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  1. It seems like blade-tech even stopped making them for glocks. I've been on the stock notifications email forever. I thought about getting trainer barrel from https://coolfiretrainer.com without the kit & just ignore the co2 part. But they're still expensive.
  2. I'm with Aircool; try the stock factory striker spring with the stock striker & stock cups. Make sure the cups halves aren't splitting under the spring pressure. This should overpower the imperfect/rough channel liner. If that works, then you can get a replacement channel liner from lonewolf.
  3. I saw ben stoeger pro shop teasing the brass basepads for glocks.
  4. You can get smaller auto disk on ebay. It starts at .27cc and goes down from there. Looks like the auto drum will fix your issue though.
  5. I remember this nice guy sharing his fan that he hooked up to a car battery on his range cart.
  6. @wanttolearn There's an updated 30274 ejector that's supposed to fix that brass in the face issue. 336 is the older pointier ejector.
  7. It's just not worth tinkering to save 400 boolits. I don't think you can prevent the gas cutting without going to .357 or .358. I think you're going to lead the barrel regardless of powder choice. You can check to see if you're resizing the boolit accidentally by overly crimping. But it'll still be .356 & it'll lead anyways. You can melt the wax off & de-grease the boolits in acetone & powder coat it. If it was me, I would just keep everything the same; shoot 200 in a practice session, scrub out the barrel & shoot 200 in the next practice session. I soak the barrel in a jar of Ed's red & scrub it out with a bronze bore brush wrapped with strands of copper chore boy.
  8. It's an hour away right? I think Karl Rehn is worth an hour drive. I feel like an hour drive is typical/standard in our sport. You can listen to him on a recent podcast here: http://americanwarriorshow.libsyn.com/red-dot-or-not-a-unique-shooter-performance-study
  9. If the rim of the 9mm is hitting the lip inside the magwell, you can file/round that lip down & that'll fix your hangups.
  10. 11 ISMI work reliably for me with a wolff 4lbs striker spring & titanium striker.
  11. It's easier to flip back & forth with the physical book. Like if I get an idea want to look at the "types of focus" section, I can just flip to it. & he has all the types of focus broken down with headers.
  12. edison

    In a bind

    Because certain lubes will contaminate & affect the powder. You don't have to worry about that with the hornady oneshot aerosol; just let it evaporate for like 5mins. Like Sarge said, it's just a CYA thing. I shoot reloads in my gun even though Glock explicitly printed "DO NOT USE HANDLOADS OR RELOADED AMMUNITION" I'd get inflammation in my shoulder if I didn't lube my pistol cases.
  13. Yes. When the rule change goes into effect for production.
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