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  1. I have a good working design for 170mm base pad for the 18rnd (old) tubes, and I am working on a base pad for the 17rnd chromed (newer mecgar) mags also. Tested the gun yesterday with a tad heavier main spring. The result got worse in my opinion, too slow slide action and the gun returns even higher than before. Next up is back to the lighter main spring and one step stronger on the recoils spring to snap the slide forward. The combination of lightened slide (for open) and heavier muzzle weight really highlights the "lack" of forward rotating inertia when the slide moves forward
  2. This gun started its life as a regular Shadow production gun, then I got bored and designed a compensator cone thread adapter to fit off the shelf bull barrel comps. Cut the slide and frame, threaded the barrel, modified it to allow the barrel to be removed from the front. Lightened the slide. Did not like the off the shelf comp and designed a couple my self that worked better. Got completely bitten by Open division (nothing else is fun or fast anymore) and will now modify my Shadow 2 to become a compensated open division gun. So that had me thinking what could I do with my old shado
  3. Still some spring tweaking to be done but quite good for the first time out. 130pf 123gr N320 8lbs recoil 9 lbs main spring. Going to test 11 lbs main spring next.
  4. I am starting a new Open gun project and decided to convert my "old" Shadow Open gun into a IPSC Standard Division minor gun with a sight block configuration. I have not shot it yet but I look forward to seeing how it behaves.
  5. Those are reference marks so I know how much to compress the spring. The 93mm mark is when slide is fully forward. This is for my Shadow that is stroked and thus moved the reverse plug more forward than the original recoil system. If I remember correctly its stroked 6.5mm total travel of 53mm. The 3.5mm mark is with a 3.5mm buffer. The 40mm is when the reverse plug (slide) bottoms out on the frame in its most rearward position.
  6. There has been lots of rumours on what rating the factory recoil spring is. I created a spring tester and here is my result using the Czechmate reverse plug stroke as reference and slide in locked/ready position. Measure 9.1lbs and locked/ready 4.0lbs of force. As a side note, I was note pleased with the Ultimate Springs (Eric G.) springs the rating was very off from the rated value. Rated 11lbs and 9.12lbs measured. What is also interesting is that the locked/ready position the tension is only 2.7lbs which might indicated tha
  7. Have you read this thread. There are several CZ 75 type guns in 9mm running major. There is no 40 S2 available to my knowledge. Have you seen my videos in this thread? That's a regular 75 SP-01 Shadow barrel. My Shadow 2 allows for the same OAL. Choose bullets to fit your purpose.
  8. I was comparing CZ triggers not CZ vs 2011. 2011 are sure better in terms of trigger but will that be the factor holding you back... If we then ask the question why people don't use Shadow 2's instead of 2011's as open guns. How many gunsmiths or custom shops specialize in 2011 Open guns compared to CZ type Open guns....
  9. More tweaking and more getting used to it! Out of all the setups I've tested thus far this setup requires the least amount of effort to control. I get the best result with a what I would call medium strength grip and somewhat relaxed elbows and shoulders. This setup gave me confidence to shoot tight shots rather quickly. Setup: 165 PF 3n38, 20lbs Main spring (WOLFF) 9.5 lbs Recoil spring (Eemann Tech) Some training with tight no shoots and poppers while backing up. And yes regarding the basepads, they have been workin
  10. The trigger has nothing to do with it. Its easy to convert to SA. As a matter of fact my personal opinion is that a SA Shadow new or old version usually has a better more tactile feeling SA trigger than the TS. I plan to build an open gun based of my production gun i.e. a Shadow 2. Ive already done the ptototyping so to say on my old SP-01 Shadow. It has a ~600gram SA trigger. The gun or dot movement is still a bit bouncy but I am getting closer to my goal all the time by doing more tweaking n testing.
  11. What powder and amount are you using with those 3 popple holes? What is the wheight of the slide?
  12. I know it's hard to get a good representation of the dot sizes on camera but could you place the different MOA dots on a row and take pictures of them for reference?
  13. My Open divison modifications journey continues.. I have to hand it to kneelingatlas, his comp design sure works well. I took the liberty and copied his port design and made my own version of it (keeping the port design intact) and the results speaks for itself. It is quite flat now and I do nothave any popple holes. Now I've tried 3 different comps, stroked the slide more, lightened the slide a bit and tested with a bunch of spring combinations. Now my slide weighs 275grams (9.7oz) empty (no extractor, racker, firing pin etc). In total it is stroked 6,5mm but the reverse plug take
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