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  1. Hi Dahzi, Can you post a picture of the spring when it's compressed with the handle all the way forward? Thanks! RGA
  2. FWIW, back in the 90's I used CCI400's in 9mm without issues. My loads were not max though. These CCI's are hard but I had no ignition problems in a std Glock and Beretta 92. Large rifle primers though were a different story. The ones I had on hand (not sure anymore if they were CCI or Fed) were too tall for the primer pockets of the brass I had.
  3. Already have an Evo since 2018. The Apex is tempting though and I'm in the process of trying to convince myself I really, really need one. It is nice that we have someone here who can compare them side-by-side! Merci mr Cool!
  4. Hi mr Cool, how is the Apex working out for you in practice? Compared with the Evo. Thanks!
  5. As already mentioned, there are several/quite many variables that (can) contribute to OAL variance. And this classic issue is well documented. Just want to mention that one of things that also helped me in the past was clamping the toolhead. And to quote Cocobolo..... I don't consider a small variance a practical issue.
  6. Thanks for sharing! Do you have 3 MK7 presses now?
  7. Hi Bubblehead, The original Die Pack consisted of a Mighty Armory Decap Die, Mighty Armory Swage Hold Down Die, Redding Competition Re-Size Die, Lee Precision Universal Expansion Die, Redding Competition Seating Die w/ Micrometer, & Redding Competition Crimp Die w/ Micrometer. Your 2nd answer I cannot answer because I only load 223 on my Evo. F.w.i.w. I do load 9mm on a Dillon 650 and the dies I prefer after trying an array of brands/types over the years are: Lee U die sizer, Lyman M-die expander, Redding competition seater and a Lee factory crimp. Kind
  8. I use N320 the most in .45acp (185/200 grain jacketed/plated bullets) but when I want a little more umph I prefer N340. For light target loads N310 is fine too.
  9. +4 I use Mighty Armory and FW decappers and both are tough. But as stated, the FW centers the case better (and punches right through the bottom of a berdan case). I also have the Lee decapper I used for years and although it is not so tough as the FW and MA dies, it is significantly cheaper.
  10. When you do not bell (enough) and seat a thinly plated bullet the case mouth can shave off a ring of copper from the bottom of the bullet during seating. Had it happen to me in the past as well. I had a tight sizer die and did not bell at all at the time. Got away with that using jacketed bullets but not much with plated ones. When the plated bullet has a sharp base radius than that adds to the equation.
  11. Thanks for the kind words Baragasam! But don't be fooled, i'm just an amateur.... Best wishes for the new year to all!
  12. I done it with my manual Evo but went back to seperate trimming for several reasons. There have been a few threads on this subject.
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