, the turn around time is currently at 10-12 WEEKS. You may call us for further information - (805) 522-1911
  9. A small drop of blue loctite won't hurt once all the threads are degreased... kinda like belt and suspenders.
  10. Don't need them. The trigger pack has springs at the bottom that push against the pins. Never had any walk on me. With that said, I never had any trigger pins walk on me on any AR.
  11. That was a slow cadence. The trigger is MUCH faster.
  12. Here's my new light and nimble build for bay matches that don't require super long range. Carbine length gas systems are known to be harsh compared to mid/int/rifle but with proper tuning you can get them to shoot really soft. Trust me, it's far from a macho thing. There's nothing to prove when it comes to gaming. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Obviously the brake has a lot to do with the recoil but because of the lightweight buffer, lightweight BCG, and adjustable gas block, I barely feel a "thump" on my shoulder.
  13. +1 on the Aero Atlas S-One handguards. I REALLY like how the mid section is super skinny. Installation is a breeze as well. I just built a gaming SBR with one. I suggest you also check out the Warne XSKEL scope mounts. They are lightweight and robust. It has been said that the Aero mounts based on how the rings clamp together can possibly loosen thus possibly losing zero when the scope gets banged on taking a hard dump in a barrel. Is there proof of this actually happening in the wild? No idea but it's been mentioned. What type of competition will you be doing? I'm assuming 3 gun. Don't worry about stainless barrels and barrel whip. It's a non-issue. Remember, paper targets are either one hit on the A zone and move on or "any two will do" on the target as long as the shots are within the Delta ring.
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