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  1. I think some considerations are drop safe gun or not, practice or match.
  2. GJM

    CZ P10C OR cowitness

    CZ USA apparently has released, or is about to release optics plates and reserve sights for the OR.
  3. My wife, after improving the magwell on her X5 Legion, did mine today on the P10F.
  4. My wife has been shooting a pair of 320 X5 pistols and really liking them. We got her a pair of the new 320 Legions. She really likes them but has been having sporadic stoppages with both of them, using 115 ball PMC and AE which runs fine in her other X5 pistols. After a fair amount of trouble shooting, switching slides and recoil springs, the trouble seems to be with the Legion lowers. I have no idea what is going on, but a possible difference is the Tungsten in the Legion lowers which may change the characteristics of the polymer lowers.
  5. GJM

    Which red dot for X5 Legion?

    I believe Springer is still developing plates, though Pro model plates are supposed to fit. There is no RTS2 plate yet and SRO overhangs too much. We are using the DP Pro, which requires no plate.
  6. I emailed and GGI confirmed their current competition trigger will work with the X5 Legion.
  7. I had a problem with 150 Syntech and OEM mags with CZ Custom 140mm extensions. 22 rounds of 115 ball worked fine, but not the Syntech. I assume the volume and profile of the 150 bullet, compared to the 115 ball is the problem.
  8. GJM

    P320 X5 Thread

    Perhaps for Production, but for CO, is 2,000 necessary, if you use the FCU from another legal 320? Seems if you meet the weight limit of 45, you could do what you want — whether that be a Legion grip module or a modified current X5 one?
  9. After Magnus, I am surprised you didn’t say bring three or four.
  10. Which pistol is your wife’s?
  11. Between my wife and I, we have 5 Gen 5 34 pistols, tens of thousands of rounds downrange, and have yet to break a single part. That is unless you count optics, as we have broken a bunch of them. Before I spent a bunch of money setting them up, I would see how your performance compares to the S2 and P10F. Up close no issues, but on skunks and other low prob shots, I find the Glock trigger harder than others.
  12. GJM

    p-10F issue

    Auto forwarding works great right up until it does not, and you get a stoppage.
  13. GJM

    p-10F issue

    Mine is just a few days old. With no magazine in the pistol, I can easily drop the slide, using my dominant right thumb, to depress the slide stop. With an empty magazine in the pistol, I can not depress the slide stop. With a magazine in with live ammo, or a snap cap, I can easily depress the slide stop with my dominant thumb.
  14. I bet in three days you will be mostly there. If it excites you it is all good, and you will have plenty of time to decide what you want to do before your major matches. By chance, I picked up a P10F yesterday at CZ Custom, put a DP Pro on it last night, and shot it today a bit while mostly shooting my CO Shadow. The P10F is a great shooter, and draws and transitions better for me than the Shadow, but doesn’t split as well. It seems like a low drama pistol, with a more forgiving trigger/shooter interface than a Glock. Even if you reserve it for shooting Steel Challenge, rainy days, or perking your interest up from time to time, it is cheap fun.
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