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  1. Well, today, I finally accomplished my goal of making GM with my iron sight rifle. Couple of stages I know I can improve on in the future. Rifle worked well...
  2. So, I'm really happy with the shape and feel of the rifle. Now it's time to make it look good. Here is the first coat of tinted clear done by Cen Cal Cerakote. After I shoot this weekend, it goes back for more clear and color. Going for a blood red and black theme.....
  3. No, not really. They can classify you with only 4 stages. 6 stages would still be a percent of GM for those stages.
  4. Match scores should be used for classification instead of individual stages. I understand that would mean a complete revamp of the system, but I think it would be a more equitable way of classification. I'm a GM in RFRO, but I've only shot a GM score in 3 of my last 10 matches, the remainder were M scores.
  5. Just toss out the under 18 crowd numbers and we'll be fine.
  6. They are the best.. I have Velocity's in both regular and prescription. But, I always loved the fit of my RayBan Predator 2's. Brian will do custom frames. I sent him 2 frames and he put their lens in.
  7. I was lucky enough to be part of the test group. My only suggestion, was to have the classified times also listed in the Top 20. When you look at RFRO, they are all at 100%. It would be nice to know how far off I am time wise to making the top 20.
  8. No, I was just trying to shoot faster than my abilities. Virtually every stage, I had a couple of runs that were more than good enough to move me up, but I always had to carry a run that put me over. Next time, I see no reason to not be in the high 70's soon.
  9. This was posted on the Steel Challenge page on FB
  10. Here's your legal stock. Current weight is 2.2lbs, but I have seen one in person. There is a lot of extra wood that could be removed to get this down to easily under 1.5lbs. https://www.wpgbc.com/Raptor-Autumn-Blaze-p/pws-rab.htm Well, unfortunately it looks like they are no longer available. But, it gives you a good reference on what could be done to a thumbhole to make it compliant.
  11. 6" barrel with a 10.1" shroud to make it a 16" barrel
  12. I understand that. But, if there is no hole, just an opening, it is not a thumbhole stock. See photo. Remove the whiteout area. Why wouldn't that work?
  13. Well, the gun sure looks better than I shot. Shot a 94, was pushing a little harder than I should have. Carried 2 or 3 misses in that score. I was also shooting my RFRO with the upper that is going in my wife's rifle. Was able to throw down a personal best on Showdown with a 6.88 .
  14. How about a Boyd's Rimfire Hunter or Pro Varmint stock. Being wood, you could sand it down and take some weight off of it, at the same time, making it fit you. Here's an Altamont stock that weighed in at 2 lbs new, now weighs 1lb 7oz. It's a lot of work, but I just took it a little at a time and got a great result. Just had a great idea! Any of the Thumbhole stocks, cut out the hole, no longer a thumbhole, and lightweight. Look at this, it would be more than strong enough with the thumbhole opened up. https://www.altamontco.com/rifle-stocks/1022/PALADIN/
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