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  1. Agree with Hi-Power. If you are careful, you can buy JHP's on sale over the course of the year nearly as cheap as coated. Precision Delta has great products at very competitive prices. Compensator's on Open guns running coated bullets cause a major cleaning chore that can be eliminated with JHP's. Good shooting.
  2. Take a look at the Quinn III. It will fit the Cmore frame hole pattern.
  3. Hello, I can get 25 rounds in my 170 MM MBX and 26 with the Barney. Yes, 26 is smaller than 29. Most field course's are 32 rounds that require all to reload at some point. Where I have to reload unlike the 29 round guys is a 28 round course of fire. In this case, it is not hard to find a good place to reload while on the move. Does this cost me a few tenths of second? Yep, it sure does, but find that is not the make or break issue to win or lose a stage.
  4. Gary Natale at Gans built my 40 Open. Took a loooong time to assemble all the parts and wait as worth it. 40 Open rocks!
  5. Same here only I step it up a notch and chamber check every round for major matches.
  6. Recoil and firing pin spring every 5000 rounds. I have never replaced my Aftec springs and they have over 50K rounds. I also clean on a regular basis. Top half every 500 rounds. Bottom half every 4000 rounds. It's not that hard to tear the gun completely down after you do it a few times. I use STI mags in my 38 Super Trubor and have never replaced the springs or followers and they have about 25K rounds thru them. Still feeds well and won't touch them until I get any indication of weakening. Glad you joined the wonderful world of open.
  7. Almost the same but use #8 with 10.5 AA7 and 115 gr PD HP.
  8. Take a look at the case tubes from Double Alpha. It's not a perfect solution but will hold you over until you can afford the case feeder.
  9. I ran a 7LB with that bullet combination and also found my 2011 needed to be dripping with lubrication to function 100% of the time.
  10. 115 gr PD and AA#7. Very accurate
  11. When I started shooting 38 Super I did not have the reloading equipment for this caliber. So, I shot many Atlanta Arms 38 Super and Super comp with no issues. My open gun had 2 popple holes so the PF came to about 169. They are a great company to deal with. Keep shooting that until you start loading yourself.
  12. What I do to avoid media sticking in the brass is after I turn the handle on the seperator for several turns I physically pick up the seperator and shake it very hard over the pan. I have found it removes all the media. No need for any additional steps. Hope this helps.
  13. 191138sc


    Huuummmm, I can load 25 in my 40 Open Mags. +1 if it is a loaded start (which most are).
  14. Hi-Power, this is the great part of our sport. Experienced competitors know that you need time after shooting a stage to clean all the mags that hit the ground. And they will give you time to safely do this just as you will gladly paste targets as they clean up their equipment.
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