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  1. Smoke and Hope for me. I seem to be a little more cautious on the 1st stage and it helps me set a solid time.
  2. Yep.... An excuse to buy 2 more guns.....
  3. So, if your WML fails during a match, you must fix it? It can't be removed and you run the match without it. Am I reading that correctly?
  4. I cant wait for the guy to show up at Chrono with a light on his Production gun, and it doesn't fit in the box............. IMO, these recent rule changes are the dumbest thing I've ever seen. And no one can give you a logical explanation why it was done.
  5. I'm shooting 100gr Berry's with 2.9grn of Clay's at 95.4PF. I use a Blitzkrieg buffer with an extra power .223 spring and a wave spring with a 1/4" spacer to short stroke the bolt. Very fast cycle, with very little recoil.
  6. Eley Force in everything/division. Can be had at KURTGRIMESSHOOTINGSPORTS.com
  7. I shoot 100gr Berry's in my PCCO with a 16" BSF Barrel. 105pf I just got a Wiland barrel to build a PCCI rifle, and with the 6" barrel, I chrono'd at 95pf, and gun ran fine. Forgot to mention, I use 2.9grn of Clays
  8. Haven't updated in a while. Getting the stock finished up. The mount for the rear sight will be located to the front of the carrier to tighten up the sights. The barrel is a new TacSol Lightweight Twisted, being modified to hold the .500 tall front sight. Should be together soon and back out on the range. Thanks to Kurt Grimes for all the custom work done!
  9. Grab a sander and start cutting. Here's my RFRI that I sanded down. Also, take a look at the butt plate I made. You could cut off the stock to get the LOP you want, then make a new stock from black Plexiglas. I even stippled it to get it to grip to my sleeve better.
  10. 2.9grn of Clays, 160 Bayou, 1.195 O.A.L.
  11. When you put the magazine back together, how many turns on the spring are you putting in? I only do 1 3/4 turns and have zero issues. The other issue, may be the wax on the bullets that is causing drag.
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