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  1. https://mdttac.com/us_en/mdt-ckye-pod.html I got the one with the longer legs because I can drop it down by making the legs wider.
  2. That was my hesitation for the ckyepod. I know with the atlas I can swap to the lever locks with ease. The ckyepod is proprietary so unless I configure a pic to Arca Mount I’ll be SOL. Maybe I need to work on my grip more lol
  3. They’re a totally different animal. Think more running show with grip vs hiking shoe.
  4. Salmons are too narrow for me. I like the Altras and the . They have a wide speedcross that I should probably look into.
  5. Hope so! I have a pair in the cart for these SoCal summer days.
  6. Here they are: https://magnussportsusa.com/product/qore-shooters-sleeve/ of course there are more basic colors without writing on their website. These are just his model. SPF 50 rated.
  7. Make sure to get some that are SPF rated. I believe Columbia makes some. Im not sure if techwears are rated for SPF. Doesn’t JJ use some that have pockets for heat and cooling packs?
  8. JAustin316

    CO optic

    I like the DPP. I will probably try out the SRO in the near future.
  9. Honesty I’ve moved away from G entirely. Timely CE and Hiperfire for me with a LANTAC CMC I bought on sale for $80. I do like the LaRues a lot. They have a flat boi now that really has my attention. You can’t go wrong with Wilson!
  10. Since I hardly shoot past 300 I zero for 50 and that gets my by. Do you have a reticle with bullet drop that you want to use?
  11. Doesn’t Geissele have a sub $200 option or were you only looking at the 3G? https://geissele.com/geissele-2-stage-trigger.html
  12. Have you called SJC? Maybe they can have their guy that makes the glock and m&p ones try for the 320?
  13. I use Lucas gun oil because I live in SoCal and don’t have to worry about the weather and it works.
  14. I run a 12# that I got from Dawson. I believe it is a Wolff and I’m shooting 40 major.
  15. Thanks. That’s what I’ve been doing. Hitting up the indoor when I can since I’ve been sporadically working weekends when there are matches.
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