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  1. Eli at TK Custom can get you a superior trigger. If you want to try to do it yourself, order the Apex hammer and Wilson spring kit.
  2. I use Etymotic Pro Hunters
  3. Stock Ruger Reciever, JWH Custom bolt, and Hornet Custom Stinger 2.25
  4. It's actually a Burris Fastfire 3. Not a whole bunch lighter than a slide ride, I just put in on there because it sits lower, plus wanted to see how it worked.
  5. Congrats, I put the Alaska State Steel match on my list for next year.
  6. With the recent announcement of the new SCSA division times. Had to go to work on my RFRI, so when the new times hit, I'll still be at 100%. I needed to drop 5.11 sec to be right at 100%. Was able to get just over half way. Should have had a better 5 to Go, but forgot to put on my Hunters HD Gold prescription glasses and was struggling to see the front sight.
  7. You'll need to contact them for pricing.
  8. I would say this may address that: 8.2.2 The competitor assumes the start position as specified in the written stage briefing. A competitor who attempts or completes a course of fire where an incorrect start position was used must be required by a Range Official to reshoot the course of fire.
  9. Start position for centerfire. Shooter doesn't have a holster, wants to start low ready.
  10. Passed! 98% 49/50 Missed #20 5.2.2 was the correct answer, I put 3.1, I think that should also be acceptable.
  11. Who uses this. I have found it a great tool to use during the matches to track your scores, show you new personal bests, and tell you how much time you need to go to the next classification.
  12. More improvement today! Knocked another 1.33 seconds off my time putting me at over 100%
  13. I have seen those. You have to be careful which version you install. If you use the one with a complete lens, it is considered an optic and puts you into open. You have to use the half glass version to be iron sight legal.
  14. I like the idea, as long as the same ammo is used all the way across. I was there a few years ago when at the spinner, suddenly a few shooters had magnum loads.
  15. You'll need to check with Brian on that.
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