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  1. I have had a struggle since last years August until half way through this years shooting season after switching from the old SP-01 Shadow to the new Shadow 2. Now roughly 10k rounds later with the Shadow 2 I am prefferring that to the old one. But it sure took some time getting used to the different balance, different behavious in terms of seing the sights lifting and tracking them, the way I was pushing the gun around instead of letting it do some of the work etc.............. difference in the different guns do take considerable time to get used to because you have to retraing you visual perception and patience and also your muscle memory and so on...
  2. Yes I've also come to that conclusion when doing some measurements. Let's see how it turns out once I actually start cutting and milling. Plans can always change if some better solution comes along during the process.
  3. I got so inspired that I had to start a project of my own. I am going to build a Open major 9mm CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow gun from the following parts. Let's see how it turns out, there are some challenges since I plan to keep the serial numbers untouched and a original length barrel. Seboweapons C-more rts 2 back shifted mount with tumbrest Seboweapons racker McLearn Custom guns 13-5 comp (bought used on BE forums) Czechmate reverse plug & recoil spring rod Delta optical mini dot HD26 red dot Make a custom cone and thread adapter from M14x1 to 11/16×40 thread Make a spacer between the frame and the mount so that it is centered on the gun Cut a slot for the racker What do you guys think should the red dot mount be tilted by let's say 1 degree in order to have enough elevation adjustment? Next will be to find a good machinist..
  4. Yes, I've also seen the certification. Most probably is that one of the reasons. Overall I've ordered stuff several times from him and it has alwasy been excellent service.
  5. Just for information to you guys. I just emailed and had Bosko at Luckydelta.com to source and send me a Czechmate reverse plug and recoil guide/spring assembly. Apparently he's got good contacts at the CZ factory. Bosko Rasovic E-Mail: info@luckydelta.com
  6. Ludde

    Shadow 2

    I've shot about 5k with the thick buffer and 10lbs recoil and 9lbs hammer spring. Buffer still going strong. I have made tests with buffer and without. On the S2 i prefer the buffer. The SP-01 Shadow i prefer without any buffer. Note that the slide travel is longer (stroked) on the S2 so CZ actual made room for the thick buffer from the factory. Don't just take anyones word for it.. go out and test which one you prefer compare with focus on the vision, the timer and hits on the target! On the old shadow i run a 9lbs recoil and a 13lbs hammer spring. There is a weight difference between the slides and stroke depending on setup and all this effects the behaviour. But the biggest difference will be your grip and recoil control and load.
  7. My personal opinion is that it does not matter as long as it is safe. Meaning that it is possible to put the safety on when the hammer is fully cocked (SA) as intended in the original CZ design. If then somebody has fitted original CZ or aftermarket parts that allows you to also put the safety on when fully de-cocked (DA) does not make it less safe and you have not removed any of the safety functions. For example the Tanfoglio line of pistols works this way.
  8. The latest IPSC Production division rules allow for any trigger mechanism modification. Springs, hammers, disco, firing pin, trigger and so on! If you want the CGW stuff go ahead!
  9. The safety is not possible to apply when the hammer is not cocked on an unmodified CZ! The Tanfoglios are different in that aspect. This is based on several stock CZs that I own and it is also stated in the CZ armourers manual. Depending on how you fit the sear/safety you will get your desired function.
  10. Is that the new APEX stuff?
  11. Swapping in a new trigger bar spring doesn't mean that it is adjusted correctly. They can change and twist when the retaining screw is tightened. It's good to tweak the side to side tension/position and up/down tension when changing out the trigger bar spring or when facing similar DA timing problems. Are the legs of the trigger bar spring exactly in the center of the shallow grooves in the trigger bar? Is one of them more to the side rubbing the wall of the frame compared to the other side? Have you tried to tweak and increase the upwards tension and checking that both sides lay in the groove under the trigger bar after the recent posts to see if it helps or are you just assuming that it is correct? Just trying to help out and point out possible solutions
  12. If the disconnector is releasing the DA stroke to early causing light strikes or making the hammer fall to half cock you need more upwards spring pressure on the trigger bar. You can try to increase the trigger bar spring pressure by pulling the spring a little bit to the inside making it possible to slip past the trigger bar and bend it lightly upwards. The pressure should be somewhat the same on both sides. It does not matter if it's stock springs or not.. you could have accidently altered the tension while you cleaned the gun with a rag or something like that and it accidently catched the spring and pulled it a little bit down causing it to push less on the trigger bar.
  13. Are you aware that CZ now also makes the same Shadow 2 style wide safety for the 75& SP-01 line of guns? https://www.czub.cz/en/produkty/pistole/competition/cz-75-sp-01-shadow-838.html I have this on my old Shadow and it is nice!
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