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  1. I like it in the Shadow 2 but not in the SP-01 Shadow. Test thin, thick and different recoil springs, setup a target, different distances, different split times, recoil control, stance etc and determine what works for you and gives a better result on the target and timer!
  2. Update on my projects progress. Own designed aluminium compensator. Wolff 16lbs main spring and 11 lbs recoil spring. Back to Shadow original strength extractor spring. In this video the splits clocked .16-.17s Still on 8.2grain VV3n38 ~168pf
  3. More testing with little improvement. Bumped up the load to 169PF 8.2gr 3N38. Increased hammer spring tension.
  4. So far I've not had to ream the chamber. Loading .355 bullets 124gr to 29,55-29,65mm oal. Tested an 30mm oal would still fit before hitting the rifling. Let's see how it behaves with some more powder.
  5. What would you be willing to pay for a steel magwell made for Open/Limited for the CZ 75 series or Shadow 2? I am actually drawing a version but initally planned to have it made out of aluminium.
  6. Now I have got it to run reliably with major 165-167pf 124gr bullets. Initally I had problems with the empty cases getting stuck in the chamber and the extractor slipping off the rim. Since then I've polished the chamber and added a Wolff extra power extractor spring. The gun feels soft and does not slam into the hands, I am going to test a little more powder to see if I could decrease some of the muzzle flip. If that does not help it's probably due to the design of the comp having many sideports and small up ports. Some slowmo...
  7. With the thicker 3,5mm buffer the stroke is the same as the old SP-01 Shadows without any buffer. But it can effect extraction.
  8. There is for sure a difference but I assume most of it is because of the added weight of the steel comp and cone thread adapter.
  9. I hope so too, let's see how it goes. The test firing was with random mixed brass. I plan on using the sebo weapons rearwards mounted sight mount.
  10. My first test of the gun after being modified. This is with minor PF N320 loads I had laying around. This is also the first live fire test with the base pad prototype. Ignore my sloppy recoil control, first time shooting in almost 6 months. Next up load development and testing spring combos.
  11. Now I've shot 3 full mags without any issues so far. Will be doing some minor tweaks to further improve the next test version.
  12. There are at least 2 versions of the grip modules aluminium and plastic.
  13. 170mm mags can be done with a properly designed basepad. I am working on one for the CZ "small frame" guns.
  14. No not yet unfortunately.
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