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  1. GJM

    Glock 45 Carry Optics

    I have a G45 with a DP Pro, as well as G17 and 34 Glocks with the DP Pro, both MOS and direct milled by Primary. While I like how the dot tracks on the short 19 length slide, overall I consistently shoot better with the 34. Same thing has been reported to me by two other friends that tried a shorter slide, then returned to a 34 for CO.
  2. I have always found the Q5 grip a bit short, dimensionally closer to a G19 then the G17/34 length I prefer. I realize that would require new magazines, but for a dedicated gaming gun, I think that would have been worthwhile. Very interested in the new beaver tail design, as the rear corner of the Q5/PPQ frame whacks the base of my dominant thumb.
  3. GJM

    New Sig MPX ?

    I got the new MPX Competition model a few days ago. Timney trigger is heavier than the Timney trigger in my existing MPX. Lighter weight is noticeable, although I have the Lancer handguard on my current MPX. First range session today, and I easily got a 510C zeroed. Used a 30 round OEM mag, 30 plus Taran and 30 plus the TF 20, and experienced no stoppages using American Eagle 115 factory. This was good, as previous MPX rifles have required a break in period. No idea about whether the gas system was modified, and I didn’t take it apart further than replacing the charging handle.
  4. GJM

    Mbx base pads

    I bought two 140mm MBX base pads and they only hold 20 rounds.
  5. GJM

    Mini boom

    I would run an OEM RSA. In my Gen 4 34 CO pistols, I started having problems with failures to ignite. After a lot of messing with things, I figured out the 13 pound after market spring I was using was allowing my thumb to occasionally retatrd the slide slightly. In my case this could result in a FTF, but I could see how it could also allow what you are experiencing. Since the change back to OEM, zero problems.
  6. GJM

    New Sig MPX ?

  7. GJM

    Glock 34 light strikes

    I had a G34 light strike problem that ultimately came back to an after market, lighter recoil spring. At times, my thumb would contact the slide, keeping it so slightly out of battery, and leading to a light strike. Went away with the OEM RSA.
  8. GJM

    Milling a slide for CO or get an MOS?

    Dot goes intermittent, ultimately completely fails.
  9. GJM

    Milling a slide for CO or get an MOS?

    With the DP Pro, it seems like I am breaking more optics with the MOS and Walther Q5 multi optic mount systems than with direct milled installations. My theory is a direct milled installation, like what Primary does, supports the optic better. Two buddies are having similar experiences.
  10. GJM

    New Classifier Percentages

    Not sure on CO. Calculating my last four on record, a 89.3269 on 06-10 would become a 81.0776, a 80.4881 on 09-02 would be a 76.5099, a 77.0690 on 08-03 would be a 71.6295, and a 76.1006 on 03-05 would be a 76.1014. Not exactly seeing the downward adjustment in CO hit factors. It is a clue when we only have 8 GMs in CO, and Nils and Hwansik are M class.
  11. GJM

    New Shadow 2 stoppages

    CZ has been very nice to deal with. When I call, I get a live person quickly, and they have paid shipping without even me asking them. The first of my two pistols is on the way back from CZ after repair, with the following note on the email advising me the pistol is being shipped: Work Performed: Polished extractor and adjusted slide stop. Test fired good with 115 gr S&B FMJ using all 3 magazines.
  12. GJM

    New Shadow 2 stoppages

    I made a call two calls today, before calling CZ USA for a RMA. CZ Custom said “we don’t handle repair work for the Shadow 2, call CZ USA and don’t mess around with the extractor and possibly void the warranty.” Cajun said “there is nothing wrong with the pistol, read our tutorial on our website site on recoil springs.” I did and it suggested that you want cases landing 6-8 away, and to 86 the shock buff. I removed the shock buff, went to the range and noted my cases from American Eagle 124 were landing four feet away, not 6-8 feet as they recommend. (This is with a reduced weight recoil spring from CZ Custom) just as I was starting to think the shock buff was causing the problem, I got a stoppage identical to what I have been experiencing with an empty case partly out the barrel and the next round jammed up from below. It is is hard to imagine CZ USA ships Shadow 2 pistols that won’t function, shooting factory ammo, with the OEM recoil spring or a reduced one from CZ Custom? As a reference point, my five Shadow 1 pistols and a slew of P07 and P09 pistols run reliably for me.
  13. GJM

    New Shadow 2 stoppages

    Since both guns were clean, lubed, and the same stoppage happened with three different weights of factory ammo, and multiple magazines that work in other CZ pistols, will be checking extractor and spring. Thanks for help. Who makes the recommended extra power extractor spring?
  14. GJM

    New Shadow 2 stoppages

    On gun one, it happened with the OEM recoil spring, and then also with the reduced recoil spring I got from CZ Custom. On gun two, I started with the reduced recoil spring from CZ Custom. Both guns are the gray finish, purchased close together, and I will have to check serial numbers to see how close they are.
  15. GJM

    New Shadow 2 stoppages

    A month or so, I got a new Shadow 2. Immediately, it started experiencing frequent, similar stoppages, where the fired case would be partially stuck in the chamber, and the next cartridge jammed into it from below. This was with American Eagle 115 and 124 ammo, using the supplied magazines, and also with existing MecGar magazines that work fine in my old Shadows. I contacted CZ, and they have the pistol in for repair. I like the Shadow 2 enough I bought a second new one this week, and it is doing the exact same thing, with a range of magazines and AE 115, 124 and Lawman 147. Same ammo runs fine in my P09 and other pistols. I am at a course at TPC, and it is obviously frustrating. Any thoughts on a cause and any chance it could relate to the factory installed Shock Buff that came on the pistol?