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  1. wtturn

    Henning Grips

    PSA: Ben Stoeger Pro Shop has these on sale at the moment. Don't ask me how long the sale lasts, I have no idea.
  2. wtturn

    Dot movement on a Glock 17

    Take a look at where I have most heavily textured the frame. That area is what gets the most pressure and attention and the spot I find most important in my grip. The triangular patch up top sees the highest force per square inch + friction out of my whole grip.
  3. wtturn

    Dot movement on a Glock 17

    More or less straight up and down, maybe a slight right bias. I treat the hump (or swell) on the Glock backstrap like I presume you do a palmswell on a set of LOK grips. My support hand fills that area and creates some front-to-back clamping action in addition to the side-to-side clamping action. I have the sensation that my strong hand is filling all the available grip on the right side of the gun, creating strong pinching action between the frontstrap and backstrap, except for my trigger finger, which rides the frame and pivots off the second knuckle into the trigger. My support hand fills ALL the remaining space, giving the sensation that I'm "hooking" what's left of the backstrap with the meat of my thumb and creating more front-to-back clamping pressure while slightly torqueing support hand in toward the bore. It almost feels like 4-dimensional grip pressure with my support hand, if that makes sense. In my mind, the support hand is making as much friction as possible against the frame. It may be valuable to conceptualize that front-to-back pressure as a higher priority to the side-to-side pressure and see if that makes a difference. I wonder if that's what Grauffel means by push/pull...
  4. wtturn

    Dot movement on a Glock 17

    I don't think that's ever the answer.
  5. wtturn

    Connector Trigger Pull Comparison

    Yeah... He's right though. Zev calls their springs 2# but they are the equivalent of other brands' 4# spring. If it were literally a 2# spring rate, it would fail to work. No need to get your panties in a bunch.
  6. wtturn

    Match DQ Fair or Not?

  7. wtturn

    Do you like the new Production rules?

    This discussion topic has gone full IDPA. Never go full IDPA.
  8. wtturn

    Pros/Cons Limited Minor

    I heard it was a piece of shit Glock, to add insult to injury. I heard that guy used an Accuglock cheater gun.
  9. wtturn

    Not able to sign in with TapTalk

    Not working for me either
  10. Great match. Thanks to the organizers, match staff, range officers, and sponsors!
  11. wtturn

    Shadow 2 Optic?

    Milling a shadow 2 is a travesty.
  12. wtturn

    Off season helpful or not in skills?

    It's a very good idea to take an off-season.