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  1. I agree with the posts above. Forster FL dies produce less neck runout than any other FL die I tried over the years (Redding S-die, Dillon, RCBS, Lee).
  2. RGA

    Mark7 Evolution

    I fully agree with Mikamarj. Well worded.
  3. ........Forster A-Max?? I guess you are referring to the Co-Ax.....
  4. I agree with RiggerJJ on that one.
  5. Hi FromDust, It is kind of an ongoing project and sport for me trying to load the most concentric/consistent/accurate ammunition (.223, .308 and 6BR) as possible on Dillon 550's and 650's. I've tried several methods and tools over the last decade and this is what works best for me (on a 650). I do not neck turn my brass (mostly Lapua) 1) Clamp the toolhead and float the dies (I prefer the Whidden floating toolheads and Uniquetek clamp kit). 2) Forster FL sizing dies with expander ball installed produce less run out than any other FL dies I tried and also less than using a seperate mandrel for expansion. 3) Forster seaters work very well on the Dillon toolhead, no problems floating them either. Same goes for the much more expensive Redding comp seaters. If believe that the Dillon powder measure is the limiting factor if you are looking for the best consistency for medium to long range shooting. Most serious (competition) shooters weigh their individual charges for 600 and beyond. Fwiw, long range champ John Whidden uses a Dillon 650 (sans the powder measure) and there are several others who use (slightly modified) Dillon 550's like living legend D. Tubb. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2018/07/243-winchester-the-forgotten-long-range-cartridge/ https://www.dropbox.com/s/mmk8tv8yrk7vii7/12.23.15-Dillon-Prometheus-Article.pdf?dl=0 I hope this helps.
  6. RGA

    Mark7 Evolution

    I'm observing this as well!
  7. RGA

    Mark7 Evolution

    I also tested the Dillon powder measure earlier (page 43) with pistol powder bar and bevel installed. This was 20 throws of VV N320. Dillon (pistol powder bar) extreme spread: 3.64 - 3.76 grains And lastly I tested my old Hornady measure with pistol rotor installed. 20 throws of N320 again. All weighed with my Gempro 250 Hornady extreme spread: 4.02 - 4.16 grains So I get the impression that other brand devices show less variation. Especially when they use a smaller volume pistol charge drum. To sum things up so far: MK7 extreme spread: 3,82 - 4,10 grains (50 throws of VV N320) Dillon (pistol powder bar) extreme spread: 3.64 - 3.76 grains (20 throws of VV N320) Hornady (pistol rotor) extreme spread: 4.02 - 4.16 grains (20 throws of VV N320)
  8. RGA

    Mark7 Evolution

    Fwiw, also did another 50 throws of VV N320 extreme spread: 3,82 - 4,10 grains
  9. RGA

    Mark 7 Presses worth the money?

    Hi Tanks, Can you elaborate on that? What happened?
  10. RGA

    Mark7 Evolution

    Yes, I'm happy with it. I run it manually at a moderate pace and after fine tuning the case feeder and bullet feeder it works well for me. My goal is to load short range (300 meters) .223 match ammo and it seems to do that quite well. It sizes the cases straight, produces consistent shoulder set back, places the primers consistently and sets the bullets straight. Only thing to complete the one pass loading process I'm looking for is the trimmer kit which is on back order.
  11. RGA

    Mark7 Evolution

    The main reason I'm using the Dillon measure is not because I'm unhappy with the MK7 powder measure itself but because the .223 powder funnel that came with it was slightly out of spec. This is in the process of being replaced. When done I will return to the MK7 measure.
  12. RGA

    Mark7 Evolution

    Sure. It's pretty straight forward. Instead of the fail safe rod I use (double) return springs.
  13. RGA

    Mark7 Evolution

    Fwiw, I currently run a Dillon powder measure (using 2 return springs) on my (manua)l Evo without problems.
  14. RGA

    Mark7 Evolution

    Gents, Fyi, last thursday MK 7 posted the long awaited Evolution parts diagrams on the MK 7 community forum!