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  1. Yep, could've been any other gun. I can take the pretravel out of my Glock34 to the point that it's not drop safe even with an intact firing pin block. Or a p320 can go off with an intact FPB with the old triggers. I believe with some springs & an aftermarket trigger, I can make a CZ P01 go off even with an intact FPB just from the inertia of the trigger.
  2. You can probably sell the HAP 115gr on a bullseye shooting forum. I heard the 115gr going 1,200fps was their goto load for 9mm 50 yards.
  3. I don't mind it. 'cause the highest score of the game is the winner. If you don't know where you stand, then you're shooting blind; which is fine if you're just participating. I don't want to play basketball for an hour & the score isn't revealed 'til the end.
  4. Your other option is the kensight. The notches for both the dawson & kensight are .85 deep. I think the dawson doesn't require as tall of a front sight like the kensight does.
  5. I think they're fine for 9major. Especially since I use a custom machined flat faced decapping pin.
  6. Should I start selling once fired primers? $30/1000
  7. Do you have a chronograph or access to one? You can start 3.0gr, 3.1gr, 3.2gr & see how fast it goes over the chrono.
  8. I had the same experience with Black Bullets International. Ordered a case of 115gr & received within a week. They may as well be FBI for Fast Bullets International. =P
  9. I think: BB = Blue Bullets BBI = Black Bullets International
  10. I use mine for pistols. I don't remember if there's a special collet size for 35 cal. I had issues with SWC bullets. It works fine on blue & hitek coated bullets.
  11. Yea. 9mm blazer going for 40 cents a round on gunbroker. LOL.
  12. My standard unmodded 9mm lee die only had that primer pull back happen like 1 in 20,000 rounds. But the lee universal decapper has that pull back problem like 1/4 of the time. I had to do the chisel mod. I don't understand why one die doesn't have a problem & the other one does; when both pin had the same profile.
  13. A gallon of 100% IPA is like $10 at a beauty supply store.
  14. I have this pre-ignition flinch issue when coming back from a long break. Usually it goes away by the third live fire session. Sometime you just need a lot of rounds down range.
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