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  1. Nope. Never. Over 85K thru my 38SC and abt 10K thru my new 9MM. Only shoot CMJ or JHP.
  2. +1 on his brass. The beauty is all one headstamp of your choice which yields amazingly consistent OAL. Yes, it's a cost over picking up range brass. But worth the cost of not having to sort headstamp and step issues. Also, think of the cost of going to an out of town competition and having a head case separation. That will absolutely ruin your day. I'm talking from experience here.
  3. Dude, welcome to the most exciting division. You will not regret your decision and have lot's of fun along the way. Ton of great advice on this message board so don't be afraid to ask as many questions that may come to mind. Hope to compete with you somewhere down the line.
  4. Hi Sarge, Wish I had ordered PD when you did. My PD order is "Pending" now for 6 weeks.
  5. This has also been my experience. I can not use any type of Winchester primer in my Dillon 550 but will work ok in my 650. I know, weird.
  6. Jim, they have also worked for me. I generally use SRP so I have the flexibility to use any powder that will make major.
  7. Thank you all for some great ideas.
  8. Hi,


    I have a very small frame and hands in my 70 year old body.  I wish I had gorilla hands like some friends I shoot with. It can be a real chore to keep the thing flat.


    Would you happen to know the optimum angle for each hole?



    1. CHA-LEE


      I would suggest you ask a  gunsmith that already does “V” style popple holes. It’s not as simple as going to town on it with a drill press.

  9. Hello,

    Great Idea! Thanks for responding.



  10. Hi Texas,


    Thanks so much for the pictures. That is exactly what I was looking for.



    1. texasdawg


      No problem, I was a little scared to mill into my gun, but my backup gun had popples and it shot flatter. I took some drills and endmills and put holes in mine. Dont forget to make sure there is no burr inside the barrel at all or your gun will shoot not so good,,,

  11. I purchased a used Open gun and have put enough rounds thru it that I know I want 2 popple holes. The original owner had the slide lightened with side cuts on the slide. My question is whether too much material has been removed to allow holes cut with a slot? Has anyone dealt with this type of issue? What would happen if I installed 2 popple holes without the slot? Appreciate any wisdom.
  12. Hello, What is happening to you has been an issue for everyone with the primer slide screws. If you tighten too much, you squeeze the metal walls and that is what is binding the slide. You may have to remove the primer system and look inside the the two walls where the slide works. You may need to gently file the side of the walls to take out the bumps. Then when you reassemble just tighten the two screws enough (snug) to hold the primer tube assembly in place. This should be just tight enough to prevent the screws from backing off. I would not recommend any version of Locktite. Hope this helps.
  13. 191138sc

    Zero distance

    I zero at 20 yards but I have a 90 degree mount.
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