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  1. If I had to do do again, I would go CGW. I got a CZC Accu 2 and a friend got the CGW Accu, and their trigger is so much better, it was not even funny. I also did not like the CZC rear sight. Just couldn't aim it correctly with the sloped sides for what ever reason. Had to switch it to the old flat style like my SP-01 ST. I don't remember what the rear sight was like on the CGW however.
  2. There was a thread on this same issue about a week or two ago. Perhaps you can search for it?
  3. Put a slight crimp on them with something like a Lee Factory Crimp Die.
  4. My scrap yard pays me the same, per pound, as scrap brass. I just recycle them with the bad cases. As GF says, why would you want to count them?
  5. That pin is to hold the front sight on (non Accu models). It is not used when you have a barrel bushing. My Accu from CZ Custom did not come with a pin as you would have to take the pin out every time you wanted to remove the bushing. They have a set screw to hold on the front sight instead.
  6. I found the CZ barrels to be sized badly for 9mm. For my SP-01 my first barrel was defective. It actually was wider in the middle (like as bubble) and when I slugged it, the bullet freely rattled inside the middle of the rifled section. They replaced it, of course. For that barrel and two others I have, they slugged at 0.3555. 9mm should be 0.354. I run Ibejiheads 0.357 bullets and that solved all the issues I've had, including leading when using the usual 0.356 heads that you would normally use.
  7. That is what I was going to say. They are undersized diameter.
  8. That's the beauty of pattern recognition. Orientation does not matter. Not sure how well it would work on brass, but would try that before OCR.
  9. It's funny that this subject came up as I was thinking about this concept just the other day, but didn't knows this thread even existed. Although I thought that pattern recognition would be better than OCR.
  10. Somewhat depends on the brand of primers too. Not sure where I read it now (may have even have been on here), but someone tested many brands of primers and tested various substances to see what made them fail (water, oil, etc.). If I remember correctly Winchester were nearly impossible to make fail and Federal were the easiest, however none of them were easy.
  11. Most chronos don't work indoors, due to the A/C flickering the lights. Unless you have their lightning kit for the chrono, it won't work. As mentioned above 115's shoot flatter because you use more powder, equals more gas, which make the comp work better. Last 8,5 gns of hs-6 under a 125 would be very hot. Probably pushing 180+ pf.
  12. As someone else (kind of mentioned), some of us like to shoot PCC to practice for 3-gun too. And yes it is fun in USPSA also. [emoji57]
  13. Interesting thread. I'm new to open division and have been sorting range brass for the past couple days. I've been sticking to the major brands, like Chev mentioned above. The rest will be used for minor loads. I have been scraping the X-treme brass for two reasons. First I believe the stuff I picked up was one fired, but saw several split cases (which is usually a bad sign). Second the machining inside the case is horrible, so my conclusion it's that it is crap. So with that being said, are any of you using it for major and is it holding up?
  14. Is expensive, but well worth it. The engineering far surpasses something like a brass feeder. The bullet plates are a work of art. You can tell a lot of time went into designing these.
  15. You can probably Google it, but a guy ran an experiment where he tumbled loaded rounds for 1 week. He pulled the bullets and looked at the powder under a magnifier. He said there was NO discernable difference or powder disintegration. Go shot em!
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