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  1. Is expensive, but well worth it. The engineering far surpasses something like a brass feeder. The bullet plates are a work of art. You can tell a lot of time went into designing these.
  2. You can probably Google it, but a guy ran an experiment where he tumbled loaded rounds for 1 week. He pulled the bullets and looked at the powder under a magnifier. He said there was NO discernable difference or powder disintegration. Go shot em!
  3. Trying rotating the unit sideways until you get it to work better. I find that once you have the right angle, the primers hit the end wall flat and don’t get stuck quite as often with the WSP.
  4. Agreed with the Hornady Collect system. I have it in a single stage press and just put enough pressure on the handle to hold the bullet while it’s pulling on the brass. Hardly a mark on the coated bullets. I do it by “feel” instead of cranking down on the handle and denting the lead. If it is one or two bullets, the hammer is just fine. If you are doing a bunch, the collet is the only way to go.
  5. Just clip it on with pliers. Don't worry about breaking it as it will break again anyway from use. It is a matter of when, not if. Dillon will send more if you call them, however you can get them from any local hardware store. I tried buying heavy duty ones and even it broke after awhile, although it did last longer. I usually get about 10k rounds out of a clip.
  6. AdamM

    RL1000 owners maual

    I adapted mine to use the latest powder drop, by tapping the die toolhead and also added a Mr Bullet feeder. Works great! If anyone is interest in the original powder drop, let me know.
  7. I wrote an app for iOS called "Chronograph Log" (iPhone, iPad). The app can communicate with the ProCronograph using their "Digital Link" (Bluetooth) unit to enter each shot directly into our app.
  8. We did not do an Android version. iOS only at this time.
  9. Hi Zack, Thanks for the feedback. I confirmed this and we will fix this soon. I also checked for an email and didn't see it, so it must have gone to the Junk/Spam folder. When you email us, please use the product name in the Subject line so it will not accidentally go to spam. e.g. "Chronograph Log display error".
  10. AdamM

    New DD alpha ShotMaxx Timer

    Exactly my point. The SDK is supplied without the source code and unless you are deep into knowing exact communication protocol between timer and Android BT interface, you can't really do much. All my android devices are working just fine with all BT microphones I've tried, yet most of them having issues to communicate with SM timer. It all started after the changes in 3085 firmware and corresponding SDK changes when transmission rate was increased. So, after realizing that I'm spending more time trying to make communication with timer work than implementing user-facing features of my Android app, I dropped the project. It is just not worth it for me. PS: don't think any of that would have been an issue if timer used a real digital BT interface instead of trying to simulate it over audio aux. I am aware that it is practically the first device of this kind and it is not possible to use raw digital data over BT with Apple devices, yet obviously it is not working too well for Android devices... You can always do what we did. Take the Java libraries and disassemble them. That's how we based our iOS SDK. There is a big difference between what you "hear" with a BT device (mic) and what the waveforms actually *should* look like. Your ears will not be able to perceive some of the differences that will completely trash the waveform on these devices. Yes, it's a toss up with the new protocol. It certainly made it much faster. That really helps when transmitting "All" times. Unfortunately it does make it a bit less reliable, especially when the SM watch is further from the receiving Device. We wish it had a digital communication too. Unfortunately when you develop things you pretty much have to pick the best available hardware out there and go with it. Don't forget that the development started years before the product was available. I have a friend who makes professional quality video camera/recorders for race cars. It took him THREE years to finally get a chipset that actually worked. He spent over $100K in hardware development kits from various manufactures until finally one was "good". It's really tough being a small company and trying to develop hardware like this. It is possible to do digital with Apple devices, just not with some of the very old ones (which it doesn't even work with for Analog -- e.g. iPad I).
  11. AdamM

    New DD alpha ShotMaxx Timer

    Hmm. Shouldn't it be updated in SM SDK?.. I can't make the demo app from SDK work on 4 out of my 5 devices and only one of them has Android 5. I guess it depends on the device. For OS 5, it would not be an SDK fix. Google had changed it so that unless you were doing the exact right calls it was switching to the internal microphone instead of the BT headset. The only way you can tell what is going on with those non-working devices would be to dump the raw waveforms out and look at them. They should all be consistent (same amplitude and shape). For example on the Samsung S5's, you could clearly see that the longer the waveform was playing, the greater the amplitude of the waveform. We had to write a compressor/limiter to deal with that. My guess is that there are other scenario's that are also causing issues with some devices.
  12. AdamM

    New DD alpha ShotMaxx Timer

    What Android device do you have? Have you tried rebooting it? Also make sure that the SM watch is flashed to 3085. To sort of soft reset the SM, plug it into the USB charger for at least 30 seconds. To hard reset it reflash it with the 3085 firmware. The issue that we've seen on the Android platform is that there are thousands of different devices, different manufactures, different Bluetooth (BT) hardware, etc. Unlike Apple iOS where everything works exactly the same, the Android BT can vary significantly between manufactures/devices. Some devices just will not work because of their BT hardware is not very good or that they are doing something very odd software wise on the BT. We had to write our own API on the Android platform to make the Samsung S5's work. We had to "undo" what Samsung was doing (trying to be too smart and running DSP on the waveforms) to the BT waveforms. That fix would also work for any other manufactures were doing the same thing as Samsung. Unfortunately it would be impossible for us to have every device out there for testing and trying to make it work, so there are going to be some devices that it just may not work with.
  13. AdamM

    New DD alpha ShotMaxx Timer

    If you have upgraded to Android OS 5, you must make sure that you are running ShotMaxx Trainer v1.3.2. Google broke the Bluetooth and we had to modify the app so it would work again with OS 5.
  14. AdamM

    New DD alpha ShotMaxx Timer

    If it is "recording" (e.g. you pressed the Start button somehow) the left and top right buttons won't do anything until you press the REV button. If it still doesn't work after you press the REV, just plug it into a charging source with the USB cable for at least 30 seconds. After you unplug it it should reset. Also, make sure to let it charge for several hours as the battery indicator can sometimes be incorrect.
  15. AdamM

    Indoor steel

    They seem to have been deleted. I re-added them. Let's see if they stick?