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  1. Quick update. Since I discontinued shooting the 150 Syntech, the problems have completely gone away. For matches have been using PMC 115 (131 PF) and American Eagle 115. The AE shoots about three inch groups at 25 and the PMC more like five inches.
  2. The two Legions that have had issues with the 150 Syntech, run reloads, 115 American Eagle and 115 PMC without issue. One has a 12 and the other a 14 pound spring. I have been shooting 150 Syntech for a year in M&P CORE and Walther pistols without issue. I hadn't focused on whether it could be a bad lot of Syntech, as I got enough Syntech for it to be my match ammo. In my CORE pistols with Apex barrels, the Syntech shoots crazy small groups at 25 yards. In the Legions, it is more like minute of head box.
  3. Searched and couldn’t find this. I have been having reliability problems with Federal 150 Syntech and multiple Legion pistols. It has been happening in matches so I clear it and continue, but it is a feeding issue that generally is cleared by racking the slide. Anyone else experienced this?
  4. I handled a Pro about an hour ago. It came with a magwell and made in Italy magazines (MecGar). Reset seemed quite good. The slide was longer than the AXG, and of course had the Pro lightning cuts.
  5. I got my wife one as a birthday present, as she shoots a Legion in CO. She absolutely loves it.
  6. Walther did a very professional, Staccato style introduction of the PDP, including neat video and endorsements from a number of name trainers, that resulted in great initial reviews and a bunch of units sold. Now the product had to stand on its merits, and issues floating out there are the mounting system and plates, availability of 18 round OEM mags, the follower design on the 18 round mags, the slide out of battery dead trigger issue, and the deteriorating trigger. Hopefully all or most of these issues get ironed out soon, because it is a great shooting pistol, but right now I am not sure it is mature enough.
  7. I weighed a TLR-1 HL and an X300 today. The Surefire was about 3.8 and the Streamlight about 4.3 ounces. I ordered a Redhill Tactical holster for a 5 inch CORE and the X300 today, as they didn’t offer the Streamlight as an option.
  8. Detent was still there, and it is the original part. No exact round count but likely under 2,000 rounds. I guess it is possible I installed it improperly, but you would have thought it wouldn’t have taken hundreds of rounds to dislodge.
  9. Last Saturday, I shot a match with my MPX (latest Gen Competition model), with zero issues. I have been shooting American Eagle 115 almost exclusively through the MPX. Sunday, I shot another match and part way through the first stage, I heard a funny report, but since the steel I was shooting fell over, I didn’t think it was a squib. When I went to engage the next array, the MPX wouldn’t cycle, and I had to manually chamber each successive cartridge to finish the stage. Since I was also registered for CO, I put the MPX aside, and waited to get home to figure it out. The BCG was fairly dry, so I lubed it, and then removed the hand guard to clean the gas system. When I looked, the gas plug was gone, and I assume that the noise I heard was when the plug exited the MPX. It has been 800 rounds or so since I cleaned the gas system, so it is unlikely it was installed improperly. Has anyone observed this or heard of the gas plug coming off?
  10. https://www.nelsonprecisionmfg.com/product-page/44x-with-angled-serrations
  11. CMore sells a plate that works for the RTS2/R3 Max on a MOS. I have several and they work as advertised.
  12. Most likely, you are gripping too hard with your strong hand.
  13. My wife broke a Legion grip module a month or so ago, and Sig replaces it with a new one.
  14. Does it have the breech face cut? Usually the ones that do throw the brass out like crazy. Not sure if it relates, but I have heard the RSA should be changed frequently on the 43/43X/48 pistols — like every 2,500 rounds and certainly by 5,000.
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