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  1. I combined a Harrell's measure with a XL650 to avoid using the Dillon powder measure when using coarser powders.
  2. 25.0 Varget with a CCI 400 or BR4 primer in Lapua brass. +1 on the wind bucking comment.
  3. What the others said. Train as you fight, fight as you train. Don't introduce unnecessary risks. Murphy is always watching.
  4. I have good luck with the Forster FL dies. In .223 I use it in combination with a Redding comp seater. The Forster FL dies gives me the lowest neck runout on sized brass of any FL dies I have. That includes the Dillon FL, Mighty Armory FL, Lee FL en RCBS FL. So from that angle (neck runout) I prefer the Forster.
  5. Hi Yondering, That is correct. The MK7 kit came with a Dillon trim die and Dillon exhaust manifold Chrs, RGA
  6. You can use the seperate AT500 powder die. Then you can lock the funnel in place with the set screw. If you have the tools you could drill and tap the std powder die to install a set screw. https://www.dillonprecision.com/at-500-powder-die_8_4_23631.html
  7. Hi Laxman, MK7 delivered the trimmer (which is based on a Bosch router). It sits in station 3 on my manual Evo. It gets very crowded on the toolhead. I had to 'modify/butcher the Dillon exhaust manifold to squeeze it in between the other dies. Also the toolhead is now so heavy that the main spring cannot keep it in the top (idle) position. It sinks about an inch. The trimmer is a ***** to adjust but when that is done it will trim very well! Pic is without the exhaust manifold
  8. +1 I can not tell the difference at this distance between ammo loaded on my (tricked out) 550 or a Harrell's BR turret press & Harrell's powder measure & Sinclair primer seater. This is with the same die sets and quality components. Only the hardest holders/best shooters with top of the line material will be able to tell the difference. Not the average shooter with a factory barrel. My personal experience is that it is more efficient for your results to spend time behind the trigger and learning how to dope the wind @ 600 and beyond than wasting your time worrying about a 0.1 moa accuracy difference due to loading method.
  9. This is from Vairog in Latvia. Latvia has a new cartridge manufacturer which is named “VAIROG”. They have a registered business in the US too. There will be letters in the shield logo. If made in the USA will have VUS. If Made in Latvia will have VEU (EU for Europe) VAIROG US, LLC (719) 352-9212, 2557 Georgetown Road Nw Cleveland, TN 37311 http://www.vairog.eu/
  10. Ok fair enough, you got me. The ones I kept are the clamped Whidden toolheads (with floating dies for rifle calibers), the live primer shut off (for the 650), live primer catcher (650), case feeder shut off (650), and roller handles. And I like the Uniquetek micrometers for the powder measures.
  11. I've tested various upgrades on my 3 650's and 3 550's and found most unnecessary. This is mostly personal but I find most upgrades not essential. There are a few useful ones but most are not necessary. Don't get me wrong, if you like your upgrades and they accomplish the intended goals, all the power to you!
  12. Started out with a Hornady single stage kit back in the early 90's. Next a RL550 in the late 90's followed by a XL650. At the moment I have set up: Mark 7 Evolution (.223R) 2x XL650 (9mm and .308/6BR) Harrells BR turret press In reserve: another XL650 3x RL550 1x RL450 2x Corbin CSP-1 1x Harrell's BR single stage 1x Hornady singel stage 1x BCM Modulo Masterpiece Chrs, RGA
  13. +1 I'm back to the U-die in 9mm.
  14. Hi Slowmisses, Do you have any pics of the results? Thanks! RGA
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if the main reason behind this change is lowering the manufacturing cost (and increasing the profit margin). Actually, I'd be surpirsed if it wasn't. Follow the money.
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