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  1. While my Shadow Open gun project is progressing too slow I had to kill some time by designing and source manufacturing for IPSC 170mm legal base pads for the SP-01 18 round tube. First prototype looking promising..
  2. Ludde

    Bul Armory?

    Yigal do you know if there is any official statement on that visible somewhere. Only thing I can find is.. https://www.ipsc.org/ipsc-rules/rules-faqs/ And this still states that it is prohibited. I cannot understand how they can even come up with such a ruling.
  3. Ludde

    shadow 2 trigger

    Any CZ series trigger can be installed, I assume you want to preserve the DA function so that limits you to all the different DA/SA triggers. Personally I use a old style SP-01 Shadow trigger in the Shadow 2 that moves the trigger face a couple of mm closer.
  4. I plan on doing some gunsmithing but have a hard time finding official threading data / dimensions anywhere on the typical bull barrel compensator thread .685"-40 or 11/16-40 tpi. Can someone help me and guide me in the right direction or take a screenshot of the data from some official machining book?
  5. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33046631205.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.11404c4drNQkoI Buy the DAA X-holster body from China (Aliexpress) and the insert from any DAA retailer and you've got a really good combo for 1/3 of the price. I happen to have two and they are REALLY GOOD. I've also owned and used the older DAA Race Master and agree that that sucks.
  6. Those don't extend or "flare" any more than the original rubber grips! You can see that they are flush with the bottom of the frame..
  7. Since they are called 3D are they contoured in any way or flat? Can you take a picture straight from the back?
  8. Ludde

    TSO thumb rest - any leads?

    czub.cz -> Shop seboweapons.com luckydelta.com
  9. I have had a struggle since last years August until half way through this years shooting season after switching from the old SP-01 Shadow to the new Shadow 2. Now roughly 10k rounds later with the Shadow 2 I am prefferring that to the old one. But it sure took some time getting used to the different balance, different behavious in terms of seing the sights lifting and tracking them, the way I was pushing the gun around instead of letting it do some of the work etc.............. difference in the different guns do take considerable time to get used to because you have to retraing you visual perception and patience and also your muscle memory and so on...
  10. Yes I've also come to that conclusion when doing some measurements. Let's see how it turns out once I actually start cutting and milling. Plans can always change if some better solution comes along during the process.
  11. I got so inspired that I had to start a project of my own. I am going to build a Open major 9mm CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow gun from the following parts. Let's see how it turns out, there are some challenges since I plan to keep the serial numbers untouched and a original length barrel. Seboweapons C-more rts 2 back shifted mount with tumbrest Seboweapons racker McLearn Custom guns 13-5 comp (bought used on BE forums) Czechmate reverse plug & recoil spring rod Delta optical mini dot HD26 red dot Make a custom cone and thread adapter from M14x1 to 11/16×40 thread Make a spacer between the frame and the mount so that it is centered on the gun Cut a slot for the racker What do you guys think should the red dot mount be tilted by let's say 1 degree in order to have enough elevation adjustment? Next will be to find a good machinist..
  12. Yes, I've also seen the certification. Most probably is that one of the reasons. Overall I've ordered stuff several times from him and it has alwasy been excellent service.
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