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  1. Hey guys, I posted a bit ago about a rl1100. Just got notice from my dealer that it has magically shipped MUCH faster than expected with everything to get going on 9mm. my question now is about powder. I was waiting to order my components since I was not expecting to see the machine till aug or so. i have a proven load on my single stage setup. 124gr jacketed round nose from rmr. 4.0 gr titegroup and cci small pistol primer. Is it safe to assume this load will work well on new Dillon machine? I was going to order a bulk amount of each component to get ready for some
  2. Thanks for the info guys. I did It. went to my dealer and placed an order for the rl1100 in 9mm to start. Now for the waiting game on when it gets here. once it arrives and I get it figured out, I will make the jump and get my 5.56 conversion parts. a new question that came up, it’s in regards to trimming. If I purchased the Dillon power trimmer and ran it on say my rcbs single stage press prior to running through the 1100, does this work? Do I need to install an expanding die in the open position just before the bullet seats? Or will my sizing die take
  3. Hey guys. I’m a new poster but have been reading here some time. I have worked through hundreds of threads but finally wanted to post to make sure I’m on the correct path. i will start by saying I’m a very experienced single stage loader and have the gamut of equipment. my shooting style has changed from bench rest and hunting to 3gun and pcc. This said, I’m burning through silly amounts of 9mm and 556. There’s easily 10,000 pieces of brass for each in my cabinet. Given current prices, my range Ammo is no longer affordable to just buy, it’s time to start loading th
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