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  1. Just a sidebar. Please note that Litz primarily focuses on long range and not 200 yards which is basically PBR where slight velocity variation does not play out as much yet.
  2. I like to run the powder measures in station 3 of my 650's so I have to disengage the fail safe contraption and rely on the return spring. Has been working fine for me for nearly 2 decades. The measure on the left is "unmodified".
  3. posted in error, please disregard.
  4. You can try to order one here. They speak english. http://www.armeriapatria.it/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=21&products_id=162
  5. The priming system of the Apex is completely different. I was more referring to the powder measure which was mentioned.
  6. Hi, Feels like I'm having a deja vu. Some of the issues you guys are having are the same as we had with the Evo 3 years back. You might find a lot of useful information in the Evo trouble shooting thread.
  7. Hi, Thanks for posting the vids. What you are seeing is quite typical when the case is not 100% inserted in the shell plate. 99% is not enough. Radiused sizer dies can somewhat negate the problem but when I use old RCBS dies (.45 acp) with a sharp radius I really have to make sure the cases are inserted completely in the shell plate otherwise they will not enter the die. I can reproduce the issue on a XL650 with 38/357 conversionkit en Dillon dies. And it also happens with other calibers. Make sure that the case insert slide can travel all the way forward when sliding a case into the shell plate slot so we can rule out this variable if the issue persists. Kind rgds, RGA
  8. Do you have a picture of the (tilted) case in the shellplate and a sized case?
  9. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2021/06/winchester-recalls-9mm-luger-9x19mm-pistol-ammunition/
  10. I also agree! I took most upgrades off my 650's again. There are a few usefull ones but most are solutions looking for a problem so to say. (IMHO).
  11. FWIW, If the manufacturer makes several runs of the same type of (fmj) bullets using different pointing/ogive forming dies in the swaging process you will probably see some variance in the ogives. No 2 pointing/ogive forming dies are exactly the same. In the case of pointing up JHP bullets different jacket dimensions (length of the cup) can cause some length variation in the finished product as well.
  12. If you place the Dillon trimmer in station 2 you will not be able to use station 3 (swaging) anymore. The bulk of the Dillon trimmer sits too low.
  13. When the Evo first appeared the situation was pretty much the same. The machine had some issues and it took me (and others) a while to get it running flawless. Basically you guys are beta testers too. It worked out ok for the EVO eventually but it sure was a frustrating journey.
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