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  1. Keep decreasing OAL 'til the round plunks. Add powder 'til you make PF & check to see if your 147gr tumbles/keyhole. EZ.
  2. 'til you burn out quickly & hyperfocus on a different hobby or switch divisions. I think having discipline & being able to stick to a regular training schedule is a better advantage.
  3. Is she just plinking? just lower the charge & put in a weaker recoil spring in the PPQ If she's using her EZ 9 for self defense, she may as well get used to shooting standard 9mm loads. Self defense ammo is going to be snappy in the EZ 9 anyways.
  4. Do you think your firing pin block might be dragging on the firing pin?
  5. I'm using just the 13lbs wolff hammer spring with stock firing pin & it's popping fiocchies. I didn't put in the included wolff firing pin spring that came with the 13 lbs hammer. Is your firing pin channel clean & dry? I thought an extended firing pin & 13/14 lbs hammer was supposed to be 100% in tanfos.
  6. Same... it'll get darker over time.
  7. I'm not sure what it is, but the hammer spring in xtreme-s trigger group is stiffer than a wilson 12lbs. I assume the hammer spring from that trigger group is the same as what comes with the 92x performance. Maybe try a regular beretta trigger instead of the short reach. I feel the short reach is too short in single action -- my index finger ends up hitting the frame before the sear can release the hammer.
  8. I see Phlster makes a universal holster for the TLR1. But I have no experience with them. https://www.phlsterholsters.com/shop/floodlight-owb/
  9. The dimensions are the same but I can't seat CCI SRP below flush in 9mm consistently without having to crush it like revolver reloaders. I think the hardness have something to do with it. I settled with just flush with CCI SRP & it still works fine. I'm able to seat federal SRP below flush with normal pressure.
  10. I'm envious of how solid your wrist looks shooting major. The gun doesn't move in my hand, but my wrist keeps flexing.
  11. SRP worked for me in the past. Might need to up your striker/hammer spring weight or an upgraded firing pin if you're already on the hairy edge with SPP.
  12. I just tried to scratch the blue bullets I have with my finger nail; no scratch, no dent.
  13. I don't think the bare lead area are typical for blue bullets; i'd still shoot them anyways. I've loaded their 115rn, 147rn, & 147tc last year & I didn't see any chippings.
  14. On a glock, this happens because your striker spring is too strong, and/or your recoil spring is too weak -- It's out of balance.
  15. I used a Kensight rear; it's another quality option. I just didn't like the notch dimensions. I think Kensight's notch dimension is the same as dawson's .125 wide, .085 deep.
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