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  1. https://www.nelsonprecisionmfg.com/product-page/44x-with-angled-serrations
  2. CMore sells a plate that works for the RTS2/R3 Max on a MOS. I have several and they work as advertised.
  3. Most likely, you are gripping too hard with your strong hand.
  4. My wife broke a Legion grip module a month or so ago, and Sig replaces it with a new one.
  5. Does it have the breech face cut? Usually the ones that do throw the brass out like crazy. Not sure if it relates, but I have heard the RSA should be changed frequently on the 43/43X/48 pistols — like every 2,500 rounds and certainly by 5,000.
  6. I am not sure what you mean by “No, they aren’t the same” Here are the Steel Challenge times, and with the exception of .5 second on Accelerator, the CO and Production 100 percent times are identical. Last USPSA Classifier match I went to this summer, all the co and Production 100 percent hit factors were identical.
  7. I feel like I shoot higher hit factors with CO than Production, but aren’t the 100 percent hit factors for USPSA classifiers and Steel Challenge the same for Production and CO?
  8. On each of her RTS2 units, what broke was the metal ear on one side of the battery tray. You might check yours and see if they are intact. On previous versions, when contact was lost, the optic would turn off, but with the newer RTS2 versions, as soon as contact is made again, the optic is on, so you might not notice if an ear is broken.
  9. My wife has been shooting a Legion in CO since last summer. Has three, and her primary training Legion just developed a crack in the frame at about 25,000 rounds. All factory ammo. Tried to reach Sig today, but couldn’t get through, after waiting 40 minutes on hold. She also broke four RTS2 optics over that period.
  10. I have two S2 Optics Ready slides I got from Cajun, and used the CHPWS P10 RMR/SRO plates to mount an SRO. Works great.
  11. Many of us really miss matches, and my wife and I can’t wait to resume shooting them. However, we realize that without a current vaccine or effective treatment, and the current state of testing, social distancing is about all we have as an option. As a country we are spending 2 to 4 trillion on on social distancing, and jumping the gun and resuming competitions early violates the spirit if not the letter of the law. Dry fire, live fire practice, and talking about shooting in person and on the web will hold us until we get the make ready command.
  12. Just sent email to your Yahoo address.

  13. Tuesday Night Steel at Rio cancelled. Good Evening Shooters, We regret to inform you that we are cancelling TNS for March 17th in wake of the new CDC recommendations that were announced today. We will send updates as we make decisions on a weekly basis.
  14. Interesting opinion piece in the WSJ today, suggesting we are flying blind on Corona because of a lack of data, by virtue of insufficient testing. If we had good data, many decisions would be obvious. https://www.wsj.com/articles/its-dangerous-to-test-only-the-sick-11584288494?mod=opinion_lead_pos8
  15. While Covid 19 might have little effect on your health, as a healthy younger shooter, it is actually about more than just you. The spread is about numbers and the rate of exposure, and if you give it to others, and especially those in the vulnerable categories, it puts at risk our first responders (doctors, nurses, police and fire), it can overwhelm our country’s critical health care capability, and maybe even impact you if you have the bad luck to get into a problem where you need hospital care and the beds and medical professionals are either too sick or too busy to look after you.
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