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  1. The Czechmate is 9 mm, not 40 Cal Big difference
  2. Yes, my builder says it would be perfectly fine to run in my open gun, just don’t make a habit of it.
  3. I have loads that I made for my gun that are a little too hot for my liking. While they will be fine, 180pf is a little much. Would a Czechmate be ok running 200 rounds of this? A friend has one and I am sure he would appreciate them.
  4. I don’t own an FTP optic but have owned some RTS2 8moa dots and currently use the Romeo 3XL. My experience with the RTS2’s is the 8moa dots are closer to a 6moa Romeo 3 size. Since these share the same electronics as the RTS2 (from what I’ve read) I can only assume the 6moa is probably somewhere between a 3moa Romeo and 6moa. Maybe a 5? Lol Every manufacturers dot I have used, differs. You just have to find what works for you.
  5. Nick is building my first as well. Test firing should be happening today and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to go with NMI. Books should be opening again soon and they are not a mass production builder, so reach out sooner than later if you want them to build you one of these beauties. For what you’d spend on a used one, that could potentially need upgrades/repairs, you can have Nick and Craig build you a new one with amazing craftsmanship.
  6. My Romeo 1 was that quick, when we weren’t in a pandemic. I was curious about now as I have to send one back tomorrow.
  7. I’ve got about 3,500 rounds on my XL on my CO gun. It had been flawless up until this weekend. It is slow to wake up. I am going to call Sig in the AM but would still recommend one.
  8. Hello, my Sig Romeo 3 XL is experiencing a strange “waking” issue. Previously, any slight movement would wake it up. Now, I have to move it more aggressively or even smack it to wake it up. Changed the battery last week before my match. Didn’t think that was the issue so I changed it again today and it is still doing it. Anyone else ever experience this? Thanks
  10. Thank you but this issue has been corrected. Look above in this post for the resolution.
  11. Oh no not factory, probably just happened from multiple dropping of the mags during matches. Once I tuned the magazines, it ran flawless again.
  12. No, this is issue has been resolved and the gun has been sold. It was a magazine feed lip issue.
  13. Hello, your issue is the magazine feed lips. I have since sold the gun, but this video should help you:
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