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  1. any current deals on primers anywhere.. thanks.........herman
  2. went to the hardware store got the washers & o rings i needed & made my own does not eliminate spilled powder 100% it is much better than it was in 9 major. herman
  3. i have used blue loktite several times, after 1 or 2 matches the screws are loose,. so i tried red loktite also several times same deal. it happens on all my open guns, if it happened on just one, should be able to find the problem, but no.. any suggestions on what to use. ? yes i cleaned all the screws & threads each time, i even put loktite in the frame threads also, no luck. thanks, herman
  4. i have the wsm2 cr speed & daa magnetic with muzzle support for my open guns. my opinion the cr speed is by far the best , hands down.. herman
  5. friend just bought a walther q5 match 9mm pistol for production , any suggestions on holsters & single mag pouches. ? thanks, herman
  6. if that is a mag release spring, wonder what was put in it`s place./ ?
  7. wolf 8# does the job for me
  8. did you get the problem fixed. ?
  9. no idea what that means
  10. i run cr speed wsm 2 for the cz open & daa magnetic for sti open. daa is faster to draw & reholster but the wsm2 i feel is much more secure & solid..
  11. going to get a stock 34 & have it make into open major for my wife with smaller dot bracket & dot. suggestions on what parts to get , will be her first glock open.. thanks
  12. could not find anything. does anyone have one in open.. thanks, herman
  13. thank you, both. racer, do you make only the one comp. ?
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