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  1. In summary, I have found a clean lens is better, as is a lens without imperfections from repeated hits by brass. The different optics are quite different in a low sun angle with the Romeo 3 Max and RTS2 the best I have tried in those conditions, and the RMR and DP Pro being much more prone to multiple dots. I still remember on the first stage of a local match a year or so ago, using a DP Pro with a low sun angle, when I aimed at a popper and the one two feet to the right fell down, as I picked the wrong dot in the display.
  2. The Romeo 3 Max and RTS2 are awesome in a low sun angle, and I have never seen multiple dots with them. First, the Romeo 3 Max.
  3. The RMSc is quite good, and even the easily scratched lens doesn’t look too bad after a number of months on my EDC G43X.
  4. The SRO is better than the Acro and RMR, but often gets two dots in a low sun angle.
  5. The Acro can get multiple dots and some flaring. Here it is.
  6. I am lucky enough to spend some winter months in Arizona, which means lot of sunshine. It also means low sun angles in the winter, and as a CO shooter have learned the hard way that low sun angles can create issues with your red dot. Based on discussions here and elsewhere, I decided to take pictures of the RMR, Acro, RMSc, SRO, RTS2 and Romeo 3 Max with unfavorable sun angles, to show what you might expect, as the optics vary quite a bit in how they are affected by low sun angles. I forgot to take a picture of the DP Pro, but will comment on it later. I tried to start with a clean lens, as debris on the lens makes low sun angles worse. Also, imperfections in the lens, like you might get after the lens is hit by brass, make low sun angles worse. The RMR in my experience is quite bad with a low sun angle, and you might get a whole flock of dots. The DP Pro is only slightly better than the RMR, but mine have been shot a lot and have buggered up front lenses which make things worse. I am going to break the different optics up into different posts, as I don’t know how to organize the photos otherwise.
  7. GJM

    Red dot for G17

    A great thing about being in AZ during the winter is all the sunshine. A bad thing is the darn low sun angles in the winter. I took pictures of the RMR, Acro, SRO, RTS2 and Romeo 3 Max this morning, and later will try to post them. Here is the RMR.
  8. Just looked at the directions that came with our newest RTS2, and it says V5 on the directions, so I guess that is a good way to tell.
  9. GJM

    Red dot for G17

    Each of these optics has their pros and cons. I have carried the SRO, and while it might not be rugged enough to “drop on large rocks” as Sage apparently thinks is relevant, the SRO has proven durable for me and my friends in the kind of high round count shooting that has, for example, destroyed many late manufacture DP Pros. I don’t find the size of the SRO to be an issue carrying as the mass of the larger display is at the belt line where it does not print. Another nice feature of the SRO, is BUIS are easily usable through the large, clear display, and don’t crowd the display like they do on an RMR. Perhaps the best “carry” feature of the SRO is ease of acquiring the dot in weird positions or with just your support hand. The bad part of the SRO for carry is the “auto dot intensity” just does not perform as well as auto on the RMR, especially against light backgrounds like a white wall.
  10. How can you tell whether you have a Gen 5 RTS2?
  11. GJM

    Red dot for G17

    USPSA just published their equipment survey from the 2019 CO Nationals. Trijicon had an 18 percent share, of which 15 percent was the SRO, leaving 3 percent for the RMR. This is obviously for competitive use.
  12. GJM

    Red dot for G17

    A low forward sun angle makes the RMR display near unusable between the flaring and multiple dots.
  13. I was genuinely confused, and I suspect it is unclear for many. The RO on my squad, called it a no shoot. The three RO’s on the other squad said they would not call it a no shoot. I texted TGO, and he was unsure. The funny thing is the same RO who made the call yesterday, called an identical looking hit on a scoring target as a miss.
  14. At the end of the match, I pulled the tape and took this picture of the no shoot.
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