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  1. Hi Slowmisses, Do you have any pics of the results? Thanks! RGA
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if the main reason behind this change is lowering the manufacturing cost (and increasing the profit margin). Actually, I'd be surpirsed if it wasn't. Follow the money.
  3. FWIW, When I use a Mighty Armory decapper on a 650 to decap .223 the cases also hit the shoulder of the decapping pin.
  4. Can't make it out properly but those look more like copper shavings from the bullet jackets. If so, you are (1) trying to seat the bullet deeper while the case mouth is already being crimped (if you re using a seater die that also performs a crimp function). Or (2) you are trying to seat the bullet while the case mouth is not flared (enough), thus shaving off copper from the base of the bullets.
  5. The Fiocchi 223 cases I reloaded in the past had a large percentage off center flash holes. Some very, very off center.... Not sure if the italians fixed that in the mean time but I know others have experienced this as well.
  6. In my case it provides the possibility to add a trimmer to the process so I should be able load 223 in one pass. .............Only problem is that Mark 7 cannot deliver the trimmers yet! The delay is way, way too long. I like the product but the delays and unresponsiveness I've experienced so far are a real problem. (And the Dillon trimmer is too wide, otherwise I would have gone down that road long ago)
  7. You should be able to see if it is shipped on your account's ''order history''.
  8. The die is shipped but because I'm in the Netherlands it will take at least a week. There were some delays with the initial orders I placed but nothing shocking. A few weeks at most. Nothing like Mark7 delays..... I think Wayne is extremely busy at the moment.
  9. Hi, I'm still waiting for the MK7 trimmer so I can finally start using this Evo as intended. Is there anyone here running a diffferent brand motorized trimmer on their Evo/Revo successfully? Thanks, RGA
  10. Lee U sizer Lyman M die expander Powder Redding comp seater Lee factory crimp or Mighty Armory sizer Powder measure with MBF expander MBF Lyman seater Lee factory crimp
  11. Hi Dirtchecy841, The 9mm sizer I recieved was badly scratched on the inside. I sent it back and Wayne determined the hardening wasn't done properly. I'm now waiting for a replacement. (Fwiw, I also have a MA .223 sizer which is fine.)
  12. Yondering +1 My setup: 1) After testing a number of sizers over the years (RCBS, Dillon, Lyman, LEE, Redding) I settled on the LEE (U) die. Recently I recieved a Mighty Armory 9mm sizer but it was a lemon! Now I'm waiting for the replacement and I can't wait to see if it is as good as advertized! 2) Lyman M die (expander) 3) Redding Comp seater 4) LEE FCD
  13. Wellll, the forum/community wasn't really alive before so who will spot the difference anyway? (kidding!) Could be (scheduled) maintenance. According to Misty who helped me, the webcare team is expanding and should be up to speed this summer. So we should see increasing activity instead of less. But anyway, live chat is a step in the right direction! Time will tell.
  14. Gents, Please note that the MK7 site now has the option for live chat. It works pretty well! I got an answer to my question (which was unanswered on the support forum for quite some time) within minutes! Chrs, RGA
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