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  1. I'm using the whole JP assembly. I bought the stripped PSA lower w/ LRBO when I got it.
  2. If you are talking about the one with the straight round cylinder that rotates, then yes. That is exactly what I have on my PSA 9mm and it's great. That way my trigger is the same on my JP-15 and PCC.
  3. There is an easier solution. Take some electrical tape and seal the blue cap to the bottle. It won't evaporate then.
  4. Ken is right. Bigger diameter can be better. I run .357's in my CZ's. It will lead up more if the bullet is not tight going down the barrel. Think of it this way. If the bullet is barely touching the rifling, it is not spinning and is shearing instead, which causes the leading.
  5. I checked the trash can. The brass plated steel is made by S&B and not Jag, so guess that's not it.
  6. I'm wondering if that mighty be steel cased ammo that it's brass plated? The name sound somewhat familiar as to what I might be throwing out recently. Take a magnet and see if it sticks?
  7. Ontelaunee puts on some great matches. Check on Practiscore for dates. Think there might even be a range in Easton, but I haven't been there (or the other PA ranges). Definitely a few around that area. Don't bother looking into New Jermany matches. Too strict here and not worth the risk if you don't know NJ's obscure laws.
  8. That is the pre-order "deposit". If you go into it and read the actual ad, it shows you that you would have to have a balance due when it comes in.
  9. IMHO, there is only one choice. The A&D FX--120i Scale with the V3 AutoTrickler and AutoThrow with the Area 419 parts. Some of the Area 419 parts, I ordered a few of the newer parts directly from A419 after I got the scale. Note the AT V3 just came out, so make sure you get that version as it can work with a iPhone/Android now (I ordered the new V3 PC Board). I got mine thru https://ceproducts.shop, however their are probably a couple different places you can get it.
  10. I also have had the rear screw come loose MANY times, the making the bolt carrier ride unevenly, which cases FTFire/Feed. Even with blue Loctite! The little star washer never worked either. That rear screw is terrible...
  11. Kinda off topic, but one other area that causes issues with my Buckmark is the bolt carrier. All rimfire is very dirty, unlike centerfire ammo. But some worse than others. If mine starts to misbehave I use a bore snake and also use a pick like tool to clear out the build-up on the bolt where the rimfire sits inside the carrier. Otherwise the bullet doesn't seat all the way in and the firing pin will make a light strike. I also see that on my 15/22 rifle. Make sure that is clean too.
  12. Find a group of friends and rent a storage locker in PA. That's what some of us in the People's Republic of NJ do.
  13. Definitely Federal primers. One of my friends did it on his 650 TWICE! Other than craping in his pants and needing a new primer tube, nothing serious happened. I use Winchester primers and have crushed in a few almost sideways in over 100k rounds and never an explosion...
  14. I do use the MBF, but put a light crimp on it with the Lee Factory Crimp Die and that solved that issue.
  15. To access the Me > Settings you need to be out of All forums. It is at the top level of TT where it shows the lists of all the forums you are subscribed to. Do not log into any forums.
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