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  1. The die is shipped but because I'm in the Netherlands it will take at least a week. There were some delays with the initial orders I placed but nothing shocking. A few weeks at most. Nothing like Mark7 delays..... I think Wayne is extremely busy at the moment.
  2. Hi, I'm still waiting for the MK7 trimmer so I can finally start using this Evo as intended. Is there anyone here running a diffferent brand motorized trimmer on their Evo/Revo successfully? Thanks, RGA
  3. Lee U sizer Lyman M die expander Powder Redding comp seater Lee factory crimp or Mighty Armory sizer Powder measure with MBF expander MBF Lyman seater Lee factory crimp
  4. Hi Dirtchecy841, The 9mm sizer I recieved was badly scratched on the inside. I sent it back and Wayne determined the hardening wasn't done properly. I'm now waiting for a replacement. (Fwiw, I also have a MA .223 sizer which is fine.)
  5. Yondering +1 My setup: 1) After testing a number of sizers over the years (RCBS, Dillon, Lyman, LEE, Redding) I settled on the LEE (U) die. Recently I recieved a Mighty Armory 9mm sizer but it was a lemon! Now I'm waiting for the replacement and I can't wait to see if it is as good as advertized! 2) Lyman M die (expander) 3) Redding Comp seater 4) LEE FCD
  6. Wellll, the forum/community wasn't really alive before so who will spot the difference anyway? (kidding!) Could be (scheduled) maintenance. According to Misty who helped me, the webcare team is expanding and should be up to speed this summer. So we should see increasing activity instead of less. But anyway, live chat is a step in the right direction! Time will tell.
  7. Gents, Please note that the MK7 site now has the option for live chat. It works pretty well! I got an answer to my question (which was unanswered on the support forum for quite some time) within minutes! Chrs, RGA
  8. Could be the carbide sizing ring is cracked. The Dillon 9mm sizer gave me set back issues with (very) thin walled brass and I (also) prefer the Lee (U) die and also the Mighty Armory sizer as of late. Chrs, RGA
  9. Here as well, the 22 case stuck to the decapper rod which is a bitter fatter.
  10. Hi Stuey, What kind of quality issues did you have? Thanks.
  11. Hi Dazhi, Those springs look correct. I attached a pic showing the springs from my 650's. I think I had it wrong suspecting the index pawl and spring. I played a little more trying to recreate your issue and that happens when I loosen the shell plate too much. The reset click gets louder and the case wants to jump out of the shell plate when de index pawl resets. Writing my first reply I assumed you must have checked the shell plate a zillion times by now? Being one of the usual suspects.
  12. Hi hurley, if you check the vid you can see that what you suggest is not the case here. Not overcomplicating problems however, is always good advice.
  13. Hi Dazhi, does it take a lot of effort to push the pawl down with your finger? Don't you have a spare spring to try? What I find a bit puzzling however, is that the case in the vid also wants to jump out of the shell plate on the way down. At the moment the primer wheel indexing arm resets. Which makes me wonder, are the platform screws still tight?
  14. Hi Dahzi, The wear on your index pawl shows it is pushed up too forcefully by the pawl spring (creating the jolt and loud click). If you press down on the pawl with your finger it should be very easy to push it all the way down. The pic I attached shows the pawl on one of my 2 650's (the oldest one) that I haven't replaced in 15 years. Not a lot of visible wear. I measured the springs of both presses and they are 0.42 and 0.44 inches long and fairly weak. Chrs from the Netherlands, RGA
  15. Like the great philosopher Hannibal likes to say: "I love it when a plan comes together!" I managed to combine a (manual) Harrell's powder measure with the press. Let's see if the 650 can produce just as consistent and straight ammo as my Harrell's presses.
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