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  1. Bad english on my part. What I meant was how do you have it set currently. Enough overtravel for the sear to not rub on the hammer hooks...
  2. How is the overtravel screw adjusted?
  3. The disconnector is not disconnecting early enough for the DA not to catch in SA. You are essentially breaking the SA shot but the disconnector catches and engages DA mode.
  4. In short, I like it.
  5. These are some of the things to consider when switching mainsprings. First off the triggerpull (crispness of break & weight). Depending on your hammer and sear engagement surfaces, mostly how "clean" or polished they are will effect the ammount off difference the mainsprings have when switching from light to stiff. Personally I do not alter the angles of the surfaces, I believe that the CZ hammers and sears are only surface hardened and will wear if you start to really cut different angles into them. I do not like a ultra light trigger (it makes it hard to prep the trigger on th
  6. Yep you guessed it, more testing done today! Now I am running a 20lbs main spring, 11lbs progressive recoil spring @ 166pf 123grain RN. In the transition segment I was focusing on letting the gun do its thing while observing the dot, the feeling and the behaviours of the gun rather than putting down all A's
  7. The tests continues. Now I've tested 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 lbs main springs also with both factory radius & prototype square firing pin retaining plate. The videos here are with the factory radius fprp. I did not like the feel of the square one it felt harsh in the beginning of the slide movement when it quite rapidly increases the main spring force compared to the radiused one. In the description you will see the spring rates (20 & 24lbs) in these videos. I settled for the 20lbs main spring it felt most controllable with this setu
  8. Bear in mind a Nemesis or Artemis with a threaded on sight block has not been approved until now* and that is a fact *assuming they extend their barrel to the end of the block they will be approved. Check the attached documents earlier in this thread if you are unaware of the official ruling that has been in effect a long time.
  9. Latest OFFICIAL update on this topic: " IPSC President Newsletter - March 2021 Spanish version is below. Dear Regional Directors, Dear Athletes, Dear Range Officers, Dear Instructors and Trainers, I would like to share some news from the recent Executive Council meeting: 1) IPSC ESS was approved by the President to be used as an official scoring program for IPSC competitions. 2) Terms of Reference of Course Design Committee were presented to the meeting and after minor changes they will be uploaded to the Regional Director protected pa
  10. Something new for 2021 CZ Shadow 2 modified for Open division. Shortened slide & frame. Czechmate reverse plug. Own designed comp, 2 first ports angled rearwards. Own designed red dot mount inspired by Seboweapons model. Further rear, more thumbrest mounting options. M-arms magwell. Delta Optical Stryker 6 moa red dot. Eemann tech large high safety trimmed down.
  11. I have tested CZ Pre-B, Shadow 2 0.2 and CGW disconnectors. Comparing them between each other and to the factory one, they simply does not reduce the reset. They do shorten the pre-travel in the trigger movement. This has been tested on a SP-01 Shadow and Shadow 2
  12. The fitting that you describe is to limit the amount of pre travel, not reset.
  13. Taking this animation as an example at which point in the Single Action cycle does the disconnector play a role in the reset of the action? When the hammer is fully cocked in SA mode the disconnector is already dis-engaged playing no role in the reset sequence of the trigger. Depending on the "thickness" of the disconnector "leg" you can adjust the amount of pre-travel in the trigger in SA mode but not the amount of travel required during reset. Animation
  14. Unless we are completely talking about different things the Disconnector does not reduce the amount of reset. Reset in short means the distance that the trigger has to travel forward after a shot is fired in order to re-engage/reset trigger bar engagement on sear leg (Single Action). The disconnector reduces the amount of Pre-travel (slack) in DA and SA.
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